Late last month Gameloft announced a new title in their N.O.V.A. series of first-person shooters subtitled Elite. Besides a single promotional image, nothing more was known about the game. Then last week Gameloft released a trailer for N.O.V.A Elite that strongly hinted at the game being a purely multiplayer experience. Well, it turns out that wasn't too far off as N.O.V.A. Elite is now available as an online multiplayer game on Facebook.

N.O.V.A. Elite actually plays pretty well for a browser-based game, and comes with loads of different items for customizing the look and weaponry of your created character. But much like most free-to-play Facebook games a large portion of this will require using an in-game virtual currency called Facebook Credits which can be purchased with real money.

I'm more than a little disappointed that N.O.V.A. Elite isn't a new iOS title, as the previous games in the series have been pretty excellent. I guess it's entirely possible that N.O.V.A. Elite could still show up on the App Store at some point, but there's been no confirmation from Gameloft about this.

  • Kevlar

    I Just checked the date to make sure its not April 1st.

  • Anonymous

    Do not want.

  • Max Woolf

    I honestly can't figure out what you can buy in the game without recruiting Friends or using Facebook credits. The only thing I see is grenades. (which are ONE TIME USE ONLY)

    That will ensure the game doesn't last.

    • Artfoundry

      Yeah, I noticed that too. They definitely need to fix that.

    • Deltaminion

      You're right about that Max. Theyre closing the game down. If you play it now, when it leads to the load up screen, it'll give you a message on how N.O.V.A is shuttign down, and you could still play other N.O.V.A games on the android or ipod touch. I am actually kinda dissapointed though 🙁

  • HisDivineOrder

    I keep waiting for Facebook to have a point.

    • Anonymous

      But you can make virtual farms!

  • Mike

    I dislike Facebook enough as is. Facebook gaming? I'd rather make love to a blender.

    • Guest

      Making love to a blender sounds like it could be fun.

    • Sublimelabs

      Says the guy posting on Twitter...

      • Anonymous

        When they have games on Twitter, I'll be genuinely terrified.

  • Chukha

    It is based on Unity, so I think this would be very soon on iPhone as project under Unity tool can be easily been exported to other mobile plateform.
    I think Gameloft just want to give it a try, as they do their freenium model with Sacred Odyssey or StarFront. I doesnt cost anything for them, could be a good experience.

  • Anonymous

    Kill Facebook - kill kill kill! And anyone who thinks other people want to see their progress in daily activities such as gaming or what restaurant they went to etc.. is in for a rude awakening. People DON'T GIVE a CRAP! Nova Elite: Skip

  • Scott Colbert

    That sound I hear must be the collective hearts of fanboys breaking.

  • Damijin

    It's better than anything else on facebook. I'm already addicted...

  • Anonymous

    Good thing it looked like crap anyways...

  • Sticktron

    Actually I'm glad they went this way. Their multiplayer engine was a good first attempt but just doesnt cut it like the established engines available to use (quake3/Unreal).

    The next "big" fps needs to take things up to a higher level.

    • Anonymous

      This is an obvious downgrade from NOVA2's multiplayer. This isn't moving forward.

  • Artfoundry

    The game isn't half bad, for a web-based FPS. The best one I've seen so far. However, they need to fix the pay/socialize-to-win aspect, and it seems like there's some lag (or else people are already buying upgraded weapons and armor) - my friends and I had problems killing others even after unloading on people at point blank.

  • Sublimelabs

    What's with all the Facebook hate? It's a social network. It's meant to let you keep in touch with friends. Do you hate Facebook because you have no friends? 😛

    Although yes, I could care less about Facebook games.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you... Hating Facebook is strange. You get what you put into it, so if you dislike Facebook you either dislike your friends, or you have none.

      • Anonymous

        That's hilarious. What if none of your friends like Facebook? Prefer having a small group of real friends, then 100+ "collectable" ones that you only talk with once: When they actually ask to be friends.

      • Anonymous
        I highly doubt all of your friends don't like Facebook. Statistically if you live in America it's not probable. PS thanks for revising your comment to not call me ignorant! I appreciate the kindness.

      • Anonymous
      • JayJay

        Haha Facebook is a therapy for people with no or low self-esteem and no friends - face it!
        And while everybody posts useless things just to feel great, the guys behind facebook (Zuckerberg and co) spend their earned billions on the maledives with their real friends xD

      • Chris Flores

        How is it for people with no friends, when that's exactly who you add on Facebook? These anti-facebook hipsters are so obnoxious.

        Yes, it's not run well, but it's damn good.

        But I guess you're just too dense and pretentious to see that.

  • Munnrivard

    it says beta.. maybe its just a test for the ipad version

  • Anonymous

    Oh, the irony of mobile gamers hating on a social network...

  • Mike

    Who cares. NOVA2 was crap anyway. Can't say I was waiting with baited breath for another rushed rip-off.

  • Slim

    What's with all the hate? Have you guys actually tried the game? It's pretty awesome for a facebook game. I know you have to pay for most of the maps and items and stuff, but I just put down $5 for some credits, figuring that's less than the price of a NOVA iOS game.


    An iOS version with iOS/Facebook cross-platform play would be very interesting. At least technically.

  • Anonymous

    wait... so how do i invite people i barely know to come and visit my cartoon farm which i've squandered my meaningless existence curating?

    Seems like they need to patch this pretty quick if they want in on the Facebook market.

  • Wisedude

    Haha awesome I guess IOS just isn't profitable enough.

  • Guest1

    Guys, its a beta. it better com to IOS
    Its somewhat fun. ITS FREE!!! kinda wished it had a campaign though. an elite team of spartans, err you know.

  • IndieElitist

    Pretty strange that all the FB haters attribute the reason to hate FB to ONE GAME. Just because Farmville was more popular than any single game any of you've ever played (and me for that matter and I've played games for DECADES), doesn't mean you have to hate.

    Also, if you'd pull your heads out of your asses, you'd realize there are more games than Villes and Wars on FB.

    Even if there wasn't better games than Villes & Wars on FB, this is a step in the right direction.

    Don't like it? Don't play it... oh... wait, it's the internetz... all there is, is entitlement and hate.

  • Anonymous

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