Gamevil Slashes Prices, ‘Kami Retro’ Revealed

My fingers are getting numb from writing Internet articles about sales on the App Store, but because I love all of you as strongly as one of my apartment kittens, I have decided to persevere and pen yet another article about price slashes. This time, I want to point you towards publisher Gamevil’s Verizon “Welcome to iPhone” sale, which sees a lot of its top apps receiving big cuts in celebration of the new market. Here’s the list:

Also, check this out: Gamevil and Paw Print Games are teaming up to put out Kami Retro, a gorgeous retro-stylized 2D platformer, on the App Store. Details are being held close to the vest at the moment, but the following video sheds a little light on what you can expect, which is to say, traditional and level-based platform hopping. Grabbing little collectibles for points appears to be a main focus as well.

Kami Retro, our first title as Paw Print Games is a platformer/puzzle game, that combines retro elements from classics such as Jet Set Willy, Rainbow Island, and Mario with our own unique twist and visuals,” a Paw Print representative said in a statement.

Cool stuff, right? I’ll be keeping my eyes on this one as I rest my poor, poor hands.