‘World of Goo’ for iPad on Sale for $4.99

We fell in love with World of Goo the first time we loaded it up on our iPads. We incessantly gushed over the game in our review which eventually lead to naming World of Goo our 2010 iPad game of the year. If you haven’t heard of the game, we explain the basic premise in our review:

At first, World of Goo is about manufacturing bridges and towers with the stretched tissue of little balls of goo. The point is to provide a path that other goo balls can follow into a metal pipe, the end point. Physics play a key role in this process: you’ll need to build sound structures, which sounds easier than it is. Goo isn’t concrete.

Each level requires a set number of goo balls to reach the pipe, and each goo ball you use for a structure counts against the total provided. This constant negotiation of goo resources is pleasing because it forces you to think around the obvious solution, which is often one of brute building.

World of Goo is an absolutely fantastic game, and was worth every penny of its original $9.99 price point. At its temporary sale price of $4.99, this is a no-brainer and without a doubt a must-have game for anyone with an iPad. If you need additional convincing, stop by the thread in our forums.