One game that I have really been looking forward to ever since it was revealed in early February is Kami Retro [$1.99] from Gamevil and Paw Print Games. We had a chance to get some hands on time with Kami Retro last week at GDC, and today the game has officially launched in the App Store.

Kami Retro is a puzzle platforming game that draws influence from several similar games before it, like Jet Set Willy, Rainbow Islands, Super Mario Bros. and Lemmings. In each of the 65 single screen levels, you must get several Kamis from an entrance at one point in the level safely to the exit at another. You’ll use various items like springboards, fans, and cannons which need to be placed at specific points in order to accomplish this.

Kamis will automatically move, and a simple swipe gesture is used to make them jump when needed, which sounds a bit suspect but actually works well in practice. The game gets hectic as just when you are getting one Kami into the exit, another is popping out of the entrance which you must then quickly bring your attention to before they go and get themselves killed.

I’ve only spent a brief amount of time with Kami Retro, but so far my impressions are good. The levels are cleverly designed and require subtle precision in how you place objects in order to be successful. The art style is absolutely fantastic, with blocky pixel graphics that are rendered in 3D. Each level is full of color and the animations bring everything to life. There are more impressions from gamers in our forums, and if you like retro-inspired visuals and puzzle-platforming gameplay then Kami Retro is definitely one to check out.

  • Anonymous

    You have a typo in the tags, "$0.99" where it should be "$1.99". Not a huge difference, but it makes it (unfairly) a little disappointing scrolling down.

  • Madison Fotografie

    Too bad it's iPhone only. I would have loved to play this on my iPad...

    • Orso

      Try with Retina Pad Tweak 😉

      • Madison Fotografie

        I don't jeailbreak my devices so that is not an option I'm afraid

    • Kaherka

      The description in the app store says that it is compatible with ipad.

  • ColeDaddy

    Man, I'm having a difficult time following the main character. He tends to blend in with the background. I hope its just the vid and not indicative of the actual gameplay on the iDevice.

  • Frogtorch

    If this doesn't give you an epileptic fit, I don't know what will.

  • Anonymous

    He tends to blend in with the background. I hope its the vid and not indicative of the actual gameplay on the iDevice.

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  • Emile Nitrate

    I'm enjoying it so far, and I'm not a big pixel art fan. Even the repetitive retro 8 bit style music is fun. What the heck, it's very colorful!