At some point early this morning, Gameloft released their MMORPG Order & Chaos Online on to the Canadian App Store, which seems to be standard operating procedure for a wide-scale "beta" of sorts. Ngmoco and other similar developers all have used the Canadian market to test out how their servers are running and how the game is performing, so it isn't out of the ordinary by any stretch of the imagination to see Gameloft doing something similar.

I've downloaded the game and put around an hour of playtime into it so far, and in the process discovered quite a few of the things we were wondering from the trailers Gameloft previously released. First off, the game isn't freemium which may be a relief for some. It's launching at $6.99, which includes three months worth of subscription to the game. Following that, you can subscribe for a single month for 99¢, three months for $1.99, or six months for $2.99.

There are four playable races. Humans and elves are on the "order" side, and orcs and undead are on the "chaos" side. These races look remarkably similar to World of Warcraft, and as of right now four basic classes are included: Warriors, mages, monks, and rangers. Each class also seems to have two talent trees to invest points in. For instance, my ranger can specialize in being an "archer" or an "assassin".

In the hour I've played I've barely scratched the surface of the game, and most of my time has been spent completing basic kill quests and running around trying to get my bearings. One thing that's very nice about Order & Chaos is that there's an arrow you can enable or disable to always point you in the direction you need to go for the next quest, and a great map system hasn't allowed me to get lost anywhere.

Order & Chaos also features two different types of IAP. Runes can be purchased in differently sized packs and then spent on things like vanity pets and what appear to be high-end crafting items or enchantments. Gold can also be bought, but according to the Order & Chaos thread in our forums it can also be earned in game. So far the only thing I've come across that specifically requires a gold piece is increasing the size of my inventory.

As mentioned, I'm only around an hour into the game so far and it isn't immediately apparent how much any of these IAP items are needed. Every quest rewards money, although I'm far too low level right now to see if that money does in fact add up to the same gold pieces you can buy. I'm going to keep at it though, and will update this story as I hit any walls that require IAP.

All in all, Order & Chaos seems like the real deal, it's a great effort by Gameloft and a surprisingly accurate, although substantially toned down, clone of World of Warcraft. I'm curious to see how the whole order and chaos factions eventually play in, as I was able to create two characters on different factions on the same server. The terms of use does have all kinds of provisions for player vs player combat, I just haven't found it yet.

Anyway, if you're a Canadian or a "Canadian," give Order & Chaos a shot. I'm fairly impressed so far, although I wish it worked over 3G. Requiring WiFi is a drag, especially since my iPad tethered via 3G seems to work flawlessly while playing the game. If you're creating characters, do so on the Arcadian Forest server, that way we can all play together.

And of course, we have no word when this game will actually see an international release. Historically though, when developers release things in Canada they're just doing final testing to make sure their infrastructure is working. We could see Order & Chaos Online is the rest of the world as early as this Thursday.

Canadian App Store Link: Order & Chaos Online, $6.99]

  • Grant Butler

    Seems obvious, upfront cost and small monthly fee to sustain servers and development.

    I just do not think Gameloft create quality original titles as they rip everyone else off. So why would I want to play in a world that has crap lore and rips off another game that I played in 2004 and 2005 which was better?

    • audioteknika

      It's a wonderful rip-off if you ask me. I'm amazed by the scale of this game. Bear in mind that you're playing it on a PHONE or TABLET.

      I'd say that it's Gameloft best game yet, without a doubt.

      • Grant Butler

        But these are mobiles so we play for five or ten mins at a time. If we have any more time than that then we could just use a Laptop or Desktop or even console. So why not play a proper game that's miles better on that?

        Rather original titles than rip offs.

      • gman8675

        Ok then don't buy it?

  • Don04091975

    Is it a Universal App?

    • audioteknika


  • Xexist

    Instant buy for me (well as soon as I get to wifi that is)

  • Kakitamike

    I can hear it now; "omg you're still touch turning?! You're such a noob. Real O&C players accelerometer turn"

    • audioteknika

      What.. ?

      • Ricekrispy1034

        He's making fun of the people that make fun of others for Keyboard turning in WoW, rather then use the mouse to turn as it's faster

    • Stephen Harrell


  • Bigred447uk

    I wonder if you can play over 3G using 3G unrestrictor on jailbroken devices ?

    • Xexist

      Probably, I really dont see why not.

  • Andrzej Raczynski

    might check out a demo if its ever released, the trailer isn't exactly convincing me to hand over $7 or want to be in there for months on end, especially if its another forced group grind.

  • Donald

    How long until it's abandoned because they're too busy working on other clones? Should people even expect content updates? IMO Gameloft is and will always be about quantity, not quality. I'd love to be proven wrong, but I doubt I will be. They're a half ass company and everything about their games screams soulless and shallow.

    • BiggidyBam

      I guess you haven't played Modern Warfare 2 by Gameloft? They released a map pack for it since it's release, so Gameloft does indeed update content. I'm positive we will see an expansion to C&O sooner than we think. Gameloft may not score points for originality, but contrary to what you say the quality of their games are fantastic, especially for a tablet. Since their early releases their games have only gotten better, so thank you for this masterpiece, Gameloft. It is beautifully done and I can't wait for it to finish installing. See you on the Arcadian Forest server!!

  • Blueknight1st

    99 cents may not sound like much but as I said before if it's not buy once and play forever then Gameloft can go f*** themselves. I refuse to rent a game that I bought.

    • Chris Flores

      There's not a single decent non-subscription MMORPG in the world.

      • Blueknight1st

        You go right ahead and rent the game you just bought then. I on the other hand refuse to.

      • Samson Felshman

        Then don't play non-Guild Wars MMORPG's! It's really that simple.

      • AlphaWolfSniper

        Guild Wars.

      • Johnny

        Guild Wars isn't an MMO. Its a massive chat room with Avatars where you join mini games of up to 8 people at a time. You can't actually play the game with all the people in the chat area.

  • DrNubz

    I wonder how balanced these classes are... I feel like the archer class will be overpowered and melee useres like warrior (idk since i never played WoW, only other MMORPG) will be weak. Like in PvP, i wonder if archers or mages will always win. Any thoughts?

  • Anonymous

    umm i know no ones played enough to really KNOW, but has GL mentioned anything about this game having raid content or is it just a bunch of grind quests you play with other people?

  • Joshua

    I would say it's too soon. Considering game loft is keeping this so hush hush I can't imagine they will give it too much thought untill it starts turning a profit. However, I'll definitely play and hope they will get some raiding 🙂

  • Awesome

    7 dollars+1 dollar/month? i see no reason downloading it, otherwise i hope some crackers crack it so it would be absolutely free.

    • bones

      you could always get a job & support hard working devs for their effort

    • BiggidyBam

      Lmao@$7+$1 monthly!!! I assume you aren't a WoW fan? Or any respectable MMO? I've played this game all day and I Love it. $1 monthly server maintenance fee, plus all the patches and updates they'll be doing??? You gotta be kidding me, dude! Stick with Bejeweled instead. You'll like it more over there.

      • Blueknight1st

        Guild Wars says hi.

  • Androiduser

    Some people take portable gaming seriously because sitting down at a console is very difficult to do when you are constantly on the move. A mobile device is much more versatile than even a laptop so this is geared for those types of gamers. I know because I am one. 99 cents a month is nothing for this game. I don't mind knock offs if they are fun and that is what gameloft accomplishes. They give you a familier instance of your favorite games and put a mobile spin on them. My only beef is that they have not stated they will RELEASE THIS FOR ANDRIOD devices. They REALLY NEED to do this if they want the game to be a blockbuster as android device purchases have surpassed idevices. Pocket Legends income went WAY up when they released for android and even stated themselves they should have done that a long time ago they just had no clue it would be that profitable. Spacetime studios even released the data and graphs to the users to show as much.

  • JAmes

    Only Android and iPhone? I want to play this on my Crackberry! !!

    I wonder what cool things I could do with the scrollwheel...

    • Androiduser

      Scroll watch your toon retreat RAPIDLY!!! lol

  • jamodwa

    This is great I'm always on the go and I loved playing wow! This would be a great alternative.

    For the whining babies here, don't play don't comment. If you want to play an "original" mmorpg on a mobile device, go play Pocket Legends!

  • Anonymous

    No play over 3G? No purchase for me then. I've had wireless via my tethered 3GS as my only connection for over 3 years (starting with a dongle), streaming rented video, playing EVE, WoW and what not.

    And now that an MMO like this arrives as a native app for an always conncted device I need *Wi-Fi*? Yeah, no thanks.

    Patch it to run over a 3G connection and I'll happily buy it, though. (Not jailbroken)

  • ronitagar

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  • Alex

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  • Rjrossignol_85

    yes they need this for 3g its retarded that u need a wifi connection cause if thats the case why would i play an mmo on my iphone when i can go on my pc and play a better one -.- seems pretty dam handicapped to me