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‘Dream:scape’ Development Hits A Snag

A significant snag has hit the development of Dream:scape, the promising Unreal Engine-powered adventure game that’s been making waves with those of us who like our visuals crisp and our worlds open. According to the game’s creator, the title flat-out won’t operate on third-generation devices or even the original iPad — but there’s still hope it will be able to.

“So I have finally, after dozens of painstaking hours, accepted that my game, dream:scape, will never run on the iPad 1, iPod Touch, or iPhone 3GS,” he wrote on the official UDK message board. A vicious memory bug, which makes the game crash when a build-up occurs, is to blame.

At the time of writing, “kamequazi” wasn’t sure if he could just release the title for the iPhone 4 and iPad 2. It was an obvious point of concern in the post, as it sounds like the title is currently worming its way through the Apple review process.

The good news here is that, yeah, you can submit a targeted game. “I did get the go-ahead from Apple to release the targeted version,” he wrote in an update. He followed up, adding, “Ironically, however, I did connect with a programmer who feels confident that we can get D:S running on all relevant devices.”

“So, while he works on that, I am adding a few new gameplay elements. There will be a new trailer in the next week or so, and when D:S finally does get released it will be better than ever.”

Who knew awesomeness could come from such a bummer moment?