As of a few minutes ago we're able to cross another game off of our most anticipated list. Id's RAGE [99¢ / $1.99] is an on-rails shooter where players compete on an in-game game show called Mutant Bash TV. We explained the basic gameplay in our preview:

Mutant Bash TV plays surprisingly similar to DOOM Resurrection [$6.99]. The entire game takes place on rails, and even the controls are laid out similarly. Tilting controls the camera and your aim, and you have buttons to dodge, fire, switch weapons, and reload. The main difference is just how much faster everything is in Mutant Bash TV. Mutants pop up everywhere, and while you're dealing with them there are bags of cash to grab and bullseyes to shoot. Your overall performance is graded at the end of the level, at which point you can either move on to a new level or replay the last one for an even higher score. Four difficulty settings are included, ranging from easy (where it's seemingly impossible to die) to nightmare (which is incredibly difficult).

Something worth emphasizing is that while it is a rails shooter like DOOM Resurrection, instead of only moving a crosshair around you can move the entire field of view, giving a much greater feeling of immersion. RAGE comes in two flavors, a "standard definition" version and a "high definition" version. RAGE HD has higher quality graphical assets, and a much larger file size. Both are universal and will work on the iPad.

So which one do you get? Well, if you have an iPhone 4, a 4th generation iPod touch, or an iPad, you really need to get RAGE HD. If you've got a 3rd generation iPod touch or an iPhone 3GS, it's a toss up. RAGE HD will run, but the standard RAGE will play smoother. If you plan on upgrading to a newer device soon, consider RAGE HD. If you own an older device, only RAGE will run, so you don't have much of a choice.

We're still working on our review, but for the time being, if you want to see one of the best looking games available on the App Store, this is a buck (or two) that you need to spend.

First impressions from readers are filtering into the forums with id's John Carmack participating and answering some questions.

  • Brent

    Any word on when (or if) New Zealand and other terrortories this game has skipped release in will get it?
    I am quite upset 🙁

    • Stephen Jobson

      Do not become upset my child ... its not worth it.

    • Xyth

      The only id software games that've ever made it to the New Zealand store are Wolfenstein ones. I suspect we won't see Rage either.

      It's definitely not a censorship/rating issue, our laws are less strict than the US or Australian. It can't be a money issue cos all the smaller developers put their apps in the NZ store just fine.

      Only logical conclusion is that id Software are arseholes 😛

      • Jman

        Not entirely true.... Both of the doom games were in the stores.
        They were pulled later on.

      • Xyth

        But Im 9 today and want rage 🙁

    • Ratty

      I have a UK credit card so I switch my iTunes account to UK and bought it there. If you can't do that then your only option is to jailbreak and pirate it.

  • tsharpfilm

    Downloading HD version for my 4th generation iPod touch now. 🙂

    And on a side note: TA member 'kappa' found a bug that may cause problems for non-English iDevice users. If Rage crashes, switching the default language to English may fix the problem.

  • Dendory

    Canada AppStore too! Sweet.

  • Anonymous

    Wow! This game is insane and don't let the on rails part turnip off. This is some truly epic stuff from ID. WELL DONE!

  • Anonymous

    Downloading it here in Aus as well. $2.49 for HD.

  • Ghost

    Playing on rails is crap...I'll play nova from start to end again anytime...

    • Scott Colbert

      You and Gameloft deserve one another then.

      • Ahiru Nakamura

        i wouldn't say i'd rather play nova, but heck on rails shooters should remain at arcades...

        at least it's cheap and has great graphics.

  • Brementer

    Game looks fantastic and has an incredible price of $1.99 but I don't think this game is for me. Moves to fast, every time I line my shot up I feel like I'm being spun around. Tilt control setup is unplayable, being able to move buttons around would be helpful. To many times I hit dodge instead of fire and lost half of my health. I'm probably in the minority here, just not for me.


  • Wadcha

    The fastest, most fluid (3D) game I've played yet on iOS. Really frantic initial experience but after 20min or so you start to feel the rhythm and improve your play, at which point the 3rd level kicks your butt. The shooting and dodging may get old after a while but for now, this is a real nice game for $1.99!

  • MicroByte

    I have a major problem with this game that I want to share.

    I am really upset that I cannot appreciate and enjoy the so called stunning graphics and amazing presentation because I am too busy fighting off huge packs of mutants. All of this intense action has caused me to sit on the edge of my seat, frantically dodging and firing away at my futile attempts to save my life.

    I am also dismayed at the fact that I feel that I will become thoroughly immersed and sucked into this game, each play trying to outdo my previous run.

    It's not fair that I have to be subjected to the frightening, ear piercing screams from mutated souls as I fire away all the while feeling the intensity of the action, each bullet bringing me closer to the end of my clip, desperate for a reload.

    Honestly, I hate this game and Mr. Carmack for the late night I will spend tonight playing through again and again. As a result, my performance at work will most definitely be degradated because of a tiring night, and the fact that this can be played on my iPod Touch.

    How I loathe this game... Heed me warning, do NOT. Download this game, you will suffer...

    • Nort

      Thank MicroByte, I took your advice and instead of buying Rage I got doodle jump. The graphics on doodle jump are just as good if not a little better (on iphone 4) and the game play is inspired, who would have thought that after 30+ years of video games being brought to the masses that jumping endlessly on clouds would be so inovative. I am inspired,,,,,, anyone thinking of buying rage or any other ios game should seriously consider doodle jump instead, pfffth rail shooter I laugh at that when playing doodle jump as I have total freedom to jump up as I please, other devs take note.

  • Nevermind_Jesper

    I bought the HD version for my iphone 4. The Tilt controls are horrible. No gyroscope support??? Agh c'mon!!

  • WildWayz

    Holy crap - this is what I am talking about! Super smooth on the iPhone 4 (HD version) - looks and sounds amazing. Kinda glad it is on rails too. Defo worth the £1.79 or whatever it was for it!

  • Ivan Dergachev

    still not present in russian app store...

    • Dmitri

      Yeah, can't wait to try this one!

  • Albert

    Doesn't work on my iPhone 4.

    It crashes on startup.

    • Slick

      Have u tried re-booting after installing yet?

  • asolja

    Clearly made with love, has resulted in this (imho)possibly the best game so far on this format,amazing attention to detail and perfect music and fx make this a must buy.Totally amazing experience,not to mention the awesome price.

  • Hsinray

    Wow, now you can win a copy of this game on

  • Anonymous

    WOW NO GYRO?? The controls are horrible! The game looks good but ill have to wait to play until (if) they add gyro controls, the tilt controls as it is now is unplayable 🙁

  • G-SYS

    I happy to see that the game is (hopefully) uncensored in germany. And its an neat game. But a agree that the controls are horrible and I'm missing the gyroscope-support to. I recently wrote the support. Hopefully it will be added in the next update.

  • Aros2k

    No gyro no purchasey

    • Terrytibbs

      piss off

  • Anonymous

    Who else wasted $.99 buying the standard version first without reading up on the HD version haha. So used to HD meaning iPad only.

  • QQQ/helmet/onecut

    HD version on my iPad is a stretched version of the iPhone 4. iPad have a 4/3 screen ration, iPhone is more like 16/9 or something like that. Look at the reticule on this screen:
    Good game by the way.

    • Anonymous

      I noticed that too... :

  • RiddimRider

    Not more valuable than than a marketing tool for the upcoming Rage. As a standalone it's nice, but boring, primitive and repetitive...It's ok for free, but for money ? I don't think so...just my 2 cents

    • MunchGorg

      It's true... 2 dollars for a game? I want to play a free game in my phone with 150 hours of gameplay! I don't care about developers, in my magic free world everybody lives from love.
      Jezz... Get a job!

  • RiddimRider

    This picture represents the situation very well:

  • Szarky

    How bad are the tilt controls on iPhone 4's? I was hoping for gyro controls and I assumed that's what the game had but people here are saying otherwise.

  • Replyk33tor

    Just an rail shooter? C'mon id, the fathers of fps genre. Just an amazing technical achievement, like Epic Citadel, but no real fps action and freedom..Let's see how Epic Citadel will look and move after the AI and the NPC's comes into the scene.