On Friday we started a haiku contest to win some CandyShell cases from Speck in honor of the release of their new gamer-centric 4th generation iPod touch CandyShell Grip. There were a ton of awesome entries, so much so, that picking our favorites was incredibly difficult. It was a ton of fun reading through them all, and we're really going to have to do more stuff like this in the future as I think everyone here was amazed by the creativity of our community.

Winners and their associated haikus are all after the jump.


-by Jake Shore

Space Invaders Infinity Gene
Evolution of a '70s classic
and TA logo

-by ovalprocess

Unreal engine 3
A full 3D rpg
Yet still we complain

-by J07994n

Oh how times have changed
infinity blade comes soon
Mr. Papi weeps

-by Battle Born

Protecting the world
from apples and bananas,
I'm a fruit ninja.

-by Adjusting

Can you overdose
on haiku and flattery?
We'll find out, it seems.

-by HelperMonkey

Oh no, a typo!
Pictured above is white case
Not black as described

-by Sarah

I get nothing done.
Reading Touch Arcade all day.
The boss has no clue.

-by Longdukdong44

Plants Ropes Birds Ninjas
Finger Dances on the Screen
Late For Work Again!

-by Daena

Half of the people
Who write haiku for the case
Can't count syllables


Complaining, with my
four dollar coffee in hand,
"Money-hungry Dev"

-by cjsbug

Four bucks ninety-nine
Are you ****ing retarded
I'm not Donald Trump

-by Populashuntire

Yikes broken iphone
Hide it in your glass of milk
Mom will not find it

-by Ann Gith Sachn

Hope I win this case
Yeah right who am I kidding
Never win a thing

-by Wolfman

Can't get that third star
Sitting on the toilet so long
I hate you Angry Birds

-by joe bob

CandyShell Case wow!
I needed this three weeks back
When ipod went SMACK!

-by anister

He RAGEs at rails
As his life passes him by
He never tries it

-by Frumius

"Tee Oh Eff Tee Tee?"
Well it's only a buck, man
Don't be such a wuss

-by Tharvey81

Compelled to comment
But I have nothing to say
Thus: "Downloading now!"

-by DrjD

Oh so that's it huh
All I get is a case
Throw in a game too

-by Andre_deal

We'll be contacting the winners shortly with more details. Thanks for entering, everyone!

  • Wolfman

    Oh Emm Gee, I won.
    The first time I ever win
    Thanks TA and Speck

    Oh wait, I can stop speaking in Haiku now...
    Seriously though, thank you guys at Touch Arcade and at Speck.

  • Akos

    Some of these aren't even proper haikus, or that wasn't a requirement?
    Oh, I wanted this case sooo bad. :S

  • Punk_rock_elite

    Arr..wanted Speck case so bad T_T

  • Populashuntire

    Oh wow i never win anything. Sweet, thanks!

  • Y Onyc

    what the hell some of those are not even good

    • poesmij

      aah stop shitting about it, just a matter of opinion.

  • Michael Chen

    I never win anything...
    Regardless congrats to the winners
    Toucharcade, you should select 20 more winners πŸ™‚

  • Sarah

    Did the winner emails get sent out yet? Didn't receive one...

    • Sarah

      Nevermind, I see it now as spam!

  • Jc07994n

    I still havent received an email

    • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

      Your email address is bouncing!

  • http://twitter.com/Jakeshore98 Jake Shore


    yea stupid haikus πŸ˜› jk I am happy I won two cases is fun!

    • Yanley504

      yo ill buy one from u

      • http://twitter.com/Jakeshore98 Jake Shore

        it depends on how much you offer....

      • Yanley504

        $30 flat πŸ˜€ please

    • Yanley504

      yo ill buy one from u

  • Yanley504

    I guess me and 380+ hopefuls have to fork over 35 bucks, o well πŸ™ that's the beauty of contest, domaines gotta lose


    Thank you TA and Speck.
    My mom is a bit worried about giving the address, but I'll have the email to you choosing the case by tonight.
    Again, thanks a lot

  • Anonymous

    My 3GS with
    its dilapidated case
    thank you immensely!

  • Lanstar

    There are three. THREE! General poems there without the required 5 7 5 syllabic count. Namely #2, #15 and #20. But who's counting?

    • yanley504

      they should be disqualified!


      They are still pretty entertaining though

  • Lanstar

    There are three. THREE! General poems there without the required 5 7 5 syllabic count. Namely #2, #15 and #20. But who's counting?

  • E_Domina

    meh. i don't even have an ipod touch 4g anyway πŸ˜›
    They need to make more gamer friendly cases for 2g/3g

  • Shiz

    "Four bucks ninety-nine
    Are you ****ing retarded
    I'm not Donald Trump"

    Haha that was great

  • Kush

    What I love is that some of these winners aren't even in the traditional 5/7/5 format.