In late 2008, when App Store gaming was still fairly new, one title that we really liked was RealArcade's Tiki Towers [99¢/Free]. It was a bridge building physics puzzle game that took more than a few cues from World of Goo, but back then World of Goo was not available on iOS and Tiki Towers provided a similar experience that was executed well with cute graphics and clever level designs. Since that time we've seen additional titles in the same vein like Moonlights [$1.99/Lite], Bridge Odyssey [$4.99/Lite], and of course the official port of World of Goo [$4.99] for the iPad.

That hasn't stopped RealArcade from releasing a sequel, however, and more than two years later we now have Tiki Towers 2 [$4.99]. It doesn't stray too far from the formula of the original, and like any good sequel it builds upon its solid gameplay foundation by adding several welcome enhancements. There are 30 brand new levels to tackle in Tiki Towers 2, with a new overworld map system for accessing them. Some levels will have multiple exits which affect what path you take through the overworld.

Each level also tracks how many bamboo sticks you use in making your structure, with a reward for using less than a set amount. This feature was only available in the original after completing the entire game, but is a part of each level right from the beginning here and adds a nice dose of replayability beyond just collecting every banana when completing a level. Tiki Towers 2 also has improved graphics with more detailed environments and Retina Display support, as well as Game Center integration for unlocking 10 achievements.

If you enjoyed the first Tiki Towers, or even any of the previously mentioned similar games, then chances are you will enjoy Tiki Towers 2 as well. It isn't too different from the first game but the few improvements it does have fit into the original gameplay well, and it really is a lot of fun building precarious structures for your little monkeys to cross. One thing to note is that it does come in at a higher price than the original, but includes universal support for the iPad. There's a discussion thread with further impressions in our forums, and Tiki Towers 2 is a solid choice if you're looking for a fun new physics puzzler.

  • Dsjkl

    Great game, but the price is way too steep.

    Bummer also that they apparently didn't change anything visually.

  • majormauser

    So is the iPad going to become the platform - Where developers that have the idea to clone another indie developers work and we all hail it as a new interesting app. I guess I will say it. This is a Clone of World of Goo.... Ipad the Clone machine.

    • KC

      Actually Tiki Towers 1 was already far in production when World of Goo was announced to the public.

      • ratraptor

        + tiki towers 1 (J2ME) was released on before world of goo

  • jmelrose

    The original Tiki Towers came out 2 months after World of Goo did for WiiWare back in 2008.

    I'm pretty sure devs cloning each others' work was around long before the iPad. You may want to look at some games like "Pac-Man" or "Space Invaders" as examples dating back to the 1980's.

    For what it's work, Tiki Towers WAS one of the first to bring this style of gameplay to iOS, and did it well. I'm not sure you're doing anything controversial by saying they are very similiar games... the news post does it as well. I do like that the bananas provide an additional way to add to the challenge, and I've always liked the monkeys don't venture onto the construction until it is completed.

    • Jezz Torrent

      Well, I'll note that World of Goo started out as a freeware, experimental project called Tower of Goo that was released in 2006. So that pre-dates both now. Not that the idea was earthshakingly original, it was a physics-based tower-building game. But it was the charm and polish and intelligence that was put into the PC & WiiWare (wasn't just a Wii game, it came out on PC the same day!) that made World of Goo so fantastic.

      Anyway, I never played the original of Tiki Towers, so I'll probably go pick up the Lite version of that and give it a go.

  • azentropy

    Tiki Towers original was the first game on the iPhone/iPod Touch that hooked me (2 + years ago). My nephew and I both played it pretty much nonstop until we completed all the levels and then again to try and get the gold mask on every level.

    Nice that it is universal, but at $4.99 I'll probably wait for a sale. Amazing how cheap I've become.

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