Penny Arcade Pokes Fun at ‘Infinity Blade’

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There’s no doubt that Chair’s Infinity Blade [$5.99] is a technical wonder, but the included plot left us scratching our heads in our review. You see, what keeps Infinity Blade going is your (usually) inevitable death at the hand of the God King. Following this, your successor takes up your sword, equipment, and xp/gold to continue the fight against the God King. It’s a little weird, especially since you’d think after your great grandpa, your grandpa, and your father were all killed fighting the same entity that perhaps you’d pursue a career in something other than God King slaying.

Penny Arcade agrees:

Even though the story of the game can get a little ridiculous, especially as you hit the 10th (or further) bloodline, Infinity Blade is still an awesome game that anyone with hardware capable of running it needs to check out. If this is the first you’ve heard of Penny Arcade, you’ve likely got an afternoon full of going through their back catalog ahead of you, as it’s one of my favorite web comics that any gamer should love.

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