Rovio Mobile is indeed developing a Christmas edition of Angry Birds [$.99, Lite], the developer confirmed earlier this week. The first images and details are available at Finnish site Finnish Ylex [Translated], which is presenting something of a problem for us non-Finnish people, but there are a few interesting details we've been able to glean thanks to Google Translate and Rovio Mobile's Twitter feed.

Angry Birds Christmas won't be a full App release like Angry Birds Halloween [$.99] was. It will, instead, be offered as a free update to the Halloween version of the game, Rovio's sole seasonal iteration of the series. Think of this as you would a Doodle Jump update. You turn on the title post-update and then enjoy a re-skinning of pre-existing assets for the prize of zero bones. It's a deal, right?

Rovio is saying that the update, which will include Game Center support (!), has been submitted to Apple for certification. We'll keep our eyes on the storefront and will let you know, obviously, when it hits.

And before you go, know that there's a possibility we might see some new birds in the future, too. On its Twitter feed, Rovio's social media dude said, "there are several new birds on the drawing board…" We're uncertain if Rovio was speaking to this update to the game or Angry Birds proper. Either way, around three trillion pigs have felt the righteous wrath of the current line-up. I, for one, wouldn't mind piling on the pain with a few more new birds. To six trillion and beyond, I say!

  • Dendory

    Interesting way to go, but does this mean it's the same levels, just with different graphics?

    • Adams Immersive

      The article sounds that way, but the screenshot is clearly a whole new level. Plus some of the halloween levels were clearly giant pumpkins, twisted bare trees, etc.

      So I’m guessing it will be new levels, and it sounds like a great solution!

  • powersurge

    What about the iPad version?

  • Zach Williams

    Really glad they decided to add on to the Halloween version instead of coming out with another new app.

  • Anonymous

    Theses people care about it's customers.

  • LHC

    Okay, I don't get it. Does getting the Christmas update mean that the Halloween levels will be overwritten by the Christmas ones, therefore no longer playable? I'm a bit confused obviously, please try and clear it out for me. Thanks! 🙂

  • Jeffreydalon

    My guess: There will be pages of Christmas levels to choose on level pages that follow the Halloween ones. It will be released for both the iPod Touch/iPhone and iPad at the same time. As I bought the Halloween version, this makes me very happy.


    Wait... What about the icon?

    • Adams Immersive

      I suppose they could either switch to an Xmas icon (and change it again next time they add something) or make it a generic “multi-holiday” icon with a pumpkin, snow, etc.