Here's something awesome: You can rock out Max Adventure [$.99] with a projector, TV, or any other video display device with a VGA input and a Apple Dock to VGA adapter. (It also might work with the component and composite adapters as well, but Imangi hasn't had a chance to test them -- let us know if you own either of these cables and are able to get it going.)

To show you how, Imangi Studios has released a neat little YouTube tutorial video about these "video-out" capabilities -- tech-speak for "yo, you can plug a cable in your thing to make a game work on a TV or whatever." Check it out!

This capability isn't new by any stretch, but only a small number of iOS games take advantage of it. Each time a really good game like Max Adventure adopts the tech, we get excited like we just found a Zero bar buried in our couch.

Max Adventure's video-out, by the way, runs natively at that projector's full screen resolution, which is 1024x768. We're told the actual implementation of it was pretty easy -- Imangi was able to drop it into Max Adventure in a day. The possibilities!

Of course, totally wireless iPhone-to-TV would be better, right? That's something Imangi is thinking about. The studio told us that it wants to develop for Apple TV so it could stream content over AirPlay. And while there's no solid way to do that with the SDK as it is, Apple could, theoretically, write up some APIs that would allow real-time streaming in lower resolutions similar to how OnLive operates. The needed hardware is, apparently, already in the iPhone 4, according to Imangi.

In case I lost you there, no worries. I was just spitting out some stuff about grey magicks and tech voodoo that I don't even completely understand. What I do get, though, is that Max Adventure is pretty rockin', so give that a check if you're in the mood for a game.

  • Bronson Lane

    AirPlay would be beautiful. That would open up a whole new experience for iOS gaming.

    • Adams Immersive

      I’m skeptical that it could be done lag-free, and without game performance impact: the game image would have to be compressed in realtime and encoded for transmission, rather than being a video file that’s already compressed for streaming. That sounds like it would cause a little delay and burn memory/CPU time. (Maybe that hardware that is “already in the iPhone 4” is a compressed video encoder? And they do say “lower resolutions” which could help—although I’d prefer the cable and the full-quality image.)

      But even if I’m right, there are many games—especially turn-based and puzzle—where responsiveness and performance are not critical.

      • Kshep from Imangi

        AirPlay definitely doesn't support something like this right now. As you mentioned, for it to work, the iPhone would need to encode the live video stream from the device screen to a format that can be transmitted over AirPlay in real-time. It would probabably need to be done in hardware to do it without introducing a lot of lag, doing it on CPU would probably take too many CPU cycles to be feasible with a game like Max.

        Services like OnLive basically take the same approach with console games streamed over the open internet. If that's possible, it's definitely possible to stream live encoded video data between two devices on your local WiFi network. Latency would be even less than OnLive because you don't have to also wait for control input to be sent back up to the server (it would be on the same device).

        This of course all depends on if the iPhone has hardware that can encode this video stream in real time. That is something we don't know at this point.

      • Blackhivemedia

        I think this feature would be great, but I'd be happy just to get the ability to download apps straight to the Apple TV and use an iDevice as a controller.

  • Fastica

    I know the video is about the game (great game BTW), but I have to say it... SHE'S BEAUTIFUL!!!!

    • Bigd

      Here we go again ¬_¬

    • Ahiru Nakamura

      with all due respect, she's not my type...

  • poutini

    if I could stream iphone games to my tv wirelessly, it would be my most-played console. maybe it would give me a reason to pick up a newer generation ipod touch or an apple tv.

  • Ahiru Nakamura

    awesome, love max adventures, albeit short it is a lot of fun!! i need to buy that adapter

  • Anonymous

    Airplay would be amazing, but even this video out cable support is major goodness. I hope many companies jump on the video out (and eventually airplay) bandwagon so it becomes standardized . Soon we'll read "What? This game doesn't support Video out? - No Sale!" - the same way we do with "What? No Retina or GameCenter?" lol - hey those complaints are what makes things happen!

    • Anonymous

      While it is a really cool feature I don't think it really gets used that much. Mainly because you have to run a big fat VGA cable from your TV to your couch and even then you only have video. If you want audio you need an equally as long audio cable that you stick in the other end of your phone.

      Now if Apple could allow AirPlay to live stream audio and video from an iPhone app then that would be the coolest thing ever and would want it implemented in every game.

      • EastsideStompers

        Agreed. It looks like something that could be great, but currently seems a bit fussy to use. I know I wouldn't go to the bother. Now if someone can work out a way to do it without cables all over the place.....

      • Anonymous

        oh yeah, forgot about that audio cable. Don't they also have a component out? I'm assuming it's the same problem with the audio? I would ultimately love AirPlay but since the creators of Max Adventure who already are a step ahead are thinking about AirPlay, I would hope other companies at least consider VGA out in the interim

      • Anonymous

        I think I saw some other unofficial manufacturer made a dock connector to HDMI, but I'm not sure how well it works.

  • Anonymous

    Does the iPhone VGA cable only support 1024x768? Just wondering what it would look like on an HDTV.

    • Keith from Imangi

      I believe the VGA cable only supports up to 1024x768 (thought I could be wrong). If that's lower than your HDTV, you're HDTV will likely scale that image up to full 1920x1080 resolution for instance.

      • Anonymous

        Hmm, cool. I'm probably going to pick one up to try it out.

        And then continue to hope that Apple adds an official Airplay SDK 🙂

  • Chevy639

    Is there a way to get HDMI output on an iphone for this purpose?

  • Mark

    She looks like Ellen Page..

    • Sambo110

      She does!

    • ePOX

      kinda yeah

  • Info

    Works great with the apple composite cable into a hd tv....
    Looks really good and plays great to... Though you are tied to a cable...
    Can't wait till every game has this!!

  • Anonymous

    I feel like you lost a bet to make a post sounding like a rapper... 🙂
    (not a criticism btw)

  • Dpen00

    A good way to implement control without wires is to take advantage of Bluetooth. Games like The Incident and Chopper 2 are both Universal apps that run on the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch that also support TV-out. They use simple but effective control system that can be either used on your iPad or iPhone while the other device is linked to your TV. I think it's amazing and very fun and wish more developers would take advantage of these options.

  • T. Payton

    Tried this yesterday on my 42" display and it looked fantastic. Can't wait till Apple releases an App store for the Apple TV. They will have a instant console.

    BTW. TouchArcade guys, what about assembling a list of games that support Video Out?