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‘Galaxy on Fire 2: Valkyrie’ Trailer Hits YouTube – Coming April 28th

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If you were one of the many people who loved Galaxy on Fire 2 [$9.99 / Lite] (and understandably so, the game is great), you’re in for a treat with the update landing later this month. Give the recently released trailer a look:

This update essentially includes two components. For free, all players will get access to three “refurbished" space ships from the original Galaxy on Fire in addition to a personal space station where you can store multiple space ships and cargo. The Valkyrie portion of the update is an add-on available via IAP which includes a new storyline (with voiceovers), as well as new ships, weaponry, and improved equipment. There’s also new planets, and a “black market trading system" which we’re anxious to try out.

All of this is landing on the 28th, so make sure you clear out that weekend if you’re a Galaxy on Fire fan.

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