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First Screens for Upcoming ‘Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard’ from Gameloft

Last month Gameloft teased us with an announcement trailer for their upcoming game based on the Tom Clancy franchise Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard. Unfortunately, as is the nature of teaser videos, very little of the actual game was shown. In fact, there was no gameplay in that video at all, making it frustrating if you’re a fan of the Rainbow Six series and were curious to see what the iOS version would be like.

Today Gameloft is easing that pain a bit by releasing the first screens for Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard on their Facebook page, and unsurprisingly they look pretty fantastic (click to enlarge):

Based on the screen shots, Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard should offer up the same sort of tactical espionage that the series is known for. Unfortunately we still don’t know a solid release date, but if these screens are any indication then it should be arriving fairly soon. There is a lively discussion of the game in our forums, and we’ll bring you any new information on Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard just as soon as we get it.