It's starting to look like those of you who guessed that N.O.V.A. Elite was going to be a 100% multiplayer game when it was first announced just might be right, judging by the recently released gameplay trailer. Of course Gameloft could just be focusing on the multiplayer aspect of the game and it could come with a full single player campaign as well, but we'll have to wait and see.

Anyway, give the trailer a look:

What will be very interesting to see is how Gameloft prices this game if it is 100% multiplayer based. They've shown interest in dabbling in free to play games for a while now, and a game like this needs a vibrant online player base to be fun. There's no better way to get a massive pool of player than releasing a game for free. Sure, this is 110% speculation on my part, but you've got to admit it at least makes a little sense given how well ngmoco has done with Eliminate [Free] that Gameloft might try to do the same.

Either way, N.O.V.A. Elite is apparently "coming soon" which in Gameloft-speak could mean as early as next Thursday.

  • Killercow

    you can see a "free" tag on the youtube video, i think they'll go with a f2p system.

  • Guest

    What square device is this running on?

  • Victor Leichner

    ^ iPad?

    But seriously this is obviously not an Unreal 3 engine game... doesn't look any better than NOVA 2.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, for me it even looks worse than Nova 2 🙁 Maybe to run on older devices??

    • LBG

      The iPad's resolution isn't even that square. And I agree that the graphics don't look as good as NOVA 2. I'm confused.

    • gee

      what a shame it is if they dont use the unreal engine, i was having high expectation for this game.
      ..IOS gaming wont be taken seriously if developer dont release high quality games

  • Charles Albert

    This might be good, the multiplayer in NOVA2 is really entertaining. But the achievements are nearly improbable.

  • Anonymous

    If it has more of a variety of modes (like HALO), I'm in.

  • Anonymous

    I've gotten into a habit of pushing the YouTube time slider on game previews like halfway through the video at start, knowing the first half is nothing but text or cut scenes, backed with dramatic music.

    • Anonymous

      You're missing out. The gameplay starts 10 seconds in.

      • Anonymous

        Damn, you're right - they went and alternated between game-play and text this time. LOL - well, thanks, I went back and looked at it...again.

  • Lucas

    what's the deal with the delay explosion-victim reaction?

  • Furtin

    They've acquiered UE recently, so it makes sense that the proposed game launches in late summer/autumn. I'm glad its not nova elite, since I love the pace of campaigns. MP is nice to have, but ... well its not my cup of tea. At least on choppy iOS framerates. Must be also the reason why the graphics look worse than nova2. They need high FPS to make smooth gameplay possible ...

    • Adams Immersive

      Agreed: NOVA Elite may have been in development since before they grabbed UE. Maybe the first UE game will be a sequel to Starfront, or a true single-player NOVA 3.

      (I don’t think iOS makes poor framerates inevitable though.)

  • E_Domina

    looks almost as if its still in a beta state. looks like a multiplayer only game as i thought but looks okay since theres some new weapons and such

  • gee

    it looks good, but the explosions could use some work,

  • Awesome

    game, looks awesome, but it only shows ipad gameplay. Anyways appears like halo, and i would happily jump into space marine like mp action on my ipod 3 😛

  • Jwenv

    kinda looks crap and with small levels.

  • Jason

    Dude I just bought nova 2.. WTF is this???

  • Travis Tameirao

    I'll take it.

  • Marius Dragomir

    It's live now, and it's a facebook app. 😛 Enjoy!