‘Real Racing 2 HD’ Set to Get Full Screen 1080p Video Out [UPDATED]

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The folks at Firemint have just sent over a brief demonstration video of the next major feature they have cooking for Real Racing 2 HD [$9.99], which will arrive in the next update. Using the video out feature of an iPad 2, Real Racing 2 HD will be able to be displayed on a big screen in full 1080p resolution while the device’s 10-inch touchscreen shows a track map and race statistics.

This is the first indication we’ve seen of an iOS game taking advantage of the iPad 2’s ability to render out at a full 1920×1080 HD resolution. On an HDTV, Real Racing 2 HD will run full screen with no black borders and at native 1080p resolution, without scaling.

[ UPDATE: Inspired by this news, we dug deeper and did a little lab work and found that many of the existing iOS games that have supported TV out on earlier devices can be played in full 1080p on the iPad 2 with HDMI or VGA cable — without an update. See our post on the subject. ]

The game is said to run at a solid 30fps in this mode, and real-time telemetry between the iPad screen and TV will allow for no lag while controlling the game with the iPad.

This announcement is big news, as it effectively paves the way for your iOS device playing the part of a home gaming console in addition to a mobile platform. While not quite as powerful as the current crop of gaming consoles, and iPad 2 is capable of some impressive visuals, and the appeal of being able to play the same games on my living room TV that I play while I’m out and about is huge.

Firemint is vague on a timeframe for this feature’s arrival, only saying that it will come in the next major update. Real Racing 2 HD is already on of the best games for showing off the power of an iPad 2, and once this update is released you’ll be able to show it off in your living room in full 1080p.

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