Freebie Alert #2 – ‘Puppet War FPS’ Free for Today As Well

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Hopefully everybody has been grabbing the free game we posted earlier today SpikeDislike [Free], but there’s another freebie deal on a great game that slipped by us until just now. Puppet War FPS [Free] is an arena style first-person shooter that is currently free for today as well. It originally launched in June of last year, and we really liked it when we reviewed it. You play as a hapless janitor who gets locked inside the studio of a popular children’s puppet show. The puppets have decided to turn homicidal on humanity, and it’s up to you to blast the stuffing out of endless waves of them using all sorts of interesting weapons.

Puppet War FPS originally launched with just one arena to battle in, the studio, but last August it received a huge update with additional locations and other improvements. There was now a night time version of the studio, and a brand new street scene level with it’s own accompanying night version, bringing the total number of locations to 4. Also a Survival mode was added which was a very welcome addition if you just felt like hopping into a quick game for some puppet fragging without committing to the level based nature of the Campaign. A number of other gameplay tweaks and control improvements went on to make the updated version of Puppet War FPS an overall tighter experience.

Now you can grab this excellent shooter for free if you hurry. It’s supposed to be free for today, February 23rd only, so depending on when you catch this post the price may already have increased. Puppet War FPS was definitely recommended at its various price points ranging from a dollar to three, and I would suggest downloading as soon as possible while it’s currently free. It features some really attractive visuals and solid first-person shooting action. Plus, you get to blast the heads off of puppets, which should be reason enough to check it out. There’s loads of further impressions in the thread in our forums, and don’t miss out on this latest freebie for Puppet War FPS.

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