According to gaming blog, the latest issue of Japanese game magazine Famitsu has revealed that Square Enix is working on two follow-up titles to last year’s iOS exclusive RPG Chaos Rings [$12.99/HD].

The first is called Chaos Rings Omega, which is listed as coming out for the iPhone. It was first assumed that this was a sequel to the original Chaos Rings, but in fact Famitsu details that it will be a prequel that is set before the first game. Surprisingly, it also says that the game is set to release in May, though this would be for the Japanese version and an English translated version would likely come sometime after.

Square Enix has also placed a teaser ad in Famitsu for a Chaos Rings II, which would make it appear that there actually is a proper sequel in the works.

Sadly, that’s all anybody knows at the moment, though we’ll be following this closely as Japanese blogs will no doubt start posting page scans from the new Famitsu along with more information. We definitely enjoyed Chaos Rings a lot last year in our review, and the game has done very well for Square Enix on the App Store. It’s certainly no surprise to hear that more games are coming in the series, but it’s exciting nonetheless to know that new details will be emerging in the near future.

We’ll of course keep you up to date on any new developments regarding these new Chaos Rings titles, and there’s a thread in our forums where you can discuss and speculate these upcoming games with your fellow gamers.

[Via Andriasang]

  • Mss Guest

    Now THIS is the big & great news, not a soulless WoW clone.

    • SMP

      Yeah! Im totally looking forward to playing this souless Final Fantasy clone instead.

      • Uysc

        Invalid argument.

        Final Fantasy and Chaos Rings = Square Enix
        World of Warcraft = Blizzard, while Order & Chaos = Gameloft

        I'd love to play such "soulless" WoW clone made by Blizzard.

      • Anonymous

        Actually, Chaos Rings did have life and a great story.

  • Briker Ed

    I loved playing through Chaos Rings the first time but that's about it. Event hough it has 4 storylines, I had absolutely no wish to go trough, basically, more of the same just for the sake of few different dialogue lines and short scenes. It was just too repetitive and taxing and the fact the majority of the progression is based on how much you're willing to grind doesn't help it.
    It's just a fairly good game, in my opinion. Pretty and with unused potential.
    I'm eager to see how they expand upon the original and am hoping for more variety.

    • Psac

      Totally agree. Liked it at first, but then got totally bored with the same fights over and over again. Never even fished one storyline.

  • Anonymous


  • E_Domina

    Chaos Rings has to be the greatest iOS game that i've ever played. great storyline great battle sequences. the only thing was that you had to go through the same 4 dungeons for all the storylines. overall, it was great and you really get your money's worth. Hopefully square can follow up

  • Anonymous

    waah, Tactics.

    • KamikazeBro

      I'm starting to think they're slowly trying to get people to forget about it. I would definitely buy it though =X

      • Anonymous

        They can't make me forget about it. >:)

  • KamikazeBro

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Can't wait! Hopefully a US launch follows closely after the Japanese release.

  • Anonymous

    Must buy, this is what Square-enix should spend their money, instead of 10 year old FF games.

  • detectivekid

    yay I was thinking about Chaos Rings today and then I saw this post about the new games for Chaos Rings. Awesome!! Hopefully they will release the US one soon...

  • Sonnywhitaker22

    Thank you Square-Enix for promising me FF Tactics for the iPhone and then throwing it in the trash. Thank you for giving me this generic JRPG instead. Thank you for continually using stereotypical characters with gravity defying hair who's clothing that doesn't function in battle and only serve to portray a vanity unattainable by your Japanese coharts. But mostly, thanks for not keeping your promise with FF Tactics.

  • zerostylezero

    A prequel and a sequel? Looks like S-Enix found a goldmine considering that it's an average action RPG for most hardcore RPG players. I actually find it interesting as it brings in more casual players to the RPG domain.

    : I would love to see FF Tactics on iDevices as well but considering that it's all touch and lack of physical buttons, it's quite hard for SE to port it.They might do better with casual RPG for now.

    What I'm hoping is better graphics, ATB-style combat in the mould of FFXIII(including its combo-syle combat) and some actual movie-style sequence. Although I know it wouldn't happen anytime soon..