Galaxy On Fire 2 [$9.99 / Lite] is a big game that’s going to get even bigger with the eventual release of a Tom Cruise-less add-on called “Valkyrie.” Developer Fishlabs is going light on the details at the moment, reserving the reveal for press at GDC, however, we do know some general stuff at the moment -- new ships from a new class, new weapons, and a new and voiced story component will all be included in the add-on which hits in April via IAP.

As if that was enough GOF content, Fishlabs will be releasing a high-resolution ship pack featuring ship models from the first game as a free update on the same day Valkyrie is released. Neat!

So, you’re not familiar with GOF 2? Brother, I got your back. In a nutshell, it’s a space trading and commerce game with a lot of options and upgrades. Our review is pretty comprehensive, but here’s a selection that gets to the meat of the game:

“Your goal is to get back to your home system on the other side of the galaxy, but achieving that goal is going to take some time, and what better way to fill that time than by taking on various missions across the region's 20 star systems. You start out with a relatively weak, modestly outfitted ship, but there's money to be made and upgrades to be had along the way.”

“Jobs ranging from cleaning up space garbage to mining asteroids to transporting goods to hunting pirates to rescuing kidnapped officers can be had in the various stations in each system on the vast star map. And, if that seems too harrowing, money can be made in the simple buying and selling of simple commodities from one station to another. Like father of the genre Elite, it's a game you can take at your own pace.”

Told you I got you! Anyway, I imagine dedicated GOF'ers out there are more than thrilled about this update. Tell me how thrilled!

  • Anonymous

    totally buying this day one. FISHLABS FTW

    • YoureAMessy

      You can buy it now, or do you mean the add-on?

      • Anonymous

        Yup the upgrade

    • Fuser

      Yup - me too.
      Fave game on the appstore, along with Aralon.

  • Noman

    Fantastic game, absolutely gonna buy the add-on.

  • wave

    Dam, only IAP? oh well. Hey do the developers of IOS games realize that there are around 50 million ipod touch users, presumably of which a high percentage would not have a wifi connection? and who would love to buy extra content but cannot due to limiting factors such as wifi? and therefor are missing out on a lot of potential sales?

    Ahh wifi, the bane of my existence.


    • Mctron

      I have an Ipod touch 64 gig and wifi and I have bought In app purchases and if you don't have wifi just go to Mcdonalds or Starbucks to download it I mean it's not like you are helpless.

  • Nigra

    Something tells me that star front battalion made from 5 to 10x more money on the appstore than this amazing game... makes me think of some awesome games remain in the shadow

  • Andrew

    Definitely going to buy this. GOF2 is the best space sim on the App Store. I love playing it on my iPad!

  • Anonymous

    The game that get's more expensive the longer it's on the market. A year from now it will be $50 😮

  • Anonymous

    I've been waiting for this kind of news the day I played through GOF2 for the third time. Most rounded game on my iPhone so far (from the graphics to the music, it's all sooo slick)!

  • Federico Astica

    Great news!! GOF 2 was one of the only games that make me put my PSP aside.

  • Leon

    Absolutely fantastic news! I can't wait! GOF2 has been one of my most admired and respected and well-played games on my ipad!

  • Tower Defender

    I am thrilled 🙂

  • Shatnershairpiece

    Any guess when this drops to $4.99? It started at $6.99 and went up? Bizarre. I had the first one but didn't play that much as it became very repetitive.

  • FreeFrog

    Awesomeness. Great game game on my iPhone and finished the first playthrough. Then when I got an iPad, shazaam it's even cooler! Can't wait to replay.