We've made several posts covering the games that we were shown at the EA Mobile / Chillingo media event that took place during GDC 2011. The last title we've got to share from that event is an ambitious twist on the tower defense formula called Anomaly Warzone Earth, coming from Polish group 11 Bit Studios, to be published by Chillingo for both iPhone and iPad

In 2018, the world stood in terror and watched as a giant comet flung from the heavens entered our atmosphere and slammed into the Earth. Impact point: Baghdad. Only, it wasn't a comet. Upon impact, the alien craft erected a gigantic dome, concealing the invaders' activities from all the world. It's up to you to command waves of Earth forces in order to penetrate the alien defenses and confront the otherworldly intruders.

Anomaly Warzone Earth is tower defense, but in reverse. Your forces, consisting of both ground and air vehicles, must battle their way through harsh batteries of alien defenses to ensure that our planet doesn't fall under alien control.

The game starts off by presenting a tactical planning screen where attack routes and equipment are chosen. From there, it's off to the battlefield where the real action takes place, rendered out in striking graphical detail, with positional 3D audio adding depth to the firefight. As your forces proceed through the Baghdad streets, a number of actions can be invoked, such as heal units, smoke screen, decoys, air attack, etc. And, at any time, your route can be altered back at the tactical map screen.

During the EA event, the game was demonstrated to me on both the iPad and the iPhone and I found the visuals and overall sense of destruction and mayhem that the game delivers to be quite impressive. And, while the above trailer video is for the Mac and PC version of the game, the iOS visuals are not far behind.

Anomaly Warzone Earth was an IMGA 2011 nominee for Most Innovative Game and is set to impact sometime next month.

  • Mr.Trololol

    Jizz in my pants.

    • Jizzmeister

      I did too. In your pants.

  • YoureAMessy

    Aww yeah. Shit just got real, son!

    • Jizzmeister

      You on a boat?

  • Luuk van Dongen

    If they keep up providing us this level of presentation, innovation, visuality and gameplay on iOS, I'll sure say goodbye to my Xbox in the very near future! This is iOS gaming 2.0. I hope they will sell this game at a good price (no, I'm not saying it should be cheap) so the developers will make a fair amount of money. Other big producers and publishers will see the profitability of developing for iOS and hopefully we will see famous franchises and innovative indie-developed games (like this one) arriving on our iDevices! and there will be no more PSP and DS Muhahahahaha! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Dsfsddfasfdsa

    fantastic idea, the game looks a bit confusing but the idea is brilliant!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Andrzej-Raczynski/668591493 Andrzej Raczynski

    the one thing that i couldn't get past when watching this a month or so ago was the "little puny human running around soaking up lead/laser/beams/etc like they were nerf darts" while the convoy he's trying to protect seems to be made out of wet paper.

    just that disconnect makes me cringe too much to want to play this. the eye candy is there, but i just can't make that leap of faith that i require before playing a game.

    • OhDearGod

      Now, thank you Andrzej. The little human though is in PC & Mac version, you don't meet him in the iPad version.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Andrzej-Raczynski/668591493 Andrzej Raczynski

        interesting, curious to see how its handled then ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Truth

      Couldn't agree more. That looked so weird. Glad that character won't be on the iOS version. Regardless, can't wait for the game!

  • Booch138

    I am, quite frankly, baffled that no one thought of this concept first. Sounds complicated but I am definitely down to get this. Looks fun.

    • Anonymous

      Quite a few games have tried it, actually. My favorite is Comet Crash on the PS3, which has you building towers AND doing what you do here in this game. At the same time.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QCP4WHWLUQHFIOP66SLEA7E5CA Hampus

        Hmmm, so the video up there is all PC/Mac? Any chance for some iPad and iPhone videos soon?

  • Anonymous

    the graphics remind me of command and conquer 3...

  • gee

    it looks good, i just hope is different, cuz tower defense games are dead!

  • MidianGTX

    Looks like a hit in the making... the iPhone/iPad version at least. It's hard to judge what will take off on the PC market these days, but compared to other iOS strategy games this one sounds like a winner to me.

  • Mitchismo

    The game is excellent on the Mac/PC app store. Great for the mouse, actually. It's all you need to play--not a single keystroke (Apple mice & trackpads require keys).

  • aponinja

    i think this game isn't good on iphone/ipod because iphone/ipod's screen is too litttle for this game but this game perfect for ipad ย 

  • Anonymous

    they seriously need to release this on the itouch. but dont just make it exclusive to the 3rd gen and above. i have a 2nd gen so yeah.....

    • Wujek Grga at 11 bit

      @Got2BAG:disqus ๐Ÿ™ I'm affraid it'll work on 3rd generation, as the graphics chip in the devices of the 2nd generation can't support all the graphics features.