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Gameloft Teases ‘Let’s Golf 3’ With Dramatic… Groundhog?

Have you played Let’s Golf [99¢ / HD] or Let’s Golf 2 [$4.99 / HD] yet? If you like arcade-style golf games, Gameloft has really nailed it with their clone of Hot Shots Golf. We liked the original a lot in our review, and the sequel improved upon the formula further. Gameloft released the following trailer this morning for Let’s Golf 3:

What am I expecting from the third installment in the series? Mostly just further improvements much like Let’s Golf 2. I doubt 3 will have anything that new or amazing, but I’d be happy as a clam with some new unlockables, a new set of courses, and some new characters. Let’s Golf 3 is “coming soon" which in Gameloft-speak could mean next Thursday!