It seems like only yesterday I was cruising around looking for a silly Wednesday-related image to include with last week's game release post. Time flies when you're having fun, I suppose. Anyway, if this is your first App Store Wednesday, here's the gist- Developers can set specific release dates for their games on the App Store. Since the App Store is an international market, these specific launch dates occur at different times in the world. Games launch in New Zealand first, then slowly appear in other regions as the planet spins and it slowly becomes Thursday in other parts of the world. For us Americans, this actually means 11:00 PM EST tonight. Here's what to expect tonight, or earlier, if you live to the east of North America:

Gears, 99¢ - [Forum Thread] - This hilariously epic trailer for a ball roller still makes me giggle, and we're only a few hours away from discovering whether or not Crescent Moon Games' Gears actually does all the amazing things its trailer suggests. I'm not saying a ball roller can't be epic, as I'd certainly describe the Dark Nebula games that way, but this trailer brings about an entire new era of epic ball rollers. People on our forums are excited about Gears, I'm excited about Gears, and really, you should be excited about Gears. It looks really good, and we've liked what we've seen so far in previews to say the least.

Zenonia 3: The Midgard Story, $4.99 - [Forum Thread] - The Zenonia series has a huge fan following on our forums, and with two Zenonia games already on the App Store we're expecting big things from the third installment. It seems Gamevil is prepared to deliver too, with four unique classes, three single player and two multiplayer modes, and they've even axed the annoying weight and hunger system of previous games. 227 unique maps and 136 quests are included along with 48 achievements, 200 monsters, and a ridiculous amount of equipment to earn. I'm just glad that mobile games like Zenonia 3 didn't really exist before I was, you know, an adult with a job and responsibilities... because wow I can lose myself in games like this.

Snuggle Truck, $1.99 - [Forum Thread] - Smuggle Truck seems to have gotten a cuddly makeover and now features a truck full of stuffed animals instead of the previously planned illegal immigrants. This shift in theme shouldn't make the game any less fun, as we had an absolute blast with it back at GDC and it seems people on our forums who have already picked it up are doing the same with the game. The iTunes description mentions community created levels coming in a future update, potentially allowing for nearly unlimited replay value.

Galaxy on Fire 2, $9.99 - [Forum Thread] - While the game itself is already available on the App Store (and has been for quite some time) the new Valkyrie add on should appear at some point today. It's going to be $4.99, and includes a ridiculous amount of new features and content mentioned in a previous preview post. I'd go as far as to say this addon is a must-have for anyone who has enjoyed Galaxy on Fire 2.

Streets of Rage 3, $2.99 - [Forum Thread] - I think it's about time we all pitch in together and hire one of those planes that tow the banners in the sky to circle Sega's offices to get them to start releasing more RPG's, puzzle games, and other games that actually work well within the constraints of their Genesis emulator. It's the same old song and dance here, yet another action-oriented button masher with virtual controls layered on top. I guess if you're just crazy about Streets of Rage games, this is worth downloading just for completion's sake of having all three games neatly arranged on your phone.

Burn it All - Journey to the Sun, 99¢ - [Forum Thread] - Have you had your fill with rope burning puzzle games? No? GOOD. We got a look at Burn it All back at GDC, and it's a great little game filled with a cool gameplay mechanic, colorful graphics, and tons of content. It's universal too, which is always awesome.

Unpleasant Horse, Free - Popcap's first released by their new studio 4th and Battery. This game is the result of a Popcap game jam, and while it sounds a little basic it's both universal and free. I'm not sure why you wouldn't download it to at least check it out.

  • Caanerud Ca

    Gears and Snuggle Truck look excellent. Also be on the lookout for Who's That Flying? and Vampire Rush.

    • Anonymous


      • bones boy

        blargh > meh.

  • Jay

    So that's $15 for GOF2 and the Valkyrie add on, right? I'll have to think hard about this one. That's 1/3rd the cost of Portal 2 (but probably twice the play time of P2). Hmm...

    • Caanerud Ca

      That's a lot of money in App-Store terms, but a great deal on any other system.

    • Eli Hodapp

      Yeah, if you get into Galaxy on Fire 2, it will basically keep you occupied for months. Portal 2 is a fantastic game though...

  • Lukwtwz

    Everyone's going post-apocalyptic these days. Gears looks good enough that it shouldn't have needed that theme, but that's what people want.

    • Eli Hodapp

      Better than being doodle themed, eh? 😉

      • Caanerud

        If it was doodle themed with a round feathered bird rolling around it would have been a million seller, instantly.

      • Lukwtwz

        Doodle games have tended to be fashion victims, yet somehow are unforgettable even when eschewed altogether, depending on the context in which one first encounters their mention.

  • Anonymous

    Disappointed in Smuggle Truck... Sellout!

    • Anonymous

      there better be a way to unlock the original smuggle assets.

  • Anonymous

    Haha, love the 'Big Wednesday' graphic. Particularly apt since it's from New Zealand's 'Big Wednesday' Lotto draw.

    • guist

      yeah it has that trademark there for a reason.

  • Anonymous

    Gears and Unpleasant Horse for tonight, I need more iTunes money for Z3. 🙁

  • Crex

    Snuggle Truck? NOOOOOOOO!!!!!

    heheh. Atleast I got to beta test the real deal before the makepver. 😀

  • Phil Baxter

    Sega need to be stopped. These super lazy and badly done MegaDrive ROMs individually packaged as separate apps is a horrible, horrible way to release old ROMs. It's all made worse by their staggering ineptitude when it comes to getting the emulator actually running well and with a decent amount of control and screen configurations.

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  • Anthem_47

    Wow that Gears trailer really is sort of comically epic. I was expecting Gears:The Movie "In a world of rolling, one ball will make a difference. This summer..." with Inception-esque music in the background.

  • Anonymous

    Want! But too busy with O&C atm!!!

  • CaptainAmerica

    I bought Zenonia 3 last night at 12:01 and played it for an hour, it is a very good game so far, but you might want to at least read the storyline of the first 2 Zenonia's before playing this one.

  • Gamefreak

    After days of playing some games from that list i have to say that Burn it All is the best one in content and gameplay, followed very closely by Gears, which proved frustrating but good and Unpleasant Horse, the best free game ever, kinda like a platformer with dark humor. Zenonia y too much of a chore and controls arent good

  • Guest