Last year Gameloft released Dungeon Hunter, their take on a Diablo-style hack 'n slash dungeon crawling RPG. For the time, Dungeon Hunter was one of the finest examples of the genre on the iOS platform, and we thoroughly enjoyed the title in our extensive review. In fact, you may as well read up on that review right now, as the follow up title Dungeon Hunter 2 [$6.99] is nearly identical to its predecessor. Everything from the 3 class choices, to the combat, to the way loot flies out of chests... even the menu interfaces are all practically the same. I don't mean this in a bad way either, as this kind of consistency is nice from subsequent titles in a series, but we are definitely treading familiar territory here.

While Dungeon Hunter 2 is fundamentally the same as the original, like any good sequel it does improve in a number of areas. The graphics are a great deal better, with more detailed character models and environments and Retina Display support. The game areas are also a bit more opened up, rather than the mostly narrow and linear spaces from the first game. The skill tree is a little more complex, although not by much, and there is still a staggering amount of equipment to collect and adorn your character with. The same 3 classes of warrior, rogue, and mage are available but this time they can be specialized in certain areas, essentially giving you alternate classes to become.

The entire single player campaign is pretty much more of the same, but there is an interesting new feature which is online cooperative multiplayer through Game Center or Gameloft Live. You can connect online with up to 3 other players and work your way through campaign quests using your character. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get the online to work in order to check it out. No matter if I'm trying to search for 2, 3, or 4 players, it fails to ever find me a match, over both Game Center and Gameloft Live. When trying to start a game directly with buddies from my list, we can get into the lobby together but the moment the actual game tries to load the connection drops. Every. Single. Time. It's frustrating because I'm excited for this feature, and I hope it's just my device having a brain fart or some other minor issue, rather than a serious bug.

Barring the online issue though, I'm liking Dungeon Hunter 2 a lot so far. Although it doesn't do anything radically different than the first, it still offers up the same enjoyable elements with a few nice improvements. If you liked the first Dungeon Hunter, and were craving more once you completed it, then you should thoroughly enjoy this sequel. It somewhat ties into the thin storyline from the first, and assuming the online becomes functional it should provide a decent amount of replay value when you're finished with it. Also, there's 3 difficulty levels that unlock after beating the game the first time, which is nice because a major complaint with the first  game was that it was extremely easy. Don't forget to drop by the thread in our forums for additional information and player impressions of Dungeon Hunter 2.

  • Max Shamko

    multiplayer you say? hmm..

  • Diego Rispo

    i m waiting for a price drop....i ll buy it for 99 cent 😉 like all gameloft games 😉

  • Paul Bergman

    Oh Infinity Blade and this on the same day OMG, to much man 😀
    A good day indeed...

  • Jweaver911

    Yes.. I purchased on the basis of being able to play coop. So far me and a buddy have failed to get it working over the net. Here's to hoping local works. : otherwise, just like the impressions stated: it's a lotta fun!

  • Jweaver911

    Yes.. I purchased on the basis of being able to play coop. So far me and a buddy have failed to get it working over the net. Here's to hoping local works. : otherwise, just like the impressions stated: it's a lotta fun!

  • Crish

    Multiplayer works for me, at least on the iPhone 4. I could connect and play with 3 other random people. Pretty cool so far, but on my iPhone 3G there isn´t even an option to play with friends, neither online nor local. To bad no one of my friends has an iPhone or iPod Touch. :/

  • Razor__jones

    We are spoilt this week. Eternal Legacy, Dungeon Hunter 2, Infinity Blade... and Dead Rising to a lesser extent. And next week we have the awesome looking Aralon. Also isn't Secret of Mana on a 2010 release schedule? Maybe even Nova 2:))
    I've had a couple of Multiplayer games, go through Gameloft Live as I can't seem to get anywhere with Game Centre.
    I recomend having 2 characters. 1 for single player and the other for multiplayer as you can miss parts of the story due to people skiping scenes.
    The multplayer seems fun but hectic but doesn't seem to offer much tactical play.
    Hopefully Dungeon hunter 3 has the MMO tank/dps/healer combos for more tactical fun:)

  • XpresoAdct

    What about Dungeon Hunter HD. I guess I will have to wait for iPad support.

  • Anonymous

    Has anyone played this yet? A problem I had with the first one is there was a noticeable lack of impact when you hit something. Lack of a good solid crunch sound or any visual effect when you landed a blow, and it made it feel less fun for me (Diablo II vs. Torchlight - the latter has a great feeling of impact). So does this one have that feeling? Is it better than the first in that regard? Thanks!

    • Doomedo

      i agree this pissed me off too.

  • Big Fan

    i definitely want to download this game, but I'm using the iPhone 3G. is the game supported on 3G?

  • Jesta106

    There is no sound when you attack, no impact feel. Sometimes glitchy music makes me just play my own music. I don't know why but most of Gameloft's games are full of glitches and always disappoints me somehow. I would just wait for them to reduce the price or becomes free.

    • Anonymous

      Sounds like you pirated the game.

  • tricky

    why buy when you can download for free? Got this, infinity blade and eternal legacy on piratebay. no sweat

  • Wiesod

    how to get the co op mode???

  • Someone

    Gorgeous but boring game. Repetitive dungeons, randomly generated loot, very limited character development, no strategy, not much tactics. And the subquests are just level grinding. This is your most basic hack-n-slash game, dressed up with beautiful graphics.

  • Anonymous

    I finally beat this! It was great, 5/5!