It's Easter weekend, and that means App Store sales (among other things). Have a look at a list of stand out titles for the iPhone and iPad that are probably worth a look while the gettin's good.

Electronic Arts




Digital Chocolate



Much of this list was pulled from The Big Easter Sales Thread in our forums, where these titles on discount are being discussed.

Enjoy your new games!

  • Max Woolf

    It's worth noting that no Gameloft games are on sale. I'm honestly surprised.

    • blakespot

      One Gameloft game is on sale, and I listed it. 🙂

      • Max Woolf

        I'll rephrase: it's worth nothing that there are no Gameloft games on sale that can compete with EA offering Dead Space and NBA Jam for $1. :p

      • niezam sandakan

        Probably they'll be doing a post easter sale. Current sale is all over the place so people picking on what to buy, less sale for them.

    • Sanuku

      Gameloft had the last four Months more Sales then in the last half Year of 2010. You don't have to wait for Easter to get a great Gameloft Deal. Just make sure You are following their Twitter/Facebook/... Account and you won't Miss any of their great Sales.

  • Anonymous

    Great compilation. Have most of these already, but I'm sure others will love the prices! 🙂

  • DotComCTO

    A little disappointed that EA puts TW 12 for iPhone on sale and leaves TW 12 for iPad at $9.99.

  • Vovin

    I am just surprised what guy would be so stupid to sit down for hours and make such a thread? Surely, this guy should get a life.

    • Dude

      So says the wise guy who practically squats on the TA forum 24/7. Ha ha...

    • Dude

      Oh my apologies, Mr. Vovin! I thought you were dissing Blake. I just noticed you created the Easter Sale thread. My bad. Verzeihung! 😉

      • Vovin

        No problem. I like making fun of myself and just bashed myself a bit.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah Vovin you've gotta face facts, you're on those forums way too much.

      • fanboysucka


      • fanboysuckballz


  • Dacalo

    Chuchu Rocket for iPad shows $2.99 not $0.99.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, you're right, the price is 2.99$ not 0.99$ but it's still a very good game from The Sonic Team

  • Vovin

    Yes. I have every right to do so. 🙂

  • Zach Williams

    Picked up NBA Jam and Race After 1977. NBA Jam was a no brainer but seeing that 1977 has an impending update fixing a lot of the initial issues I decided to spring for it.

    • Anonymous

      Re. 1977; I hope so!
      I just got it in the sale, and TBH I don't love the controllability...

  • A7ibaba

    Only Square Enix don't care about holidays sales,greedy as always.Let's make money from 100 year old games remastered for the 10th time.

    • Anonymous

      If you have a problem with them remastering old games, why do you care if they're on sale or not? As far as them putting stuff on sale, they're usually on sale whenever a new Square Enix game hits the app store so it won't be long since they have stuff coming out soon.

  • RegularStormy

    The Creeps! is free today!

  • Creepshow

    Would've been nice to give a nod to Vovin who actually produced this list.

  • TheTheory

    Reverse Maze is pretty amazing. If you're looking for a challenge (and a puzzle) definitely give that a go.

  • Jim

    What about Sword & Sworcery??? C'mon, it's Easter!!!

  • Anonymous

    We made Wordicus free for easter with Openfeint's Japan relief promotion.
    Give it a try and tell your friends, we need more people in multiplayer 🙂

  • FutureMedia

    Most overlooked steal of a deal is the $9.99 djay for iPhone now only 99 cents.

  • Sparky

    You may want to have a look at my game Sweepr, which is free for the weekend - Happy Easter:

  • Hugo Carreiro Beyer

    Please add Holy Moly Dragons from 1,99 to 0,99

  • Dom

    daWindci from 2,99 to 0,99 only today!!!

  • iJuice

    Playroom racer (HD+SD) 50% OFF : 0.99 only. The new 1.2 update out very soon, with a brand new car !!

  • Žiga Hajduković

    Easter Twinoo is s an Easter Weekend FREE version of Twinoo (which is $0.99), by Dawn of Play:
    Don't forget to paint the eggs! 😉

  • Lukwtwz

    For $5 total I just got Dead Space, Percepto, Cross Fingers, League of Evil, and gifted Silverfish to a friend.

  • Gamesfreaky

    Silverfish is the very best arcade game from that list. actually best overall. addictive. thank god i discovered this...