After what seems like years of rumors on the subject, Apple and Verizon announced a new CDMA Verizon-compatible iPhone today. This new version of the iPhone seems to be identical both in storage capacity and price, with some minor modifications made to the antenna to support Verizon's CDMA network.

Verizon will begin taking preorders for the iPhone 4 on February 3rd, and they're expecting to have them available on February 10th. Just like its AT&T counterpart, the Verizon iPhone will sell for $199.99 for the 16GB version and $299.99 for the 32GB version. Both require a two year contract.

Currently, aside from CDMA Verizon connectivity, the Verizon iPhone also comes packed with functionality similar to a MiFi or other 3G hotspot device. Up to 5 devices will be able to share its 3G connection. Something to keep in mind, because this is a CDMA device, it is limited to using only voice or data at once. Placing a phone call will suspend data transfer. Of course there's no word yet regarding whether or not AT&T will match this functionality, but as someone who carries around a MiFi everywhere I go, I certainly hope so.

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    • Eli Hodapp

      Please accept my sincerest apologies!!!

  • andrzej raczynski

    sticking to my droidX for phone duty.

  • Hackmodford

    Also when you're on a cdma network it's not called 3G usually. It should be called Ev or EvDo or EVDO or something like that... not 3G

    Also... I wonder if I'll be able to unlock it and use it on my "better" alltel contract?

  • Adams Immersive

    No data while talking could be a problem: secret multiplayer gaming is great for getting through long boring calls 🙂

    But when I finally get an iPad, I’ll sure wish I had that mobile hotspot feature. I don’t hold out much hope that AT&T will offer something similar (at decent pricing) to current customers. Maybe as an incentive to new ones, though.

    • Decoy Octopus

      Lets hope you have a wifi connection

  • Anonymous

    I hope that MiFi tethering facility is unlocked for GSM iPhones, and on other networks, because while I have a MiFi already, it would be waaaaay easier to tether my iPad to my O2 iPhone

  • Anonymous

    It's gonna be available on my birthday. Please help me celebrate by dancing naked through the city streets on February 10th, 2011 at 2:00 AM eastern time. That is all.

  • Decoy Octopus

    I don't see apple patterning with Verizon for the Iphone as a huge loss for At&t. CDMA technology is slow compared to GSM. Also the fact that you cant do data and voice communications at the same time is a deal breaker. What if your using your GPS (that needs to download maps) and need to make/receive phone calls? Also its the iphone 4. Apple will likely be releasing another iphone in June, perhaps with LTE. Not a good idea to buy an Iphone form Verizon when another will be released 4 months later. As far as the mobile hotspot feature goes, if your Iphone is jailbroken just download Mywi ($10). No need to pay for data twice.

    • Adams Immersive

      I agree, it sounds like it ought to be only a small loss for AT&T (and a loss for other phone makers) but a BIG gain for Apple and Verizon. The biggest reason for choice of carrier is: which one covers your specific area(s) best?

      But this reminds me of something I’ve been wondering: I’m pretty sure I’ve noticed my friends on Verizon with Android phones talking on the phone, when the built-in Google voice navigation cuts in and gives a driving direction. How is that possible? Is it simply that the navigation app has cached enough data to keep going for a short time without Internet?

    • Noah

      In theory CMDA has lower max speeds vs. GSM, but in reality, the coverage of Verizon's CMDA network greatly exceeds AT&T's GSM network, which equates to a faster down/up connection in the places you want data the most (at your home & in your car).

      Another thing to note is that the Vibrate/Silence Switch has moved ever so slightly down to accommodate the new antenna design, so current cases will mostly likely NOT fit.

    • sekazi

      I love MiWi. I have been using it almost every day. I really like that I can use it to connect my iPod for some internet radio without the iPhone being tethered to a cable and can use that if I get a call without interrupting anything going on the other device. It also works great on my laptop.

  • Nikezaven

    check out
    it shows the iphone 4 on verizon and about it

  • Theorioles33

    I forecast a decline in Android sales.

    • Scott Colbert

      Doubtful-not everyone prefers style over substance.

    • Nintee39

      That's probable. A 1000x more stuff you can do and download on the iPhone than any Android - plus a better user interface and a smoother and definitely better built operating system. If you have Verizon and don't have a smartphone yet, there's no good reason to get an Android phone when you can get an iPhone 4.

      Definitely switching to iPhone when my Verizon contract ends next July

  • Andurilukr

    There seems to be a sentence missing in the third paragraph -- "Placing a phone call will suspend data transfer. Of course there's no word yet regarding whether or not AT&T will match this functionality." <--- you missed introducing the idea of wireless hotspots, sounds like you are saying that AT&T might match the "feature" of suspending data transfers during calls!

  • Tellhouse

    Finally, I can ditch the crappy ass Android OS for an iPhone 4. Sick and tired of the generic Android OS.

  • Cat Astrophy

    Would rather just JB and create my own wifi hotspot voice and data