It's crazy to think that Pocket Legends [Free] came out a year ago. I've heard that one year equals seven in dog years, but with how fast the App Store moves, I'm not even sure what one App Store year would equate to. Lots more. Anyway, Pocket Legends is a free to play MMO of sorts that works quite a bit like Guild Wars both in actual gameplay and with the amount of expansion content they have for sale.

Well, to celebrate the game's anniversary, all of that expansion content is free for a limited time. Better yet, all of this is entirely cross platform and universal, so you can play with friends online regardless of whether they own an iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, or even an Android device. We reviewed the game last year, but honestly, so much has changed that you're probably better off spending some time on the official quick start guide to get an idea of what the game is all about now.

This promotion will persist for the next two weeks and allows complete access to Balefort Castle, Fathom Crypts, The Lost Expedition, The Ancient Swamps, Balefort Sewers, and The Alien Oasis Trilogy areas. In other words, you'll be able to play through the entire game from start to finish for free. These areas get switched back to their previously paid status on May 4th, so if you actually want to blow through the game for free, you better do it before then.

  • Steve

    Loved pocket legends, I had been playing since it was released. I would play 2-4 hours a night. But for some reason I seriously lost interest right after Balefort Sewers was released. I'm not sure I got burned out, or just if it's just Balefort Sewers???
    Anyone else? steve

  • Chris Flores

    cross platform? Sweet

  • Wisedude

    Looks like a desperate attempt to attract players before order and chaos online not really interested in any pay per play games myself though I'll be skipping them all.

    • Stephen Harrell

      Order & Chaos may have a monthly fee. I'd gladly pay a tiny charge a month for solid updates and balancing. That's what keeps those kind of games running.

  • FreeFrog

    Fun, very casual MMORPG I play occasionally. Their method of auto-party interaction means you can solo or play in a group with almost zero complexity. With the new free areas I might explore more.

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