Mom? Dad? When did you guys get in a game?

The traditional RTS doesn't translate well to iOS devices, but that's not discouraging Gameloft. The studio has announced StarFront Collision, a seemingly classical three-race RTS that features a deep, 20-mission Campaign mode and an up-to-four person competitive online mode. This is in addition to a Skirmish mode, a cinematic flair, and supposedly solid controls.

Gameloft likes to pay tribute and it's doing so here once again.Β StarFront is drawing its inspiration from Blizzard Entertainment's StarCraft, a worldwide RTS success that has kept many a nerd locked in his bedroom / cave for days and days on end. (Diamond League is only a few billion CPMs away, right nerds-in-hiding? Right.)

And that's all we really know about the game, despite the fact that it's launching next month. You can get your first look at the cinematic part of the game by watching the above. By doing so, you'll also be able to play spot the likeness with us. Oh, found one! Those bugs look like the Zerg! What did I just win? Nothing? Jeesh. What kind of website is this?

  • Uberarcade

    I have no respect for Gameloft. Is it that hard to come up with an original idea?

    • P N

      It's so easy to rewrite a game for another device like iPhone.
      It must be very hard for them to get new ideas πŸ˜‰

    • Anonymous

      Star Craft wasn't exactly original either, its a blatant ripoff of Games Workshop's Warhammer 40k (Terans=space marines, Zerg=Tyranids, Protos=Eldar), but it was still awesome.

      • Corey Backlund


      • andrzej raczynski

        seconded, as if blizzard invented rts, please.

      • Pete

        westwood invented rts. remember dune II

      • Brandon

        There's a difference between copying a setting and copying a game. It's not like any of the Warhammer stuff existed in interactive form back in the 90s. And short of a couple of games like Dune way back in the day, Blizzard is the company that put RTS on the map. So I wouldn't really equate this at all with what is Gameloft's actual business model.

      • Scott Colbert

        Warcraft: Orcs vs Humans came out in 1994, Warhammer in 2004. Before that warhammer was a tabletop game. Blizzard may not have been the first rts, it just perfected the genre.

      • Koppo

        Warhammer: Shadow of the Horned Rat, 1995.
        Final Liberation, 1997
        Space Hulk, 1993

      • This guy

        That's a fair point, but I don't think Blizzard has any plans to port their titles over to mobile devices as evidenced by Blizzard Activision's CEO's recent remarks about the App Store. So, even though the leap from PC gaming to mobile isn't as big as table top to PC, you could make the argument that it's a similar jump and Gameloft is finding their niche (much like Blizzard did with bringing the experience of Warhammer 40K to an interactive PC RTS).

      • Jas

        Agreed, and if Blizzard won't give us Starcraft on iOS, then I'm glad someone else will give us a clone.

      • gamevet

        I beliive the story behind StarCraft is that Blizzard approahed Games Workshop to ask if they could allow them to license their Warhammer franchise for a video game idea they were making. Games Workshop said No Way and the rest is history. Imagine if Games Workshop and Relic came out first before StarCraft ever did. I love the Warhammer, Dawn of War RTS series. Although I grew up playing StarCraft ever since it came out, Dawn of War is still the better gameplay to me. Especially Dawn of War 2. Probably the most innovative RTS. In my opinion StarCraft 2 didn't even evolve to the next RTS genre.
        Yes I understand they wanted to keep the mass amount of units and base building. But if you think about it...other than different/new units, ranking system, etc it is still the same StarCraft gameplay. It's been over 10 years and it is still the same gameplay with next-gen graphics. Dawn of War is innovative. I wish StarCraft 2 kept the hero sysem like WarCraft 3 and DOW 2. Heroes that evel up and have special abilities during multiplayer like Raynor, Kerrigan, Tassadar, Fenix, Zeratul, Raszagal, etc.

    • Corey Backlund

      Normally I would completely agree, except their rip - offs are really good rip - offs.

      • andrzej raczynski

        seconded as well πŸ™‚ could care less what they copy, as long as they do a good job of it and its fun.

      • Scott Colbert

        And when you wonder why no one takes the iDevices seriously it's because of that attitude. Who would want to get into a platform full of rip offs and copy cats? I'd much rather play something original.

      • SoulShading

        Well, I'm in the shoes of the dev who made original IOS games. My latest game, The Line, just got nominated in the Top100 indie of the year on and is running right now for the Top 10. Sadly, innovation and creativity isn't attracting our friends from the press and we only got 2 reviews so far and not on Touch Arcade. The sells are also ridiculously low because of course, nobody knows we're out there, have quality and fun.
        I am happy that you defend original games and i second you on this but seriously, we will die if we don't get support so i'm clearly thinking about cloning and make another angry crush the castle with doodle starcraft inside.

      • Khanh

        Me. And the two people right above you. And the thousands of iOS users who could care less about originality and just want TO HAVE FUN PLAYING GAMES.

        This is considerably obvious since Gameloft is still around and can afford to make tons and tons of games that indie development generally have difficulty keeping up with.I put that in caps because that's the important part. If it wasn't fun but original, I couldn't imagine myself even bothering to say the least.

    • Yqwdjrtfs

      however, i have a profoundly deep respect for Starcraft, and some will rub off if GL does a good job.

    • steez nutz

      no it isnt, its not that they are not coming up with original ideas. why doesnt blizzard make a WoW or Starcraft game for the iOS? noone knows gameloft fills the void with that. dont buy the game if you hate it so much

  • Ivan Brezak Brkan

    This is too StarCraft-like πŸ™‚ LOL Star Front, 3 sides (one human, one bug, one advanced tech)...

    • Blades

      With a Hint of Starship

  • EastsideStompers

    Great stuff. This is just the sort of game that might do really well on the iPad, if they come up with a good control system. Of course, those Starcraft die-hards will insist that you can't issue commands fast enough without hotkeys bla bla bla. I'm personally really looking forward to this.

  • Darrell Diaz

    Thanks Gameloft! Will glad to be able to play Starcraft 2, I mean Star Front Collision when I'm away from my Mac! Now if you could just get that World of Warcraft Cataclysm port done... πŸ™‚

  • Frumius

    In the announcement, you wrote, "classical three-race, top-down strategy affair," but the proper word is "classic." It's a classic mistake (by way of a usage example).

  • Noah

    Now I remember why I don't buy Gameloft games!

    • Chernobyl

      Because you don't like having good games?

  • andrzej raczynski

    nice trailers, but more interested in the gameplay and price.

    i've never had a problem with them copying other works. if they do a good job of it and price it accordingly, i'll bite.

    they seem to do well in sales, so i'd venture to guess that less people have a problem with their 'system' than many here would have you hope.

  • Lafrance Patrick

    What about releasing Dungeon Hunter 2? Looks like this game's been announce since forever.

  • Thechansen

    The "Protoss" looked extremely similar to the Geth. Double rip off, but lets not knock Gameloft, and instead hope Star Front has the same level of polish as their other titles.

    At this stage, no game idea is really original anymore. All we need is Major Disarray telling us that the "Simpson did it".

  • Jeremy

    Who cares if its a copy, its not like we've seen Blizzard releasing any of the content to idevices. If you wan't to play Starcraft on your device, well here you go.

    • afterlife

      hell yeah, i agree.. check on the latest post here in TA about cctivition dumping ios as a serious platform.. which technically means, no starcraft whatsoever.. πŸ™‚

  • AL1R3ZA

    NOVA Wars?:D

  • Adams Immersive

    I’d say iPad is the IDEAL platform for RTS. TDs have given me enough of a taste of panning/zooming/selecting units to convince me of this. (Well, on iPhone... no iPad for me yet. iPad would add the wide field of view missing on a smaller screen.)

    • Tina Aspiala

      I totally agree. One just has to approach the platform on its own playing field, with its own UI rules. Now if only someone could port Myth...

  • Anonymous

    Totally original storyline. It's awesome how original Gameloft is.

    • Chernobyl

      Totally original comment. It's awesome how original you are.

  • Backtothis

    This looks amazing. Finally someone is taking the time to make a Starcraft like game. Who the hell cares about blizzard.

    • EastsideStompers

      This. Also, I find the Starcraft crowd a bit stuffy to be honest. That game has got so competitive, there is no room for people who just fancy a dabble. This should hopefully be a breath of fresh air for RTS's, without all the hardcore gamer status attached to it.

  • Itscalledinception

    They should clone Mass Effect 2 and get it over with.

  • Phil Baxter

    Yawn, another bit of piracy from Gameloft. I wish someone would just sue these clowns.

    • lolol

      you hatin? again? here? yawn, another gl hater from ta.. nothing's new... πŸ™‚

    • baxterisafag

      whats the problem? They can't be sued because theres no other game like this on the iphone. and if you don't like the game don't play it go play some pokemon instead

  • Shiz

    Okay, ripoff or not, this looks awesome.

  • x999x

    They see me zerggin', they hatin'

  • dr

    I'm glad gameloft is constantly filling in the void that the big game publishers leave by not making serious excellent use of their IP on iOS devices (there are of course exceptions some street fighter). Frankly I've thoroughly enjoyed pretty much every gameloft title I've bought (Iron Man 2 being the only exception). If GL did crappy knock offs I'd have a problem with it, but since they are usually very well done (sometimes even better than when the original source did a port...Resident Evil vs Zombie Infection). They seem to get better and better too with each new game (SpiderMan was fantastic, and Star Battalion was great fun). I'm completely happy to spending $6 or whatever on a GL clone and spend hours running through it.

  • spiffyone

    It's "hard" to put an RTS on iOS?

    Since when?

    Warfare Inc. is on iOS, and it's a damned good little RTS.

  • Hammerguy4

    i beleive that gamelofts copies are very good ripoffs and are very enjoyable to play, but PLEASE dont make this! Starcraft is STARCRAFT! You will fail by trying to copy it!!

  • Backtothis

    Why is it that every release by gameloft brings a myriad of complete retards that post the same hateful, damned comments everytime? Do you really think the gaming community wants to hear your whining every single time? Do you think gameloft cares if you don't buy their game? No one is asking you to read, purchase, or play this. Keep the trash to yourself, especially if there isn't even a gameplay video out.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed! Dungeon Hunter and Hero of Sparta II were some of my favorites. Hell, if I couldn't have God of War, then HOS2 was the next best thing for my iPad. The alternative = NOTHING. In fact, I rely on Gameloft to be unoriginal and try and somewhat dupe a scaled down (or not) console experience. It's rather nice to have choices... like playing a God of War or StarCraft "rip off". We can't always throw rocks at a stack of cans - we get it already, physics are cool.

  • I <3 Gameloft

    iOS gaming has two things going for it: Angry Birds and Gameloft.

  • Notthevictim


  • Paco

    Hahahaa 100 points to gameloft!! a perfect clone of the best rts!!! i dont see starcraft anymore in iphone/ipod. Great idea clones!!

    Clone of Hexen or Heretic, please!!!!!! (or reedition :D)

  • Filiporekhov

    I wonder what Yahtzee would say to this...

  • SoulShading

    I second all the people who complain about clones and copies. Really. but as a original game developer, i have to say that the lack of support toward us make it almost impossible to survive.
    My latest game The Line is a fun and totally original game that just got nominated in the top100 indie of the year on IndieDB and runs actually for the top 10 and IGF. But it's now 2 weeks after release and we've only manage to sell 200 copies and get 2 website reviewing us (TA not included so far).
    As i said previously, clones is what you want and what you'll get πŸ™

  • Aku

    Boycott gameloft!

  • Chiblet

    How about all u panzys stop rippin at gameloft, since blizzard isn't makin starcraft, this is a good oportunity to make a good game, who cares if its a copy?

    • Jtown4prez

      THANK YOU!

    • beans

      u are a god

  • PyroDecimo

    It's not really the fact that they copy games, but the fact that they don't even pretend to put a bit of originality. I'd be fine with copycat games but when you call your game Starfront, or Modern Combat - clearly that's starting to cross some boundaries. At least have the decency to make your own game names.

  • Fabiovicente84

    How get the full version Starfront:

  • Fry

    I think this is a great game and if the developers of command & conquer and co. can't make a god human interface but gameloft can....go on and let the fun begin! πŸ™‚

    Have a look at the german fanpage with techtree comming soon: