Last month Gameloft teased us with an announcement trailer for their upcoming game based on the Tom Clancy franchise Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard. Unfortunately, as is the nature of teaser videos, very little of the actual game was shown. In fact, there was no gameplay in that video at all, making it frustrating if you're a fan of the Rainbow Six series and were curious to see what the iOS version would be like.

Today Gameloft is easing that pain a bit by releasing the first screens for Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard on their Facebook page, and unsurprisingly they look pretty fantastic (click to enlarge):

Based on the screen shots, Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard should offer up the same sort of tactical espionage that the series is known for. Unfortunately we still don't know a solid release date, but if these screens are any indication then it should be arriving fairly soon. There is a lively discussion of the game in our forums, and we'll bring you any new information on Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard just as soon as we get it.

  • howlingwolf

    They are seriously nice screenshots can't wait to play it

  • Tikicobra

    What's with the 2D enemies?

  • heavy turbolaser

    Those pics don't look like "actual gameplay screenshots" to me.
    It's more something of a press release artwork..

    • Mike

      You're not a doctor. Why should I listen to you?

    • Mark

      Then why are there controll elements on the artwork? Please explain.

    • Michael A. Robson

      I haven't heard this kind of skepticism in years. WTF do you think it is then?
      What year is this? 1993? That's the game dude. It doesn't take 2 years to do these games.

    • GAg

      Seem like this one don't think gaming technology is true , what time is it ? 1945

  • Fredrik Jackson

    Looks awesome. I love Gameloft's FPSs

  • Superslovak

    gameloft if your reading this seriously just make a call of duty clone your the only developer with the balls to do it

    • Gwet17

      What's Modern Combat?

      • JCGaga

        It's a clone of all the call of duty clones on consoles except call of duty itself =P

  • JCGaga

    So many buttons!! haha it looks great though except the 2D quality of the yellow dudes.

    But hopefully there isn't gyro lag like in NOVA 2 and MC2.

    • Mike

      I agree. Seven buttons and a stick is practically touch UI comedy!

  • Sousuke Chihara

    Online Co-op plz

  • trent reznor

    This looks pretty awesome, I'm stoked! I just hope it has good multiplayer

  • Ltcommander Tuvok

    Judging by the level design complexity, this will probably be a another 3rd gen device and up title. Luckily, I just got a 4th gen iPod Touch.

    Hopefully it's still early days, since the texture quality seems quite varied. Some textures like the wallpaper in the hallway are very sharp whereas other textures like the fans on the generator outside the door aren't quite as nice. Some of those shots also have a powdery look to it, especially that first screenshot in the greenhouse.

  • Sousuke Chihara
  • Some

    Hope it goes back to the classic terrorist-hunting gameplay of the originals on PC. Huge R6 fan, but just hate the console game versions. They play too much like Gears of War (i.e., hunker down for a firefight) compared to the old R6-style "find a terrorist and take him out with one bullet".

  • thebleeptruth

    I hope it goes back to the earlier versions of the franchise wherein tactical planning played a huge part, which was why I loved it more than the SWAT series of games. The recent rainbow six games have focused more on the action aspect of the game. Also, one feature I really really hope, although doubt, is the inclusion of the replay mode from earlier versions of Rainbox Six. It's so fun watching the successful execution of your mission from different camera angles and from the different teams' perspective.

  • thebleeptruth

    Since I'm not a big fan of Gameloft (yet), I guess I'm a little bit disappointed that they'll be the guys bringing this game to iOS. I was hoping it would be a developer like EA. But I'll really be looking forward to this game. I hope Gameloft executes it perfectly. This will be great to play on my iPad.

    • vndkjks

      No mate , EA only wants to bring EA's games to iPhone , while Rainbow Six is a product from Ubisoft , only associated company like gameloft has ability to make it

      • thebleeptruth

        Thanks for the heads up. Well I really hope they make a great game.

    • LBG

      Gameloft is the best developer for FPS games. If it was EA making this, it would be a disaster. Just look at how BFBC2 turned out (iOS version).

      • thebleeptruth

        I guess you have a point. If Gameloft can include the old rainbox 6 feature of watching a replay of your executed mission, this is definitely a must buy for me.

      • GAg

        Not every game they made is disaster , look how they've done with Dead Space , NBA Jam , NFS , BFBC 2 is their 1st shooter game , you know everything come first always have flaw

  • TylerCrowley

    This game looks great, it looks better than most Wii games.