Have you played Let's Golf [99¢ / HD] or Let's Golf 2 [$4.99 / HD] yet? If you like arcade-style golf games, Gameloft has really nailed it with their clone of Hot Shots Golf. We liked the original a lot in our review, and the sequel improved upon the formula further. Gameloft released the following trailer this morning for Let's Golf 3:

What am I expecting from the third installment in the series? Mostly just further improvements much like Let's Golf 2. I doubt 3 will have anything that new or amazing, but I'd be happy as a clam with some new unlockables, a new set of courses, and some new characters. Let's Golf 3 is "coming soon" which in Gameloft-speak could mean next Thursday!

  • Eric Tbox

    I think it's time to buy Gameloft stock

  • LBG

    Released this morning? I've seen that trailer before. Maybe Gameloft accidentally uploaded it and took it down.

    • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

      It's possible, the YouTube video was posted on the 27th... But had less than 100 views when I posted this. They probably uploaded it and accidentally had it as public instead of private for a little while.

  • Capone

    Bought the first version, but only played it for some minutes. It looks shiny, but after some time it get's dull fast.
    Without significant improvements and new features (online mode) I surely won't buy the new iteration.

  • http://twitter.com/21tigermike Michael A. Robson

    Golf2 is a disaster. Forget it.

  • http://twitter.com/21tigermike Michael A. Robson

    Golf2 is a disaster. Forget it.

  • Happy W

    I'm getting strong Caddyshack vibes from that trailer...which would make the critter a gopher.

    Hey, maybe Let's Golf 3 will feature an unlockable Bill Murray?

  • Dick Johnson

    I was thinking about getting Let's Golf or Let's Golf 2, but if part 3 is coming out soon, I may as well wait.  Looks like it could be good.  And even if it's not, they'll probably lower the price of part 2.

  • Anon.

    Online up to 4 players, Challenges, Hotseat, Hundreds of customizations. Signed, Anon.