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Gameloft Reveals Mysterious Fantasy Game

After watching this video, you will know just as much as we do regarding Gameloft’s latest title. It is a cool video though, so if you’ve got 44 seconds to spare, be sure to mash the play button below:

Some educated guesses we can make on this: There’s no doubt that Gameloft’s schtick is cloning games, this clearly is a fantasy-based game, but without any real gameplay shown it’s hard to say what type of fantasy-based game this will be. It looks like a third person action oriented RPG judging by what we can see, and I’m thinking the App Store badly needs something similar to a Zelda game. People on our forums agree.

I’m not going to lie, I’d totally play Gameloft’s take on Zelda like nobody’s business. We’re going to be following this one closely.