Just a quick heads up that my current favorite obsession Disc Drivin’ is having a 99¢ sale this weekend. Disc Drivin’ is a turn-based racing game that we reviewed back in December that uses an asynchronous online system to allow racing with people all over the world at your leisure. Take your turn, then the game sends that data along to the other players in the race, and when it’s time for your turn again a simple push notification lets you know.

It works wonderfully well, and just a few days ago we detailed the past updates for Disc Drivin’ which included random online matchmaking in the latest one. Players have also been discussing the game and trading usernames in the game’s official thread and the dedicated username swapping thread.

There has always been a fully-featured ad-supported version of Disc Drivin’ available, and the ad-free version usually sells for $2.99. If you’re one of those people who have been enjoying the ad-supported version but didn’t quite feel like ponying up the 3 bucks to upgrade, now’s your chance to do so for just 99¢. If you haven’t yet tried Disc Drivin’ then give the free version a spin, and if you like what you see make sure to grab the full version for a dollar before it jumps back up in price after the weekend is over.

  • Aegis

    I won't consider a penny until they add a method to eliminate dead games. With a 20 game cap and inability to eliminate games 25+ days old, I have less than 5 active games I can initiate, and think I lost one of those. In addition, the lockup blackscreen requiring phone reset to resume playing is painful. Let me eliminate games over 2 days delayed on their turn and I'll purchase.

    • Hanerlend

      Gonna give this a DL tonight. I agree, if you can't eliminate games you run the risk of not being able to start any new games at all.

    • Adams Immersive

      Dead players are eliminated after a week (on the 8th day). View the game and you’ll instantly win; or if it’s a friend and you want to give them “extra time,” I think you can just not view the game until they finally play.

      Luckily I haven’t had too many people abandon me—FAR fewer than the 20 slots—but it can be made worse if you have more than 2 people in the game: if the first player gets kicked after a week, and then it’s your turn, say, and YOU abandon it too, then it’s another week before the next guy gets to kick you! So 2 days would be a good idea for 3-4 player games. And the option to forfeit at all times would be nice.

      If you have a game 25 days old or more, have you tried tapping the game to enter it? You may simply have run into an obscure bug, not intended behavior. My dead games never hang around that long! Theoretically, if three players of a 4-player game EACH take a week to give up, and you’re the unfortunate fourth, you could have to wait 21-24 days. But over 25 shouldn’t be possible. Happily I’ve never had 3 people abandon me all at once! I’ve had 2 people drop out of a 4-player game, but then 2 weeks later the last of them is finally kicked and other 2 of us can play at full speed to finish the match.

      Of course the best way to avoid a problem is to stick to 2-player games unless you know the other people. Everything is (necessarily) delayed when you add more people.

      (Never had any crashing problems or any need to reset the phone. If you did, though, probably quitting the app using the minus sign would be a less extreme way to bring a hung app back to life.)

    • http://twitter.com/JaredTA Jared Nelson

      You can get rid of any unwanted games by resigning from them. Even if it isn't your turn, just go into the game and back the replay arrow up until it's on your turn and resign. Also as Adams Immersive said, after 8 days for friend matches or 5 days for random online matches you can just go into the race and it will auto-resign the other player and you'll get the win. There should never be a time when you can't get rid of a game to make room for more.

      As for the black screen thing, I used to encounter this a lot before the first update but not so much anymore. ONCE in a while, but it's infrequent. But never has it hung on me to where I need to reset my phone. At worst if I fire up a match and it's a black screen or a flickering screen, just quitting the game from the fast-app switching bar is enough to fix the problem Not really a big deal.

      • mikeg123

        But Pixelocity recently posted that you can't actually resign a game unless it is you turn. I think it will let you resign, but it won't actually open up that slot -- as someone else that posted stating he resigned 10 or so games using that method, and he still couldn't play a new matchup.

  • j.no

    i'm always playing, so add me if you want a game: j.no