Remember Sword & Sworcery? We called it "the most amazing game we've seen at GDC" last year. A few months later we sat down with Nathan Vella who gave us a fairly in-depth hands-on that we were able to catch on video. To really get the low down on S&S though, if this is the first you've heard of it, you should check out our further reflection on Sword & Sworcery post from GDC 2010.

Check out the new trailer:

According to Superbrothers, the game will be released "around the Vernal Equinox" (which is late next month). We've got a meeting booked with the Sword & Sworcery creators at GDC '11 next week, and hopefully can secure some more details then.

  • Guest

    I've been waiting for this game, more than any other, as I love the pixel art styles used by SuperBrothers, about a month to go...

    • Noah

      So it's iPad only? That's a shame...

      • Anonymous

        On the Superbrothers website they claim it's for iPhone and iPod Touch as well.

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    What a useless trailer. There was very little of any real substance.

    • Eli Hodapp

      It's a teaser, what did you expect?

      • Ziggz

        Eli, where's the "unlike" button on this page?

      • Ziggz

        Not for that beautiful trailer, but for certain comments, that is.

    • Anonymous

      I dislike trailers for that very reason, they offer little to no info about how the game actually plays and whether or not it'll be any good. But this... this was awesome. I thought it was really well done and pretty damn clever to boot. They know how much mystery surrounds this game and the trailer just proves they're totally in sync with the growing fanbase.

      • Liammail1

        its a teaser, not a gameplay video.......

    • Michaud Michaud

      Indeed. Less talk, more rock.

    • Guest

      You're mistaken. It's a great trailer. They've already released other images and clips showing the game, so I assume you haven't been following this over the past several months, or you'd know what the game was about already. But thanks for sharing your view.

  • Gwet17

    Coooooool. So what is it?

    • Helpful

      Do a search for toucharcade and sworcery. There's game-play clips from last year.

  • Osiris37

    Hehe... love it, that's exactly what a teaser trailer does... err tease! πŸ™‚ I seriously am bouncing up and down with excitement... shame that us iPhone users have to wait an extra month or so after the iPad launch tho, still, good things come to those that wait...

  • EastsideStompers

    I have never been so intrigued about a game I know almost nothing about.

  • Stuart Carnie

    Brilliant teaser...

  • Walter

    That was one of the best trailers I've seen for any game. (And that's pretty remarkable because it doesn't tell us much about, well, the game.)

  • Walter

    That was one of the best trailers I've seen for any game. (And that's pretty remarkable because it doesn't tell us much about, well, the game.)

  • Jamie Wallis

    Was just wondering about this game the other day ..... love the art style .... adore the presentation especially of this trailer..... could be epic... can't wait !

  • Tony Pail

    Fantastic trailer! I had been wondering what happened to this game for the last several months....i thought it had been canned for sure, but thank god it's still on track. Can't wait.

  • TigerXtreme69

    This reminds me of a game i played call "loved" that you can play for free online. More psychological than anything else but a real experience and something I'd recommend to anyone interested in the line between art and video games.

  • Ziggz

    Freaking BRILLIANT!

    That trailer was a work of art.

    Cannot wait for this to hit... Seriously. I mentally and physically cannot wait. May need to temporarily freeze myself to deal with the agony of passing time.

  • Anonymous

    Fantastic trailer - obviously aimed at a mostly sophisticated audience that gets it.

    • someone

      arent you cool

      • Someone else

        What's his temperature got to do with it?

  • Zaraf

    Is this game going to be for both iPhone and iPad or is it iPad only? In the trailer they show it being played on an iPad...

    • DrCool

      I've read the initial release is for IPad, with other i-devices to follow.

  • Michael A. Robson

    Guys, just stop using VImeo. It sucks.

    • Anonymous

      Tell it to the devs, TouchArcade didn't put the video up. Vimeo's decent anyway, YouTube doesn't seem to like buffering on slower connections.

  • Electricsalmon

    I have to go change my pants. lol! I am so effing excited about this game. With a teaser trailer like that, who cares what the game is about. Swords & Sorcery is going to set the bar for action RPG mobile gaming in general. I am reminded of Out of this World, another amazingly rendered game that owned, only it was released 15 years ago.


  • Narziss

    This is the most amazing, intelligent trailer I have every seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Got me really excited....!

  • Sentientdead

    I agree, I have been following the TA coverage of this since day one and I am pumped. Amazing trailer for what I expect to be a brilliant game.

  • Pro Comp Tires

    I agree, this trailer has me totally excited.

  • andrzej raczynski

    ok ok, loved that trailer πŸ™‚ felt like watching/playing through Half Life 1 for the first time πŸ™‚ with that gray man.

  • thebleeptruth

    Cool. Almost thought this was never ever being released. From the teaser, it appears the story is really very intruiging. Hope the battle system is interesting too. The teaser seems to show another battle sequence, and it's with skme crystal being. Really looking forward to this. I think I 'll very immersed with the story. Loved the teaser by the way.. Feels so mysterious.

  • Matthew Hall

    Hardly the usual fit for a chart topping game - very indie - pixel art. But I've got a good feeling with this one. I hope it blows the lid off the charts so we can see more games of this quality making it in the marketplace.

  • wwhatford

    One of the best teasers ever! To those complaining it didn't show enough of the game consider that if the guys put this much effort into a teaser then how great is the game going to be. Can't wait!

  • Nefhril

    Absolutely amazing! Totally blowed my mind! Been waiting fort this game for a long time and it's almost here! Good times indeed!

  • Andrea

    Day 1!
    This is thes shiet. Gotta love this art style, people!

  • Anonymous

    Wow...I'm speechless. Off to go find the Vernal Equinox on my calendar.

  • Dadasdas

    He said internet twice when he was showing the

    • Mr Guest

      You didn't get the idea, huh?

  • Mr Guest
  • Luan

    it is so beautiful.

  • jd

    I anticipate this game will be more art than fun. But sometimes that's worth it.

  • Kaherka

    Something to buy when I get my ipad. Hurry up and release iPad v2, apple!

  • Flowermilk

    Very intriguing and pretentious.

  • Tomi Roulamo

    Let's hope that everything is okay when this game will arrive and top all the other ipod, ipad and iphone games at all πŸ™‚

  • Andrea

    The Artdesign is really breathtakingly outstanding, people!
    Check out superbrother's other videos like this one:
    And you get the idea, how great this pixelart will become.

    I am truly in love ^_^

  • ultimo

    One Hell of a Trailer!

  • Looter

    Yes! I've been waiting for this one for a year. Something about it just makes me really want it.

  • alex

    simply awesome. can't wait for the game

  • Irenicus

    The best part I like about this trailer was the excellent music - it's almost surreal, a feeling of longing, hope, doom, sadness, heroism, epic, all at the same time. It is very subtle and, builds up in momentum until the crescendo at the end, whereby it suddenly swerves into a brief but haunting melody at the end. The narrators voice acting, the flashbacks, the role playing elements (DUH YES, they are talking about the ipad, but it was referred to as the touchtronic device - now that was CLASS - make believe is what will sell this game). Waiting with bated breath.....