Friend of TouchArcade and IGN Wireless writer Levi Buchanan recently published an awesome interview with Gameloft CEO Michel Guillemot. Chances are that you’ve already seen a couple of the quotes floating around on the Internet, as they're irresistible to bloggers. Guillemot, surprisingly, doesn’t address topics of conversation with the usual stoneface, marketing-conjured replies we’ve become accustomed to when listening to corporate types.

Here are some notables from the convo and I think you'll get what I mean as you pour through:

  • On the subject of Gameloft ripping off games on other platforms and then spitting out its own version on the App Store, Guillemot said, “The video game industry has always played around a limited number of themes. There is maybe one new idea a year.” He also re-iterated that Gameloft simply recreates games that handheld gamers simply would never see without the developer.
  • On the subject of the recent rash 99 cent sales and specifically EA’s house-clearing one that drove tons of its apps to the top of the charts, Guillemot argued that the move was damaging. "There is a high uncertainty for the future anytime somebody can steal the market at Christmas," he said, adding that sales similar to EA’s hurts indies and activates that “race to the bottom” we hear so much about.
  • And on the subject of distribution, Guillemot talked briefly about Gameloft’s plans to put their apps on TVs. "Playing on a TV without a box is weird today, not in ten years,” he said. Gameloft is in a unique position to actually put its games on whatever, and it's certainly clawing to do that.

Check out the full interview for your needed dose of context -- it’s pretty important, especially in regards to the Gameloft copycatting issue that always seems to raise the collective gamer choler. You’re not angry right now, right? Please calm down!

[via IGN Wireless]

  • Anonymous

    I'm starting to dislike Gameloft even more. There's "finite themes", and there's DIRECTLY copying Nathan Drake, the setting, and Uncharted 2's gameplay. It's one thing to have a snarky Indiana Jones-like protagonist, and it's another to make a third person action game set in a lot of the same exact locations as Uncharted. It's pretty low.

    Then, the whole complaining about EA finally making a smart business move, in not only releasing original, quality games to the app store, but discounting them heavily is just whining. Instead of complaining about EA, how about simply saying something like "Gameloft offers higher quality experiences from a smaller development team: you can't beat our game's value price wise".

    • Mimic189

      Who cares if you dislike them. You are totally irrelevant, believe me.

      • Jenkum

        Having an opinion and expressing it in a comments section is irrelevant?

        If it is YOU who doesn't care about opinions regarding the above post? then it is you who should not be here and it is YOUR comment that is irrelevant! this is not an opinion but it is fact.

        I'm afraid you FAIL sir!

      • Anonymous

        Who cares if you don't care that I don't like them? What's the point of a comment section if we can't comment?

    • Anonymous

      I say you're missing the point, and Gameloft should carry on. It would be different if Uncharted was on the appstore. Is it? No. Guiilemot is right, Gameloft IS the only reason we have an uncharted-alike or a Halo-alike or a Resident Evil-alike that doesnt suck. 🙂 With the exception of EA no big publishers seem to bother, remember Bobby Koticks comments on the appstore?

      And EA's 'smart business decision, Not so smart. I feel burned by EA, the latest issue being the release of Sim City HD and the subsequent 'top of the charts' price drop 2 days later. Will I ever buy a game from EA at anything more than 59p again? Nope. Can't think that will be hurting them in the future as I know I'm not the only one who feels that way.

      • Adudecommentingonthings

        But there is resident evil and final fantasy on the app store, why do they copy that, Hmm...?

      • FastOne

        Maybe because they can do them better? Gameloft's version of Resident Evil controls better at least.

  • Tonkyflaps

    Gameloft make money and not games.

  • Art Vandelay

    Look for Gameloft's latest release, "Wonderful Giuseppe Siblings."

    • Guypussy

      I would play that.

      "The daughter of the sovereign is in another fortified building."

    • FastOne

      Haters gonna hate.

  • Phil Baxter

    This guy is really hasn't got a leg to stand on. Gameloft aren't just inspired by other games, they steal them. Look at the African level of their Resident Evil 5 clone for example. It's so close to Capcom's work I'm amazed they weren't sued for it. The only difference is, Capcom's original was put together by a talented team.

    Hopefully 2011 will be the year when iOS gets all the big franchises in full portable versions for real, and so forces Gameloft to either grow a functioning imagination, or go under.

    • Salsamd

      If wishing only made it so...

    • LBG

      Well if Capcom actually got their ass in gear and made a decent Resident Evil game for iOS, then maybe we wouldn't have to rely on Gameloft so much. I enjoyed Zombie Infection more than RE: Degeneration or RE4.

      • Vovin

        You're right, I agree absolutely.

      • Phil Baxter

        I agree Capcom's iOS efforts have been pathetic to date, but that doesn't mean I want to support a developer which makes their living stealing other people's IP. It's akin to not being able to afford an iPod, so buying a knock off Chinese clone instead. It may look superficially similar, but under the surface it's total garbage.

        Eventually Capcom will 'get' iOS gaming and deliver the goods. Until then I'll support the likes of Epic, Cave, id Software, Taito, and Firemint.

      • Anonymous

        and yet Capcom totally ripped off Twisted Pixel's 'Splosion Man wth MaXplosion. Just goes to show that the Gameloft model is taking off.

    • FastOne

      Everything we do is built upon the shoulders of others. Gameloft is doing nothing illegal, and in many ways is improving upon the source material. Competition is a good thing. It just raises the bar that much higher when those other companies decide to join the fray.

  • Alexander Truong

    I do dislike how they designs are so unoriginal but he does have a point. If they didn't make Shadow Guardian, Naughty Dog wouldn't go "Hey let's make Uncharted for iOS." Same thing with Halo and NOVA. But with Final Fantasy and the GameLoft one, that case is different.

    • Whyt Wintrale

      There's a reason for that. If Naughty Dog wanted to make an Uncharted game for the iPhone, they'd make sure it was worthy of being called an Uncharted game. But sadly, the iPhone is only good for indie games like Angry Birds and small projects like Infinity Blade - games with large budgets will never fit on that touch-sensitive screen.

  • Charles Albert

    WARNING: this post/thread wiill be filled with useless discussions/flamewars in 3...2...1...

  • Spronky77

    So hang on - Gameloft have never had a 99c sale?

    • GunBlade1190

      They have. But the point that Gameloft has, and it's a truth too is that they never flooded the top apps chart before. They usually only did a few apps for $.99 at a time. But EA completely flooded the app store with their sale and pushed almost every other big release by GL and all of the indie devs so far down. An example of this is Hook Worlds. didn't make nearly enough money for the support it probably would have gotten if it did... And yes, GL did put a ton of their apps on sale for $.99 for christmas too, but that was only to try to not get pushed down so far as just about every indie dev was...

      • Anonymous

        It was a genius business move by EA; have a giant sale on games that may not be selling well and in turn get their needed sales boost. EA puts massive amounts of money into their development of ORIGINAL titles (not ones that are ripped off of other games) so they can be ported to iOS the right way. By EA putting their games on sale it allows me to buy the real copies of all of the games GL ripped off of (Real Soccer, NFL games, ...).

        The EA drop also helped filter out all of the crap games from the top 100. I expect that list to be full of quality apps and from what we see from day to day, it's not.

        If a game is truly good, it will survive.

        Oh, and GL is definitely not an indie developer. They pump games out like no other!

  • dream

    I'm curious about how Gameloft would react if other developers started cloning Ubisoft properties. Medieval Killer's Belief, maybe? Fracture Club: Devotion?

  • Joel

    Who cares, there are some Gameloft games that I love. I don't really care who rips off what as long as they deliver good content to me at a decent price. The game companies can has out the rest because I'm a GAMER.

  • MoHeyNow

    Gameloft killed my baby...

    • Dennymoofoo

      Gameloft got me onto hard drugs and now my life is ruined

    • Sillybeen

      Maybe they can clone you a new baby

  • Nicolas Grignon

    Fact is big game companies want MONEY first and they don't want to sell it at apple prices... But with retina and Ipad & Iphone/ipod 4G, Apple is way ahead of PSP and Nintendo DS graphic quality, so then the ball is in their side to get FINALLY on the boat but in the meantime, I'm happy that Gameloft proposes look-alike big games when they are of quality...

    • Phil Baxter

      They won't be ahead for long. PSP 2 is, so the rumours go, as powerful as a PS3.

      • Unknown

        Moreso the fact that the 3DS seems like it'll deliver a gaming experience like none other (and one that can't be done on the iPhone). The iPhone can be upgraded to a point where it could show PS3-like graphics but 3D? Without glasses? I doubt it. I was starting to think I'd never get another handheld system after all these great iPhone games have been coming out but Nintendo is starting to make me have second thoughts.

      • Phil Baxter

        There are already Android phones in Korea with 3D screens. The tech was created by Sharp I believe, and is available to anyone who wishes to use it. There's no reason why Apple couldn't be part of that club.

  • Anonymous

    I don't see the big deal. If you're a fan of game that's exclusive to PS3, 360 or one of the handhelds, then why not Gameloft bring something close enough or "clone-ish" to the IOS platform? If that's mainly what they do and decided to listen to their haters instead, guess what the results would be? Nothing. Yes, we love those .99 original concepts, but some people may want to play a game that's Halo or Uncharted-LIKE Think of it this way, if you hate GameLoft and told them to go away - then games like Hero of Sparta 2 and Dungeon Hunter 2 would be gone with them. I don't see the point in complaining. If you're mad because they remade a game for the ios that's just like another game, then here's a simple solution. DON'T BUY IT

    Now, if GameLoft is reading this: Please bring something like Little Big Planet to the IOS devices!! It's the perfect platform for construction games!

  • Anonymous

    Rather than adopting that defeatist, trash eating attitude of "a limited number of themes" how about people just come up some actual ideas? But then again I forget the entire world has been completely highjacked by fucking bean counters and we're on the way to a future where we basically have no art, only advertising.

  • Stormchild

    Dude looks like he chases parked cars.

    • Dennymoofoo

      grow up

    • Cat Astrophy

      I agree, he looks absolutely bat-shit insane.

  • TheLastPixelArtist

    Gameloft's a very clever company. They have the money to spend and they have the talent to make the most of it - why waste time inventing new types of food, when you already know what people want to eat.

    You have to remember where they came from, doing J2ME and Brew games five years ago, there was very little incentive for creating original titles - everything was about licensed brands. They've honed their skills and love em or hate em, you can't deny that they really know how to polish a turd.

    • Phil Baxter

      So you must agree with knock off Gucci bags and rolexes? Just because you can't have the real thing doesn't mean you can support those who make pirate copies.

  • guest

    f**k gameloft and their clone game, stinky retarded copies, they are as stupid as their games are and all they will burn in hell for lack of creativity )))

  • Sfksklf

    meh whats the big deal id love to play halo on the iphone so i got nova, sure it would be better is bungie made somthing like halo-i but the havent so nova it is

    big fkin deal id rather play rip off then not play em at all and the ripoffs arnt half bad, if they were bad rip off it would be different but they are fun so np, chill.