Remember late last month when we learned that Firemint’s Real Racing 2 HD [$9.99] would be getting full 1080p output to your TV using an iPad 2? Well, in case you missed it, the gist of it is that connecting an iPad 2 running Real Racing 2 HD to your television using the Apple HDMI dongle will let you display the game on your HD TV in full 1080p. The iPad then acts as the controller for playing the game on the TV while simultaneously displaying a track map and other information pertaining to your race. The game runs full screen without any borders and at a solid 30 frames per second.

Today the update containing this feature has gone live for Real Racing 2 HD. You can get an idea of just how it works by checking out the following demonstration video that Firemint has put together:

One of the coolest aspects of this new feature is that you can seamlessly disconnect or reconnect the device during play and be able to pick up right where you left off. So, if you’re playing on your TV at home and have to leave in the middle of a race, you can simply unplug the adapter and continue on from your iPad. Likewise, if you’re in the middle of a game on your iPad you can simply connect it up to your TV and continue on the larger screen. Doing this will automatically pause the game for you during a single player game, but during multiplayer the game continues on during the brief pause while the game adjusts.

You can bet that we’ll be toying around with this new feature to see just how well it works, as following the announcement of this update last month we did some digging around and learned that other games that have display-out abilities could also be played in 1080p using an HDMI or VGA dongle. Real Racing 2 HD is the first game to officially support this feature, but I’d love for more developers to include it in their games too since being able to play games on the big screen at home as well as on-the-go would be simply amazing.

Firemint has put together a simple FAQ on their website if you need help getting started, and you can always drop by our forums if you need to ask your fellow gamers for help or simply discuss this awesome new feature for Real Racing 2 HD.

  • Lucas

    Oh my god each time I read something about this game it makes me want to purchase it so badly...

    HOWEVER, I want to know... is this real 1080p, or is a stretched picture?

    • James Hall

      It is real 1080p, no stretching

  • Jamie Wallis

    It really pains me to see such a strongly developed title that i'd love to play and enjoy but i just can't .....

    I just don't enjoy RR's game style, for me it just plays wrong but its annoying because they seem to put so much effort into pushing the platform and i'd love to be able to support that effort.

    • Anonymous

      Interesting, thought it was just me. I've been playing racing games since Stunts (think Hard Drivin') for my Tandy 1000, and I feel Forza 2 and 3 nailed the controls better than any of them. I have only played the free Real Racing promotion thing, I think it was for VW? and I was really disappointed in the controls.

  • Huffman

    That's amazing, the best racing game on IOS gets even better.

  • Xeyad

    tried to see if it works on iPad doesn't 🙁

    I was hoping to see it work at 720p....

  • Steveols

    does it output video on the iPhone with the HDMI adapter? 720p or something?

  • Anonymous

    Now patch the trees on ipad 2.... I mean really 1080p and we see some stubit mario cart style pop outs?

  • HisDivineOrder

    When Apple incorporates Wireless HDMI into the iPad line, you're going to see this kind of use explode. Especially if they create an adapter for your TV that promotes the "magical" argument they love so much. Using the iPad as a controller, the Wireless HDMI doesn't have to go through walls, it just needs to cross a few feet and that's perfect for what it does. Imagine the interface for a game if it can use the iPad to display the controls, map, units, whatever, and the larger game is on the TV for the main content.

    If they can keep the 3d scaling up, the iPad will kill any reason for home consoles. Especially if Apple can figure out a way to enable more conventional controls for more conventional games or make said controls unnecessary. Perhaps if the touchscreens had some kind of feedback on individual spots. I seem to recall MS had a tech a few years back that provided feedback on a touchscreen when you touched it in certain places. I'm not talking generic rumble. I mean, certain locations feel raised up, certain feel slick, and some feel rough.

    Good use of a mechanic like that might negate the need for actual buttons and joysticks...

  • blakespot

    I'm not sure what "officially" supporting 1080p means here, really. As I discovered and shared not long ago...

    ...a number of titles that existed before the iPad 2 arrived support 1080p on an iPad 2 tied to a capable HDTV via the HDMI or VGA cable. (That story is linked in this article, I realize, just emphasizing here.) Chopper 2 and Max Adventure are two examples.

    The designation of "official" support seems arbitrary here. I just wanted to point that out to folks.

    • Anonymous

      RR 2 is the first to support this dual display 1080p function. Chopper 2 and Max adventure is only capable of just the 1080p output.

  • Rasterico

    Tried this out this afternoon and it works really well apart from some screen cropping when displaying the names of the tracks. The overall experience is a great one though and it looks really impressive on my 42" 1080p tv.

  • Guest

    Nice update. I just feel this game could be 10x prettier by simply removing some of these terrible 2d tree models

  • Decoy Octopus

    I'd only use hdmi on the ipad to tv for presentation and pictures. Cant imagine rotating an ipad connected to a cord only to to possibly have it fall to the ground and break even with a protective case. Just buy a console, get a racing game for it and call it a day.

  • Anonymous

    Looks cool, but worried it's just something you demo for people and don't actually play. Will wait for a sale.

  • Anonymous

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