Not to toot my own horn, but I totally (almost) called this earlier today. Sure, I guessed The Eagle instead of Rio, and I was being sarcastic, but I'm going to go ahead and add yet another point to the ol' Hodapp crystal ball score board regardless. What's all this madness about anyway? Well, moments ago Rovio Mobile unleashed a new Angry Birds trailer to the world, revealing that the next installment of Angry Birds is going to be Angry Birds Rio, which will come packed with 45 exclusive levels which sound like they're going to be set in the Rio universe with more content coming via updates.

Rio is an upcoming movie from the creators of Ice Age. The movie follows the adventures of two blue macaws who go on an adventure, get captured, and do all those other things that typically happen in animated movies where animals talk. OK, I admit, I actually kind of want to see it because I enjoyed Ice Age (specifically, Scrat the sabre-toothed squirrel) a little more than an adult probably should. Check out the trailer. After you watch that, get a load of this all new Angry Birds Rio trailer, which arguably is even better than the Rio trailer:

No word yet on whether this is going to be free or paid, but since Angry Birds Rio is basically a marketing tool to promote a multi-million dollar movie, I'm going to lean towards the free side of the spectrum. That's purely speculation on my part, but the Hodapp crystal ball has been freakishly accurate lately.

  • Javier

    I'm laughing so hard!

  • AngryBirdsFan

    This. Is. Awesome.

  • Gwet17

    I'm sure it'll be 99 cents

  • Anton Soccer

    when will they stop?

  • Acidbottle

    please make it go away, so so bored of this -.-

    • Anonymous

      So glad you commented to share how bored you are.

      • Anonymous

        I'm glad, because this is a comment section, and your opinion is just as valid as his.

  • Wegmans

    Other way around, this is a movie to promote a Multi-Million dollar franchise!

    • Munch_an_apple_pie

      Works both ways! xD

  • Pow R Rock

    Yes, ...Please release this stupid Movie and Awful follow up game to this obvious on trick pony we call Angry Turds...Er, Birds. So we can get back to the REAL Question at hand : What Happened to "Sword and Sorcery EP and When will it finally be out?" Angry Birds gets Way Too much Attention. I look at it like a Fart App

    • Gwet17

      It's sworcery.

    • Québec Rage

      If you don't like AB why don't you simply comment elsewhere instead of writing comments on an AB article ?

      FYI: Capybara Games is having MAJOR financial problems since September 2010 so I don't think we will ever play S&S EP if the project is not bough by a major player like EA, Gameloft.

      • Pow R Rock

        What if my comment is simply that I don't like this Game?
        Am I not allowed to say that?
        Are you the god of comments?
        I even said something positive, a game I want to play.
        Because you seem to know so much , why don't you write an article and fill us in on all the details.
        I'm just sayin' ...don't ever tell me to shut up unless you have something more to say.

  • Anonymous

    Haha, they're so angry.

  • E_Domina

    Angry Birds isn't really that great of a game. How can it still be up on the charts. I'm willing to bet 85% of the world has at least heard of angry birds

    • Vimfuego

      I'm willing to bet 85% of the world is too poor to afford an iThing.

      • Jak56

        ok, id be very willing to bet.

  • TeddyNYC

    When I first saw the title, I thought it would feature beach levels with pigs in thongs.

    • KermitTheFrog

      I'd play that.

  • Overzero3

    Alright, i will ignore the fact that 'Rio', the name of the movie, is the short of 'Rio de Janeiro', the name of the city, that should had it full name on the map...
    Not a big fan of Angry Birds, but sure will be nice to see some background based on my city...
    Wonder what they will long as they dont use a favela, like modern warfare! Not something brazillians are actually proud of!

    • TeddyNYC

      Shooting up the favela was one of more memorable moments of MW2 for me.

  • Duffman

    Fucking brazilians poachers, we will got them ahaha!

  • QuébecRage

    1) Angry Birds IS an amazing game. One of the best casual game I have played that is not from PopCap.

    2) People on the internet that used to LOVE the game are NOW basing simply because Rovio is doing major money with merchandise products.

    3) To Rovio: Keep doing what ever brings you money with AB. Do not care about the internet comments and make it happen while you can.

    Excellent work Rovio !!!!

    • Anonymous

      2. No. People are tired of the thing. I think the majority could not care less if this one man company make more money. I don't.

      But releasing the same idea over and over again just show they are not creative but rather got lucky once. Yeti vs pingu again. Probably Angry Birds will be released for the next 10 years with zero fresh ideas.

    • Munch_an_apple_pie

      3) Sounds like you're asking Rovio to do some quick cash grabs.

  • Captain Kremen

    Watching "Total Wipeout" on BBC1 earlier this evening (because my 3 year old son loves it, just to give you an idea of the intellectual level of the programme), pathetic "god, look how trendy and cool I am" Top Gear presenter Randolph Twatter (yeah, I know that's not his real name) paused in the middle of one tedious bit of scripted commentary to fiddle with his iPhone and mutter, "Sorry ... Angry Birds". If that doesn't make you want to stop playing this game, I don't know what will.

  • Anonymous

    That brings it to a total of... 3 paid variants of the game and 23 various apps on many devices.

  • Mike

    OH SNAP! oh no it didn't! you don mess with those birds, they'll bust yo ass!