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‘Smuggle Truck’ Playable Web Demo Plus Level Creation Contest

Last month we showed you the trailer for the upcoming side-scrolling physics-based driving game Smuggle Truck from Owlchemy Labs. We hinted that Owlchemy would be releasing a browser-based level editor prior to the actual iOS game coming out, and holding a level creation contest. Last week that contest got underway, and there is now a playable web browser version of Smuggle Truck complete with level editor ready for you to try.

Smuggle Truck has recently drawn some heat for its subject matter, namely the fact that you are carting a truckload of immigrants across each level until you reach the goal, which is in actuality a border line. Media outlets who felt it was offensive lambasted the game, with a seemingly equal number of people quick to defend it. Smuggle Truck even caught the attention of George Lopez, and was featured in a segment on his late night talk show.

Now you can see what all the fuss is about yourself with the playable web demo of Smuggle Truck, and enter their level creation contest for a chance at some cool prizes. Let me explain how. First, head over to Kongregate and try out the playable demo. There you can also access the level editor, and Owlchemy has put together a quick 60 second YouTube video to explain how it works. It’s a simple drag-and-drop process to create levels and then submit them right from within the browser window. Finally, you’ll want to sign up for the mailing list in the upper right corner of the Owlchemy Labs website so you can be informed if you’ve won.

Here’s a list of what you can win:

1 Grand Prize winner wins:

  • A custom embroidered Owlchemy Labs lab coat
  • A free copy of the game
  • Your level in the final game with a callout as “Master Level Chef”
  • A signed piece of artwork from the developers
  • A personalized caricature and inclusion in the final game as one of the passengers in the truck.

4 Gold Prize winners win:

  • A free copy of the game
  • Your level in the final game with a callout as “Master Level Chef”

5 Silver Prize winners win:

  • A free copy of the game

Based on my time with the demo of Smuggle Truck, I think the game will be a lot of fun when it hits the App Store. This level creation contest is a cool way to get an early preview of the game as well as put your creativity to work. The level editor in the browser demo is actually the same that will be included in the iPad version of Smuggle Truck, and I hope that there will be some sort of fancy schmancy way to create and share levels amongst the iOS versions of the game.

There’s a thread in our forums dedicated to the level creation contest where people have been swapping links to their created levels, and there’s the regular upcoming thread with discussion of the impending release. Definitely give the browser demo and level editor a try, and the contest will be running through this coming Monday, the 28th. The iOS version of Smuggle Truck is on schedule and should be available in the App Store sometime next month.