German developer Crytek, probably best known for its astounding visual work on an otherwise dull FPS called Crysis, is fishing for an iPad and iPhone developer with knowledge of Android development, according to a job posting on Develop Jobs.

The posting doesn’t give much away in terms of what this could be for. The closest thing to game-related that I can find is this little sentence: “Designs and develops complex, integrated iPhone / iPad applications.” And, yeah, I’m reaching here.

I’m guessing three things about this posting: (a) this job is for an app that’ll be used as a supplemental or a marketing tool for Crysis 2, which is slated to hit the Xbox 360, PC, and PS3 later this year OR (b) this is for a brand new game that might use CryENGINE 3, Crytek’s engine that’s being used in multiple upcoming console and PC games this generation OR (c) this is an R&D thing.

Say if this is actually a brand new game using that engine, there’s a good possibility it could be used as a tech demo of sorts. Crytek wants to license out its engine and, I’d imagine as a business, wouldn’t mind getting it into App Store developers’ hands. But this is just speculation -- I could be horribly, terribly wrong, so keep your pants on graphics-philes. For all of our sakes. Thanks in advance!

  • Rasmus Andersson

    "German developer Crytek, probably best known for its astounding visual work on an otherwise dull FPS called Crysis"

    ...wait, that's not right.

    • BRAMSEY89

      I know right? It got a 91 average review from all critics. He's gotta be looking for reactions or something.

  • Anonymous

    IF they does port this on idevices well it will work with only 4gen and next gen devices and I'm sure many people will cry because they have a 2g ipod...

  • Badsey_07

    Are you calling Crysis dull? Are you retarded? Crysis one of the most highly rated PC games ever made and looked upon as one of the best shooters out there. What a stupid comment to make... Its not just the people that fill the forums of this website that are incredibly stupid, its also the guys who do the main articles too... Wow...

    • Halion

      I have to agree. Calling a game like Crysis "dull" just shows arrogance and lack of knowledge. Have you even played it? Sure, it's all a matter of opinions, but here you are a reporter making a general statement that a highly praised game from 2007, that to my knowledge got awarded several "Game of the Year" awards, is "dull". Really, shame on you.

    • Brad Nicholson

      Yes, I'm retarded, but I don't think you and I played the same game. I seem to remember Crysis focusing more on the texture work sea turtles' shells than telling a good story, writing good dialogue or engaging combat.

      • Mark Twain

        I'm done with you. You lost all my respect as a game reporter just now. Bye.

      • EastsideStompers

        You might want to look at the last part of that Paragraph you sighted. I quote:

        "A retrospective review for in June 2010 criticized the game for failing to deliver on its pre-release promise, saying that the art direction was "boring and monotonous," that the nanosuit was underwhelming and that the plot could be summarized as "Rescue these people who look to be being held captive by Koreans. Oh no Aliens!" The review concluded by saying, "Crysis was the epitome of style over substance."

        Face it, opinions differ. No point in getting all up-in-arms about it.

      • PyroDecimo

        The same article also says
        "Upon its release, Crysis was met with overwhelmingly positive reviews. The game was awarded a 98% in the PC Gamer U.S. Holiday 2007 issue, making it one of the highest rated games ever in PC Gamer, tying with Half-Life 2 and Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri.[20] The UK edition of the magazine awarded the game 92%, describing the game as "A spectacular and beautiful sci-fi epic." GameSpot awarded Crysis a score of 9.5 out of 10, describing it as "easily one of the greatest shooters ever made.""

        It's not as if we don't understand that opinions differ. It's just that as a reviewer, calling a game like Crysis dull in this article serves no use other than pissing off fans really.

      • EastsideStompers

        Touché ; )

      • BRAMSEY89

        Brad is a joke troll. Just ignore him.

      • lolol

        focusing more on texture? oh man, you really hate crysis, don't you? crytek has the best A.I., best physics, and best destructible objects that time (way back 2007).. we are not talking about a mediocre game here.. if it has a poor dialogue and combat, it would not be the "game of the year"

        your first paragraph tells how unprofessional you are, 'nuff said..

      • Halion

        Turtles? So you only played the demo I see. Nice way to judge a game, and here I thought you were a game reporter. It seems you have deceived us. Congratulations.

      • lolol

        lol, right on the spot.. i have a story, for instance, i'm a TA article writer and just played mass effect demo.. and then i'll go saying,

        "Developer Bioware, probably best known for its astounding sci-fi work on an otherwise dull TPS called Mass Effect,is aiming for iOS platform."

        i really doubt my comment section would be peaceful either..

      • Thomas

        You're really unbelievable Brad. Are you out of your mind? You obviously haven't played the game.

        Seriously, you're telling us that the game is just a graphics showcase? What is Epic Citadel or Infinity Blade? If you haven't play the game, just admit it. If you have played Crysis, and still think it's no more than a turtle with high res textures, you really should be fired because that makes you the worst reporter EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER.

  • colinpoh

    Good job pissing of the hard core PC gaming fanbase. Crysis was one of the pinnacles of PC gaming. Compared to current BlackOps. Anyway, Crytek has openly stated that developing game technology for the PC wasn't profitable due to piracy [], so here's hoping they see reason to develop an engine for the iOS seeing it's the new gaming frontier. 🙂

  • BruteOutlawz

    Have to agree with that, crysis was spectacular on visuals but that was about it

  • Elwood89

    I have not played the 1st Crysis, only the sequel campaign that came out later, which was supposed to be an improvement. As a game it was very boring and had a generic shooter feel. And with the graphics set to medium for performance, it was looking worse than many older games. So I'm not that excited about this.

  • Bobwocky

    I have not played Crysis and could care less if you thought it was dull, but it's very unprofessional to say so on a news blog. From what I've read on this site, most of the TouchArcade writers are unprofessional and have poor writing skills.

  • Jas

    PCs can now play Crysis fully maxxed out, and it looks jaw dropping stunning even today. Perhaps you can suggest it is dull...perhaps..... but then every iOS FPS is duller in comparison, by a country mile.

  • E_Domina

    imagine crysis 2 on iphone with the cryengine. that would be sweet

  • life_is_pleach

    Would be nice but for the Mac would be nicer.

  • Tcrowns

    Crysis 1 = underwhelming as a game but great as a tech demo. Cryengine 3 on iOS makes sense with id Tech 5 and Unreal engine on already.

    Thanks for posting the article always good to read about potential Apple developments, wonder if this will also work its way to a Mac Cryengine 3?

  • Dude

    1. Crysis is not dull. It is a shooter that has a ton of different options and the story isn't really dull. I thought it was pretty great.
    2. You're thoughts on what it means don't really make any sense. Crysis 2 is coming out WAY too soon to make a game promoting it. Why would it be the CryEngine 3? It's running stuff that many PCs can't run on high quality, so I don't think it would work on an iphone...

    I'm open for them to surprise me, but I don't think this is what's going on.

  • Anonymous

    You're probably the only one who thought Crysis was dull... Then again I seriously doubt you've actually played it...

  • RazJUK

    Brad Nicholson, what a dope you are. Crysis was far from dull. I think you have just destroyed your journalistic respect with a lot of readers there.

  • Eli Hodapp

    I didn't really like Crysis either I'm sorry if this offends anyone. 🙁

    • Birdyrobot

      Haters gonna hate!

    • Halion

      It doesn't offend, since by saying "I didn't like Crysis" you are marking it as your personal opinion. However, in a news post such as this, a professional journalist should keep his own opinions to a minimum and be factual. Saying that a game like Crysis, that has been highly praised since its release, is "dull" is far from being professional.

      • EastsideStompers

        If I may say, I'm not sure you're quite on the TA wave length. What I enjoy about TA is that it's a free spirit. The divide between staff, forum members, and commenters (like me) is, seemingly, very small. People are free to say what they want, including the staff. Thank God for that! Or would you rather read generic posts that just spout out, parrot fashion, what the majority think, just to keep the peace? Not me.

      • Halion

        If you read an article in a newspaper about a war going on, do you want to hear the facts or do you want to hear opinions about the war reflected from the journalists eyes, tweaking the facts to support the story?

        I'm not saying individualism is bad, because it isn't. If you state that an apple tastes bad, you should say that you think it tastes bad, and not that it is the general thought that apples taste bad.

      • EastsideStompers

        Except we're not talking about war are we, we're talking about games; ) If gaming is as serious as war to you, I'd say you need to take a bite of a reality sandwich sometime fairly soon.

      • Halion

        It was a mere example, that you clearly failed to understand.

        Read the thing about the apple again; do you want a journalist to feed you what you should think, or do you think he should present the facts, his own opinions, and then let you decide for yourself what you think? Hm?

      • Halion

        And I used the example of an article about war because (sadly) that's something that journalists for newspapers all over the world have to write about. Real journalists for real newspapers, that are respected and taken seriously.

        So, if the people here at TA wants to be taken seriously (or more seriously) amongst educated and smart people, may I suggest that the professionalism bar is raised a tad notch?

        What the gaming community needs is not some 20-year old wanna-be journalists leading the thought-process. If the business is to evolve we need to increase our level of seriousness, and present the market as the art it actually is.

      • EastsideStompers

        no, sorry, I still think you need that sandwich; )

      • Dante

        I think you need to grow the hell up. It's a videogame site. These people are not journalists, they are bloggers. They give opinions, often. You need to realize what this site offers and stop expecting other things.

      • Halion

        So it's bad to evolve and become better?

      • ImNoSuperMan

        educated and smart?

        Incapable of realizing that the whole world doesnt share the same opinion, thinking those who have different opinion than your own are idiots and arent even allowed to share their opinion.

        Is that how educated and smart people think? Does that mean I'm illiterate and dumb? 🙁

      • Halion

        Adding opinions to factual news is not considered good journalism.

      • Eli Hodapp

        The difference is this is a blog, not a newspaper.

      • Halion

        Never said it was, I merely pointed out that a good journalist separates personal opinions from factual news, may it be for a blog like this or a newspaper.

      • Eli Hodapp

        We're "bloggers", not "journalists". This is an opinion-driven web site. We post what we think is cool, whether that be review or news related. If you want no bias opinion-free news, check out Fox News or whatever news source you think is credible... Not an iPhone gaming blog.

      • Halion

        So you are all against improving this "blog" and making it better (as in, more professional)?

      • Brad Nicholson

        "Hi, I'm going to argue in circles until no-one cares about my point!"

        On a more serious note, this post is about video games on a video games blog that has content about video games. Calm down. I called a game that I still think is style over substance tech demo "dull." The world continues to function. People are still going to work. Aliens haven't popped out volcanos and buried our civilization.

        Also, I have an opinion. I am not a robot, despite my wishes to become an Asartes with bionic eyes.

      • Halion

        I am calm, I'm still curious how you feel regarding potential improvements to this site and the posts on it. You seem to be far from interested in persuading a more professional level (and generally that means more respect within the community; both from gamers and from other critics). I'm just confused why this is, since it makes no sense to me not to want to evolve into something better? Or is it just your pride preventing you from realizing that there is actually something to what I am saying? Because then -newsflash- sometimes you can be wrong and that is a part of evolving.

      • ImNoSuperMan

        Ever considered that your opinion (both about the game and ways to improve this blog) could be wrong too? Or is it your pride preventing you from realizing this simple possibility?

      • Halion

        Are you serious? Did you even finish school?

      • Brad Nicholson

        You might want to "evolve" your attitude if you think that's the right way to talk to people.

      • Halion

        Space.. so.. tight.. can't.. write.. proper.. comment.. can't.. resist.. trolling.. site.. poorly.. made.. arghh..

      • Halion

        How's that? Have I devolved my attitude to your level now?

      • ImNoSuperMan

        "can't.. resist.. trolling.. "

        Its not too hard. Give it a try and you might do it. Someday.

    • Halion

      "Never in my wildest dreams would I ever have suspected there are still rabid Crysis fanboys in our midst, good gravy."

      Really? So you mean that when a good game surpasses a three year limit it becomes unessential to discuss? How about Zelda then? Doom? Mario Bros? Any good game over the past 20 years with an average critics score above 9.0? Any game that has technically greatly impressed and improved how both gamers and critics view games in the future?

      Oh, and fyi, I'm not a Crysis fanboy, but a gamer fanboy.

  • cmader

    I'm not at all surprised by the amount of butthurt comments from the PC gamer elitists. Face it, the only thing Crysis did that was impressive was look good... if you had a good enough rig that is. It was otherwise a fairly typical FPS. Bad? Certainly not. There are far more enjoyable games out there though. Fancy graphics and realistic physics don't automatically make for a great game.

    • Halion

      Most FPS, even the really spectacular ones, are dull on Easy difficulty. Just to add an example, Halo, a highly praised game for the xbox franchise, becomes ridiculously boring for any serious gamer on easy difficulty. I suggest you ramp up Crysis to Hard or Insane and you will be faced with the real challenge of mastering the Nano-suit to overcome your enemies. The implementation of the nano-suit and its functions really added variety to the game, together with on-the-go customizable weapons and incredible AI. The story, while far from original, was clear, detailed and very engaging with good voice acting and plot-twists.

      If you don't like FPS-games, so be it. But if you don't realize what Crysis actually did for the genre you are extremely impotent and should be the one getting the "dull" stamp.

    • Halion

      Also, you fail to understand that you are comparing a game that is more than 3 years old with games that are coming out today. Crysis was the first game to use physics of that magnitude (we are talking destructible buildings, particle and volumetric effects, etc), AI with a never before seen level of sophistication and graphics that yet today stand out as brilliant. Sure, it required a very high-end computer to run, but you can't bash a game for that. You don't call a game like Red Dead Redemption dull just because your iPad can't run it, do you?

  • killer006

    Hes just sad he could not play Crysis on his Mac.

  • Bobwocky

    You done goofed.

  • Ben

    "But this is just speculation — I could be horribly, terribly wrong, so keep your pants on graphics-philes. For all of our sakes. Thanks in advance!"

    This is how you write an article?

  • Flyingsaucers

    Crysis was one of the best shooters of all time. Reporter obviously only played the demo; "sea turtle" comment is a dead giveaway. The Nano-suit gives Crysis a depth of gameplay that can't be found in modern shooters. Speaking as an FPS veteran who has over a hundred hours logged into Crysis and Warhead, I can assure you that the game is only as dull as the player. Load it up again, Brad. Play around with the myriad of abilities the Nano-suit affords, and attempt each encounter 2 or 3 different ways. Then you will realize the greatness of Crysis.

  • Alan Smithee

    Wow. One careless adjective, and bang goes the Pulitzer.

    We see Brad, naked, sitting under his kitchen table, surrounded by empty bottles of Jack Daniels. He is weeping quietly.

    From off-camera we hear a beep, and then the furious voice of TouchArcade Editorial Director ARNOLD KIM—he is leaving a message on Brad's answering machine.


    • ImNoSuperMan


  • Baka TA

    Fk you. Crysis was not "Dull". Just cuz you suck at FPS doesn't mean you should s#!t on a great game likie Crysis.
    Looking forward to what they have in store for the future.

    • Brad Nicholson

      I look forward to what the Crysis devs have in store for us too! Can't wait to get my hands on "Crysis 2."

  • Alan Smithee


  • I <3 TEH

    Brad, don't let these jackasses get you down. Crysis was dull. These dullards are too mystified by their 60 FPS on ULTRA settings to realize that Crysis as a game sucked.

  • Gabriel


  • Damatha Studios

    Looks like mixing opinion and news in -maybe- the most important iOS related webpage was a bad idea.

    btw, I think Crysis rocks. n1.

  • thomas

    The fact that you call Crysis dull (you probably haven't even played it, must be because your Mac is too slow), explains why you're thinking that there might be a Cryengine for iOS. You obviously don't posess any knowledge about these kind of things.

    Do you think a device with a slow processor (a mobile 1Ghz CPU doesn't come near an old 1Ghz intel pentium), no dedicated graphics, no memory to buffer framerates, will be able to run a Cryengine 3 game?


    Oh and first play Crysis, one of the best rated shooters ever, before saying it's dull. Crysis certainly is one of the most innovative, expansive and fun shooters I've eber played.

    • ImNoSuperMan

      Unreal and rage engines are already optimized for Mobile devices.

      Do you think crytek cant make a mobile optimized version of their engine?


      Oh and first play iDevice games and see for yourself what they are capable of now before dismissing them completely.

      • Thomas

        Yes I am sure about that. Ever compared Unreal 3 to Cryengine 2? I am quite sure you don't have any knowledge about this kind of things too.

        The physics in Crysis are unbelievable realistic, almost everything in the game, is animated and affected by gravity. This requires a lot of processing power, the iPhone 4 probably doesn't have enough power to calculate just the physics.

        Ever looked at the ammount of detail of the objects in Crysis? Compared to, for example, Gears of War 2 (unreal engine), Crysis has about 10 times as much objects on screen, countless trees, flowers and other plants. Also, these objects are MUCH more detailed than on the unreal engine.

        If you remove all this beauty, maybe it could be ported to iOS, but then it wouldn't look better than the Unreal Engine, so why not just use the Unreal Engine?

  • San D

    I would say, please keep the opinions for reviews. 😛

  • Nomad

    Did someone say "dull"?

    *Maximum Strength*

  • ZZtop

    DULL ?!?! are you serious ???
    I didn't enjoy Crysis that much but calling it dull is - sorry for the term - retarded.

  • Bali12341

    omg u are all acting like pussys bitchin around...

  • LBG

    lol, 56 comments and I only counted 3 comments which are about the actual article, the rest are about Brad calling it dull.

    I realise it's his opinion, but wouldn't it just be easier to keep opinions out of the articles unless they are nessecary (like in a review). That way there'd be less people pissed off, less people arguing, and more discussion about the article itself.

  • Alan Smithee

    Seriously—are all these comments from actual, real-live Crysis fans, or is someone playing some kind of surreal prank? Coz I feel like I've wandered into an episode of Father Ted, or something. Where are all these pompous, blustering FPS gamers coming from? Are they breeding?

    Haha, I swear, Doc, haha, if I read just one more prissy, self-important piece of offered "advice" hahaha about how TouchArcade blog posts would be hoho so much better, heeheehee, if only they didn't aha include any aha unpleasant opinion a-hee-hee-heeeeeeee...


  • The Bat Outta Hell

    Crysis? Dull? Huh?

  • The Bat Outta Hell

    If Crysis is a dull tech-demo, then what is Infinity Blade? A "must buy fantastic game" if I recall the review correctly.

    • Halion

      That is a marvelous point right there and a clear sign of that TA only consists of (at least to a majority) amateurs.

      And I also greatly appreciate (and I'm sure others agree) how you meet this "discussion" with bashing us readers (a.k.a hardcore elitists PC-fps/Crysis fanboys) on your twitter accounts. Clearly, you are the supreme beings here and your level of professionalism is just astronomical.

      • The Bat Outta Hell

        I usually just read the headlines for the most basic forms of news, but made the mistake of reading an entire sentence here D=

  • lolol
    • Halion

      But TA displays individualism and just want to point out what their individual point of view is! When it comes to news, that is what a good journalist does, right? Being subjective and all, and mixing the news with standpoints and opinions, drawing attention away from (or even completely leaving out) what is factual and putting a personal touch on it.

      /end sarcasm

      • lolol

        oh, individual point of view it is.. "German developer Crytek, probably best known for its astounding visual work on an otherwise dull FPS called Crysis".. this line is so general, there is no "I" or "me" in there.. i'll accept the dull thing if he could have at least said, "meh, for ME it's a dull FPS"..

      • Haha!

        Sure, but it would still be written badly.

      • Alan Smithee

        FYI, in grown-up newspapers and mags, the use of such qualifications as "for me", "in my opinion", "it is my personal belief that", etc. is universally frowned upon. Prose which contains these phrases is considered to be weak and—yes!—unprofessional. You don't believe me, check out any random style guide. 🙂

      • Halion

        That is because personal opinions are "frowned upon". Nobody [intelligent; that can make up their own mind] cares about what the journalist thinks, they just want the facts; the news (this is regarding news articles only, because when we go into reviews and discussion the personal and general opinions are more relevant).

        Thus, the opinion that Crysis is "dull" shouldn't have been included in this news post if TA was a serious institution. But, since it's just a blog with average writers it doesn't need to I guess; they can do whatever they want, even use Capitalized Words In Every Single Headline Unless they Feel that That Word Doesn't Deserve it.

        I do however greatly enjoy the way they meet criticism.

      • Alan Smithee

        "That is because..."


        Tell you what, why not go check out an actual style guide, and ponder the mysteries within.




        Special Scary Bonus—only if you order within 24 hours—




      • Halion

        How about you actually go to a university instead of reading "style guides" on the internet. Real journalism is not something you learn and know after reading 3 pages worth of "style guides", but takes years of dedication and education.

        Also, factual news should never contain opinions in the same sense that scientific research should, because opinions effect the end result making it less factual. But if you want to stick to your internet "style guides" and your paper copy of the Da Vincy Code I won't stop you. After all, judging by the way you actually write I'm assuming you haven't even finished pre-school.

      • Alan Smithee

        Fade in on: the ghosts of L. RON HUBBARD and ORSON WELLES, sitting in front of a computer, the monitor's ectoplasmic glow making the two look even more spectral than usual. On screen is the comment thread for an article on a gaming website. L. RON HUBBARD has a puzzled frown on his face.

        LRH: It's odd. This "Halion" fellow…
        OW: Hmmm?
        LRH: He's presenting himself as an authority on journalism, but...
        OW: …But?
        LRH: I can't be reading this right. He doesn't seem to know what a style guide is.
        OW: Ha! Yes, that is a little odd, isn't it?
        LRH: I mean, anyone who's ever done any kind of work for a… a newspaper, or a magazine… They'd at least be familiar with the phrase, wouldn't they?
        OW: Mmm, yes.
        LRH : But this fellow seems to think it's some kind of internet thing? I don't understand… it's as if…
        OW: As if…?
        LRH: Why, it's almost as if…
        OW? …Yes?
        OW (groaning): Oh, no.
        OW: Oh, dear God… here we go…
        LRH: Sound the alarm! A-OOOGA! A-OOOGA!! Let's get to work, old pal!
        OW: L. Ron…
        LRH: THETANS ASSEMBLE!!! Dum-dum-de-DUMM! DUMM-dum-de-DUMM!! Du-DUMM!!
        OW: L. Ron…
        LRH: Bombs away!! Unleash the E-Meters!! Show those sons of Xenu NO MERCY! DUMM-DUMM-DE-DUMM!! DUMMMM!!!
        OW: L. Ron, you're dead.
        LRH: DUM-DUM-DE-- de-- …what?
        OW: You're dead, L. Ron.
        LRH: …
        OW: I'm sorry, L. Ron. I'm sorry. But there it is.
        LRH: Uh… no, I mean… yes, yes, you're quite right. Uh, don't know what happened there, Orson, I do apologize.
        OW: Quite alright, old chap. ...Say, um, why don't we finish with this comment thread, and look at something else now?
        LRH: Ooh, yes! Can we watch that youtube video with the sneezing kitten again?
        OW (sighing): Yes, L. Ron, I suppose we can. I suppose we can.

        Fade to black.

  • Halion

    How about you actually go to a university instead of reading "style guides" on the internet. Real journalism is not something you learn and know after reading 3 pages worth of "style guides", but takes years of dedication and education.

    Also, factual news should never contain opinions in the same sense that scientific research should, because opinions effect the end result making it less factual. But if you want to stick to your internet "style guides" and your paper copy of the Da Vincy Code I won't stop you. After all, judging by the way you actually write I'm assuming you haven't even finished pre-school.

    • ImNoSuperMan

      let me remind you for the fourth time already, this is not a newspaper. Its just a gaming blog. Do they only teach you to write 'professionally' in universities now? Go back and ask them to teach you how to read too. How many times does a same point need to be spoken out aloud to make you understand it?

      And comparing gaming blog news to war reports and scientific research? What are you even thinking man. Get real. For your own sake.

      Its gaming. Compare it to anything even remotely close to entertainment maybe but war and science? lmao. You dont have even the slightest idea about how wrong you are here do you?

      • Halion

        I am getting real, and I'm also getting aggravated with people like you, who for some reason think of the gaming industry as an below-average media type. Why can't it be as socially acceptable as watching a movie, or going to an art gallery? It's because of the belief that within the gaming industry average is good, and poor is acceptable. Why can't we, the community, strive to achieve something more and evolve? Why not be as exact and thorough as scientific research or real "newspaper news"? Why settle for decent when we can strive to achieve more?

      • ImNoSuperMan

        Oh my, you have more issues than I could ever imagine.

        Ahem, scratch that. I admit. I was stupid and had no idea what I was talking about. I finally understood how right you are and realized that toucharcade is doomed unless they start leaving out their opinion.... from an opinion based blog!!!

        Thanks for opening my eyes Halion!! But I dont think these thick TA writers will understand you anytime soon. But they will eventually. They HAVE to. So dont give up my friend. Keep on trying as long as you can. Continue your quest to improve the world, starting with.... erm... gaming blogs 🙂

        Yes You CAN !!!