The hype machine is in full swing for the release of Gameloft’s newest shooter Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard, set to hit this Thursday. Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard will feature 11 tactical missions where you’ll be able to direct your AI team of specially trained soldiers or, in a first for iPhone first-person shooters, you can link up with up to 2 buddies online and play through the campaign cooperatively.

In addition to the cooperative mode, Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard will feature an online deathmatch mode for up to 10 players. Here are some screens from the 5 deathmatch maps that will be included at launch.

For their latest video for Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard, Gameloft have taken an interesting approach at making it interactive. Much like the Choose Your Own Adventure books I read as a child, the video will stop occasionally and give you a choice on how to handle the current situation, with some choices ending up in your team’s demise and others having you come out victorious. The video will only work on a Mac or PC, so if you’re checking this out on your iOS device it won’t pan out:

At first I thought the interactive demo was kind of cheesy, but after running through it a few times it's actually pretty neat. And it shows off a good amount of gameplay for Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard, which appears to follow fairly closely to the console titles that I love so much. It will be interesting to see how well the online co-op plays out, and how the deathmatch will be with all the tactical gameplay additions rather than your average kill everything free-for-all. There's been a huge buzz for the game in our forums for some time now, and we're also eager to get our hands on Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard this Thursday.

  • Phil Baxter

    Very basic visuals. Looks like a really poor Dreamcast game at best. Did Gameloft just miss the whole Infinity Blade & Rage HD thing last year?

    • Anonymous

      I just care about the gameplay. Spectacular visuals are not a necessity for me.

      • Fafner

        I agree with that 200%!

        Gameplay over graphics every time!

    • Diego Rispo

      how long to the first gameloft's unreal engine games? 😀

    • LBG

      Did Chair and id miss the whole freedom and non-repetitive gameplay?

      • LBG

        Oh and I also did chair and id forget competitive and co-operative online multiplayer? The answer is yes. It's not just about the graphics.

      • Mamoon65n

        id sucks. Rage wasn't even a very good game. It was same thing always, just kill zombies. They didn't add anything else to the game, even after a few months. But Chair is still improving their game Infinity Blade. It might be the best game on the app store by December.

      • Phil Baxter

        Did I mention gameplay? I don't believe I did.

        It's possible to make good looking games which play well. You just need to give a damn.

    • Anonymous

      Omg what do you want? A crysis 2 graphics on mobile phone? Look the graphics ARE GOOD and really good for mobile this looks better then counter strike source...

  • Corey Sullivan

    Looks like SiN.

  • Fafner

    So is this gonna be a universal app or will there be a iPad version?

    • Anonymous

      Knowing how cheap Gameloft is, they'll be separate apps.

  • Bigred447uk

    I usually love Gameloft but Mission Europa just got approved which will knock the socks off this !

    (I know that they are not really comparable games)

    • Charles Albert

      So, why are you comparing them?

      • Bigred447uk

        Because I want to.

  • Charles Albert

    OMG, R6:Vegas-like gameplay!!! I know I shoudn't be too excited about a Gameloft game, but this looks like pure gold.

    P.S.: The graphics are really way below the standards, even THEIR standards (i'm looking at you, Shadow Guardian)

    P.S.2: What is it that Gameloft alwais uses words like "Shadow", and "guard"? Next up: Asphalt 7: Shadow Racing

    P.S.3: A great console.

  • Anonymous

    PS3: A great console.

    Nice one.

  • Mikeadamstattoo

    ill probably get this on thursday to play on my iphone/ipad, but hopefully they make an "HD" version for ipad with better character models?

    im really interested in seeing footage. if its comparable to modern combat 2 im so down.

    • Mikeadamstattoo

      im really interested in seeing MULTIPLAYER footage***

  • Sousuke Chihara

    Awesome graphics!!

  • Daruul

    Models look okay, but the animations are horrible

  • Extol4000

    I'm tired of Gameloft coming out with a game that has sick graphics & gameplay (Modern Combat 2) then they drop a turd like this. It looks ok but Gameloft take 2 steps forward, then 3 steps back. The animations that they used for Modern Combat 2, they could have slightly modified & tailor made it for this game. There's no reason for the animation to look that sloppy. The enemies look like ragdolls when they get shot & die. This game looks kind of repetitive however, I'm glad Gameloft decided to mix the 1st person shooter scene up & try something different. I don't care what anybody says: I love Gameloft games! They just need to be graphically innovative CONSISTANTLY in their games.

  • Mister Mumbles

    Funny. Those level screenshots remind me of the original version of CounterStrike.

    • MonkeyNut

      Heh, I was just thinking the same thing.

      Still, looks shit. Well done Gameloft!

    • yomom

      Especially that embassy screenshot. It looks just like the mansion CS map. and brazil looks like a retextured dust.

      • Simon

        Actually the mansion level looks very similar to the first level of the first Rainbow Six released on PC about a decade ago. I think it predates the CS map?

        Anyway it's a special forces game with an embassy hostage level. I'd be surprised if there wasn't one.

  • Anonymous

    What is up with the level names? Could they be any more plain?

    Ship. Dam. Oh, and I love the general Brazil they threw in there.

  • E_Domina

    looks nice. hopefully, the levels are decent length and will work on 2g devices

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  • Truth

    I want to enjoy this game but it seems I'll be somewhat disappointed. First of all, in the first couple of seconds of the video, why do your squadmates just run to the waypoint, while being fired at, and not even return fire until they've settled at the waypoint? That looks pretty off to me. Secondly, I have no idea why the flashbang also blinds your view. Third, I think it's quite clear that there's no replay feature and that they completely took out the planning stage from the original R6 franchise.

  • Mister Pirate

    From what i can tell from the screenshot, the Dam level is exactly the same as a level from Eliminate Pro... Is Gameloft stealing map layouts or is that just how the inside of a dam always looks?

  • iamawesome

    The multiplayer is awesome haven't tried the campaign yet.

  • Moriello

    It looks just like Splinter Cell and that Shadow Guardian, both were pretty similar games with a different skin. I don't mind Gameloft games, but their supposed "AAA" titles are just boring, they barely qualify as a game, essentially all you do is follow a bunch of arrows, I mean it's impossible to get lost in these games anyway as there is only one path, fight the same 2-3 villains time after time (they re-appear in different colours depending on the level), and we do this for 12 long and boring levels. The Nova games are the same, you walk in pretty much a straight line and shoot stuff for hours, FPS's circa 1993 had more depth than these games

  • Cristiano Fernandez

    I am soooo looking forward for this one!