After spending hours in line today, I managed to get my greasy sausage fingers on a brand new iPad 2. I'll be doing a first impressions post shortly, but the insane differences between Infinity Blade [$5.99] running on the original iPad when compared to the iPad 2 seemed too substantial to not immediately write about. Some things to look for in these screen shots include how smooth the edges are on the iPad 2, as well as how high resolution the textures are in comparison. We have this kind of image quality, while everything runs at a much higher frame rate.

The best way to view these comparisons is to click on one to load up the light box image viewer, then click through the screenshots one by one, going back and forth to compare them. The differences are obvious.

iPad 2 on left, iPad on right:

If this is what the iPad 2 can do with existing games that got a quick update to take advantage of the new horsepower, I can't wait to see what games are going to look like that are built from the ground up for the device.

  • Jericho Hasselbush

    Holy smokes. Why do I still have a Power Mac 733MHz sitting in my closet?

    • Fake name

      OS 9 Games.

  • Anonymous

    IMO the best way to compare them is to open two with two tabs, and use CNTRL - TAB to shift quickly between them.

    The difference is almost to the point where the original version just looks...bad.

  • Adams Immersive

    Really nice! I’m convinced.

    (Tip: right-click each above image and Open in New Tab. Then you can jump between images to compare. Command-click may not work.)

  • Jyaif

    Apparently the differences are:
    Higher res textures
    Bump mapping and specular on the characters
    Anti-aliasing (wow, really was not expecting that)

  • Amir Hamzah

    basically u get all thats currently on the iphone 4 version on the ipad with its larger screen resolution πŸ˜€ sweet!! can't for games that fully utilize this new monster

  • Amir Hamzah

    basically u get all thats currently on the iphone 4 version on the ipad with its larger screen resolution πŸ˜€ sweet!! can't for games that fully utilize this new monster

  • fafner

    Hmmmm.... I hate to say it but I'm not sure if I'm gonna upgrade yet... I LOVE my ipad, I got it the first week they came out, but I was hoping for a bit more in ipad2. More power is enticing , but that's really all it has to offer me. I couldn't give 2 dumps about it having cameras built in and I really woulda liked to see a higher res screen and a sd card reader built in. I have the camera connection kit and it works fine but I want my ipad to be completely self contained. and the only thing i've seen that's different so far is some better looking textures and I'm not sure I wanna spend the money just for that. This seems to me like the upgrade from iphone 3g to the 3gs and I was hoping more for a iphone 3g to iphone4 style upgrade. Don't get me wrong... If I didn't already have an ipad I'd jump on this one but I don't see enough to make me want to upgrade.... yet

    • Dimitris Katsafouros

      It's all about a better user experience.
      I'm hoping and I'm quite sure there will be no page-refreshing when you switch between tabs on safari and in itunes as well, no chocking when scrolling, no button presses getting a long time to be processed. I'm also hoping for a more responsive and faster ipod app but we'll see about that.
      If you haven't noticed any of those things in the original iPad then you don't have to upgrade.
      If these were thing that bothered you than you know what you should do!!

    • Jeremy

      I'm in the same boat and I completely agree. This reminds me of the endless upgrade cycle of buying PCs in the 90s, it's all about more processing power, and what you buy this week will be old news by next week. While the improvement in CPU and GPU performance is impressive and encouraging, it hardly seems worthwhile to spend at a minimum $500 to replace something that I just bought a year ago. My iPad still does all the same stuff it did yesterday before the iPad 2 came out, so it's not like I've somehow lost functionality.

      I have an iPhone 3GS that's coming up on the two year mark, and it seems that a lot more would be gained by upgrading that to whatever the new iPhone is in June than switching out the iPad. Although my wife does keep hinting that she would like to get her hands on this iPad should I suddenly decide to upgrade...

      • Ryan

        Haha... That's the main reason I AM upgrading. My wife wants my iPad.

    • Shadow Era

      The iPad 2 also has double the memory available to the OS (like your computer's RAM), so that means more pages open in Safari, better fast app switching, etc.

    • Nexus

      I agree with you on this one. After waiting months for the release of iPad 2.I was not at all impresses with the cameras. The quality was terrible. I guess I had gotten way to used to the picture quality on my iPhone. Additionally, I wasn't that impressed with the resolution/display on the new iPad either. So, I decided to opt for the cheaper original iPad. Figured I'd hold with that and wait to see what the 3rd generation of iPad will bring. If it's a quantum leap as that from the 3G iPhone to the iPhone 4, then I'll be one of the first in line. But for now I'm going to enjoy using the original iPad for now.

  • tadad

    Whilst I think the graphics are quite amazing the lack of character shadows in every Unreal engine game I have seen sticks out like a sore thumb and just looks daft. Is the Unreal Engine not capable of applying character shadows?

    • Sam

      It is not real hence their name "Unreal" maybe?

      • christoph

        on the PC version of unreal engine (UT3 for example), character shadows are definitely possible...They must have kicked them out due to performance reasons..

  • andrzej raczynski

    if only it came in a 128gb model, i'd be all over it, will wait for ipad3 for that πŸ™

  • Simon Windmill

    Do you "open up multiple tab" guys not know you can use your keyboard arrow keys to flip between light box images? πŸ˜›

    Re: the shots themselves - tasty stuff. Looks like MSAA is actually useful now.

    • Ariphas

      The problem with that is with a screen resolution like mine (1366 x 768) the images are, combined with other space-taking elements on my screen, too tall to be fully displayed, so I have to scroll. Well, if I press the arrow key to switch to the next image, the scroll isn't "saved." Since I want to get the full image (not counting the black bars) on my screen, I have to scroll again and again using that method. Opening the images in a new tab allow the scroll to be saved so that the comparison is more "natural".

  • Mikey

    Looks good, but basically the iPad 2 version "just" got all the features of the iPhone 4 version. But I think it's unfair to expect more when Chair had just one week time. Really looking forward to what games will look like that are developed from the start to take full advantage of the A5 in the iPad 2.

  • Jon

    even though this looks good, keep in mind Epic simply 'turned up the knobs' on the expensive operations (such as full screen anti-aliasing, which is almost always drops the frame rate by substantial numbers). They did not do any qualitative changes to utilize the extra horsepower in the iPad 2. qualitative being add higher poly count models, use more complex pixel/vertex shaders into the mix, more advanced illumination, etc.

    • Anonymous

      Have you looked at the screenshots? They obviously added bump-mapping to the main-character's armor and weapons and used higher resolution textures, in addition to enabling antialiasing. The models do look the same, though.

  • YoureAMessy

    Whoah. Now the original looks like crap.

  • Mindvox

    Some of the fanboy comments here are hilarious.

    I've flicked back and forth and some of the shots are almost indistinguishable.

    Sure, there's some noticeable anti-aliasing, but those shots are all near identical. I'm not seeing more textures, more details, greater draw distance.

    The people posting that "the original now looks like crap" need to lay off the Mountain Dew.

    • Phil Baxter

      The textures are higher-resolution, specular mapping has been added, and it's running with 4x FSAA. (anti-aliasing)

      Nice little update but obviously the geometry is the same as the original.

      • Anonymous

        All for the price already paid for the original rev.

    • Jeff Barder

      Lawl someone's in denial.

  • SmashD

    You clearly see the difference when flipping between iPad/iPad2 screenshots, but... honestly... would you really benefit from it in the game itself that much without the "I know it is better so my point of view is better anyway" bonus?!

  • Bob

    These pics just tempt me more and more to get an iPad...

  • Max Shamko


  • Aopat

    That's like comparing the iPhone 4 vs 3GS screenshots.

    • LBG

      More like 3G vs 3GS. iPhone 4 has twice the amount of pixels of the previous phones, and that makes quite a big difference (as well as twice the RAM and A4 chip).

  • Anonymous

    I really don't think there is a huge difference. Maybe the iPad 2 version is 5% better but it's surely not not obviously better looking...

  • E_Domina

    The ipad 2 graphics ARE a little sharper but not so much better that you'll probably notice

  • JM

    Looks like a nice upgrade to an existing game, but nothing dramatic. Didn't Chair say they were going to release an update to take advantage of iPad2 graphic features?

    Anyway, any thoughts on the framerate? I found this game a little choppy on my iPad. I have no idea but I'd guess its in the 15-30 fps range at most times. If it was upgraded to a smooth 60fps that'd be a dramatic upgrade.

  • Edepot

    The iPad 2 has a better GPU and CPU. Here are the secret specs Apple doesn't want you to know about:

    • Anonymous

      Thanks, but no thanks.

  • Phone Techo

    Im totally convinced that this is the way to go although the price tag is a bit much for me right now, I may try the discount at

  • Anonymous

    Amazing. The iPad 2 version -almost- looks as nice as the iPhone 4 version!

    • LBG

      Yeah I compared some screenshots of the game taken on my iPhone 4 version to the screenshots above and the textures on the iPad 2 version look blurred in comparison. Everything looks more crisp and detailed on the iPhone 4 version. Obviously the iPad 2 is a more powerful device, I guess chair didn't bother to make full use of all it's power.

  • Malcolm Bastien

    Oh wow. I can't wait for you to maybe post up what this looks like with a video. This looks really impressive. I'm also really looking forward to how the improvements to Real Racing 2 set a higher quality standard. Maybe with quality like this, the fact that there's no Retina display will not bother people so much anymore.

  • Mel Craft

    Funny just 9 months ago I was getting a divorce from Apple due to the problems with Iphone 4 and it totally turned me off to the Idea of owning a IPad. But as time passed I realized I made a mistake switching to the Terminator OS. Not knocking the T41 but when you have to convince yourself that something is worth your money then it's a good bet that it's not. I just purchased my IPad on Feb 17th so am I a bit upset at the timing not really. I don't need a camera front, back, or side to side I just wanted something that works and the IPad just does. Now the IPad 2 is definitely a game changer but not enough to make me return mine for it. I will get the 3 when it's announced but for now the IPad is everything and more of what I expected and BTW I owned a Galaxy Tab and having flash isn't the end of the free world especially if there are apps that can make you forget that omission on the IPad. Good Job Mr. Jobs I'm still a fan.

    • Anonymous

      Feb 17th?

      Sounds like you're within the 30'day return period...

      ...I'm trying to figure out how to flip my 1 Year Old iPad for a 2.

      I wish my wife liked it more than her $&@@ Samsung Netbook cause I'd have "problem solved".

  • MiftahgeeK

    Seems like you make screenshot not exatcly same. The third image show it. How can the 'light' not shows a bit on first iPad.