After watching this video, you will know just as much as we do regarding Gameloft's latest title. It is a cool video though, so if you've got 44 seconds to spare, be sure to mash the play button below:

Some educated guesses we can make on this: There's no doubt that Gameloft's schtick is cloning games, this clearly is a fantasy-based game, but without any real gameplay shown it's hard to say what type of fantasy-based game this will be. It looks like a third person action oriented RPG judging by what we can see, and I'm thinking the App Store badly needs something similar to a Zelda game. People on our forums agree.

I'm not going to lie, I'd totally play Gameloft's take on Zelda like nobody's business. We're going to be following this one closely.

  • Mike

    These guys are sharp. Always impressive stuff coming from Gameloft.

  • Theunis

    Is this perhaps Gamelofts take on Kingdom hearts ? The darkness etc well I hope so or if its a Zelda clone count me in - but with the new KH3 coming soon to consoles , I honestly believe its a Kingdom hearts style game

    • Noah

      They use the word Legend at the end. It's sure to be a Legend of Zelda clone.

      • Michael A. Robson

        Not just that, they already did a FF clone, this is the 'other' kind of game.

    • socalartist

      I think it's Gameloft saying to Aralon: Sword and Shadow...Here's how you do it!!

      • Gaffman

        Maybe they can dress up something to look a little fancier than Aralon but i don't expect them to best it in terms of scope. Hope to be proven wrong.

  • Dragu

    well, there's allready a game that has the 'old' zelda graphics (GameBoy Game Graphic), if u want something like this, u should try graal online classic...

  • Consumerichard

    Some parts of it looks like it was ripped from WoW. Like the zeppelin. Looks like a turd to me. I'm sure Gameloft will polish it that turd very well though.

    • Michael A. Robson

      Polished via N64 graphics. Okay... let's see it.

  • iJayCee

    Looks like a Zelda clone to me, count me in. The flying ship gives ode to classic Final Fantasy games as well. Another mash up like Shadow Guardian? Hopefully its polished all the way around.

  • Q2

    Yep - Zelda clone: brilliant. Deku TRee, fairies, horse-riding - all straight out of Ocarina of Time. I really enjoy Gamelofts 'tributes', so I@m looking forward to this!

    • ttttt

      exactly what i thought

  • EastsideStompers

    Has it got something to do with 'Doodle'??

    • Matthew

      I just LOLed.

      • EastsideStompers

        ; )

  • Anonymous

    Aw I was hoping for a top down SNES clone 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Heh, same here.

  • John Dickerson

    Someone needs to make a 'Black and White" app.

  • Alfred Reinold Baudisch

    REALLY looking forward for this, since as the post states: there isn't a Zelda like game on the AppStore yet.

    • Michael A. Robson

      What about all those Korean cell phone games... they're all trying to copy Zelda (snes)... We don't have a 3d Zelda perhaps...

      • Jobe

        I haven't found a Korean app like Zelda yet. The action and fighting is like battling a wall in Zenonia. And I want puzzles to get cool items, not grinding.

      • Alfred Reinold Baudisch

        Actually there is Across Age which is like Zelda 3. But nothing like Ocarina of time yet.

  • Rogermichelle99

    I see why some are thinking a Zelda clone, but the first time I saw it the game that came to my mind was Fable. Just saying...

    • wpxbla

      I was getting fable too, though I honestly much prefer the style of the Zelda games (unlock item, get new skills, revisit areas to unlock secrets with new found skills, etc..)

      You can see the controls at around 34 seconds or so, shows a dpad with a sword button and a shield button - though I supposed there could be a third button for special items that appears once one has been collected.

      If it's a Zelda clone count me in.

    • Anonymous

      Funny... first thought I had was Twilight Princess. The light.. the horse... the bridge... It just felt like TP.

  • Sesquipedal

    It looks like Wow. Like, all of it. Except for maybe the blue face in the tree. Though, I am sure it will exist. I'll play a WoW clone as long the game actually ends 🙂

    • EastsideStompers

      That crossed my mind too. I've been enjoying Aralon for its WoWiness (is that a word?!). Anyway, anything Wowy without having to actually get lost in the real thing is all right by me: )

  • Anonymous

    Me, I'd rather see a StarCraft clone for iPad. How about it Gameloft? Blizzard is just leaving money on the table.

    • Llmendelsohn

      Starfront Collision bro, thats gamelofts starcraft clone, itll come out this month

    • Gaffman

      Agreed. There is a serious lack of quality RTS games for an obviously capable touch screen based hardware.

  • EastsideStompers
  • Andiron

    After getting burned on Eternal Legacy I'm going to be VERY wary of whatever this turns out to be. Never again will I buy any Gameloft game without waiting at least a month or so to let others figure out if its a stinker or not...

  • Achy

    No one thought of Fable when they saw that? I'm willing to bet money it's a Fable clone.

  • Michael A. Robson

    @That's pretty funny, cuz I just beat their FinalFantasy ripoff, and this is their Zelda ripoff? Is it possible to love and hate Gameloft at the same time. This must be what it's like to be a Microsoft fanboy.

  • Taylor Calderone

    Wow, that's 3 stories in a row now about copycat/ripoff games >.>

  • Mobile Gamer BR

    Dear God, Zelda never make in your mind. I think the editor never played any Zelda game.

    Lets see:

    Talking tree: ok
    Mistery Sword and Shield: ok
    Element Dungeon: ok

    Ocarina of time clone, checkmate

  • Bedroxx96

    How about a minecraft clone next?

    • Munch_an_apple_pie

      What about Eden?

  • Anonymous

    Gameloft's next game should be called "Clone Complainers". The icon is basically a black square.... you select it, and a black screen comes up. That's it. The built in mic would sense the words "WTF IS THIS??" - not realizing - it's a clone of nothing..

  • freedog

    This is a Zelda style game and clone, the trailer is even similar to an old Ocarina of Time commercial from the 90's I remember.

  • Cat Astrophy

    Across Age for iPhone is the Zelda game

  • Jesse

    its WOW clone hence the zeppelin..

  • Mangopulp

    normally I don't care about where gameloft gets there inspiration, but if something like this were essentially marketed as a zelda-clone, I'm not sure I'd be down with that (assuming it is a zelda clone). Nintendo doesn't cook up a lot of new franchises nowadays, but there's an a certain appeal to the ones they have, especially zelda. And damn it, if gameloft makes a so-so zelda rip-off, they shouldn't be able to even imply that the two are similar.

  • Mangopulp

    damn, used 'there' instead of 'their'...

  • armis

    News release: Gameloft's next mysterious fantasy game to be called "Myth of Delza." Gaming world puzzling over what kind of game it might be.

  • poutini

    Looks like a cross between Zelda and Skies of Arcadia. I'm in.

  • TheEvilNoob

    Finally a zelda knockoff.... it's about time....

  • TheEvilNoob

    Finally a zelda knockoff.... it's about time....

  • Russel Johnson

    DUUUH of course its a zelda clone lmao. Trailer so obvious.