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GDC 2011: Upcoming Physics Platform Puzzler ‘Blobster’

While we were out at GDC 2011, TouchArcade attended an EA Mobile media event where a number of titles from both EA Mobile and Chillingo were demonstrated. One of the titles demonstrated under the Chillingo banner was the upcoming Blobster for iPhone and iPad, developed by Divine Robot, who brought us the unusual shooter Eveningstar.

Blobster is a physics-intensive puzzle platformer that puts you in control of a cute little red blob on a mission to clean up the countryside after an unfortunate environmental disaster has littered mother nature with nasty, toxic blobules. It’s your task to collect said blobules and solve various puzzles along the way to make it from start to finish and on to the next level.

The game features an impressive physics system, which you’ll immediately notice thanks to the undulating fluid surface of your little blob as he moves about the levels by way of both tilt and a swipe-hold-and-release elastic jump mechanic. Actually, Blobster is not always little; the more blobules he absorbs, the larger — and heavier — he becomes, which comes in handy when interacting with certain structures found in the levels.

A number of power-ups can be collected along the way that bestow various enhanced abilities upon your undulating blob. These include the ability to float on water, shrink in size, super jump (10x higher than normal), go zero G, and experience reversed gravity.

Divine Robot’s Creative Director Henrik Jonsson took us through the gameplay.

Blobster has a great feel that combines a heavy dose of cute with that satisfying feel of realistic physics to deliver a rather engaging game experience. In just my brief time with the title, I’ve already developed a craving to start sucking up blobules. I’ll have to wait until late April to get started, however.

We’ll have more on the rest of the titles we saw at the EA Mobile media event, shortly.