It seems like everyone is building freemium games for the iOS platform these days, and Capcom is no exception. Their recently released Lil' Pirates [Free], Capcom Arcade [Free], and now Smurf's Village [Free] all are utilizing the free to play model. The premise of Smurf's Village is fairly simple, Gargamel (the bad guy from the series if Smurfs if before your time) found the Smurf's home, sending them scattering. Papa Smurf rounded up all the smurfs and broke ground on a new smurf village, which just so happens to be what you're in charge of building.

First off, as far as retro charm and overwhelming nostalgia is concerned, Smurf's Village couldn't be more spot-on. If you watched Smurfs as a kid, you're going to be blown away by just how good everything looks, especially on the Retina Display. The increased pixel density makes all the sprites and animations that make up the game look incredible, and almost make you forget that you're playing a typical freemium farming game... At least for a little bit.

The problem with Smurf's Village is that for all its retro appeal, at the end of the day, it's just another farming game complete with a horrid withering mechanic to keep you coming back to the game or else your crops will die. Also, like most of these free to play game, it encourages you to build a massive network of friends building their own Smurfville, but it depends on Facebook to do so. This is a major pet peeve of mine since I use Facebook to keep in touch with friends and family, and don't want to invite random Smurf's Village players in to my personal social networks just so we can play an iPhone game together. I was really hoping the advent of Game Center would push developers away from Facebook dependency.

Also, smurfberries, the freemium currency used to speed things up and buy premium items in game seem to be a little too close to a required resource if you really want to enjoy Smurf's Village. They're also incredibly expensive, with smurfberries coming in packs starting at $4.99 and incrementing all the way up to $59.99. You can gain smurfberries in game, but they're incredibly rare, and if you want to complete your smurf town you're going to basically be required to spend at least $12 to get the required amount to buy additional buildings.

Truly the most confusing thing about Smurf's Village is why Capcom chose to save all of your data locally. If you delete your game, your smurf village is gone, including any in-app purchases you made of smurfberries. Also, even though the game is universal, no cloud save storage means no cross-device syncing, so you're always stuck playing the game on the device you start on.

Basically, it comes down to this: If you grew up on the Smurfs, you need to download Smurf's Village just to check out how well Capcom nailed the look and feel of the game. Playing through the tutorial introduces some other smurfs, shows you the mini-games, and really just makes you wish they used that talent to build anything that wasn't a cookie cutter freemium farming game with withering. Otherwise, steer clear of this game. There are other freemium games like Pocket Frogs [Free] or Gun Bros [Free] that not only don't require Facebook but also offer much better gameplay that actually feel like you're playing a game instead of a blatant attempt to push you in to buying massive amounts of in-app currency.

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  • Qwde3

    gah i was looking forward to this aswell:( greedy bastards.

    and yea being dependable on facebook sucks balls, im 37 years old i dont really need to let all my work mates, friends and family know im playing a smurf farming game. bollocks! capcom this could have been fun.

  • Cb_jeep

    This review makes it sound like you are forcsed to buy smurfberries. I'm at level 7 now and haven't seen anything yet that pressures you to buy them. What is the review referring to??

    Facebook really does suck! That was a horrible move by capcom.

    • Vickie

      you will want to at least by level 15 guaranteed!

  • Eric Cartman

    How many smurf berries is the life of each smurf worth?

    • Alec

      Not a single one! 😉 Unless you pay Capcom $59.99!!!

  • Zghying

    I think I've finally gotten over wanting to play farming games, fun for awhile but they all seem to end up being more work than fun.

  • Dendory

    I tried it, it's a nice game for kids, but yeah it's mostly a farmville clone, one of many..

  • k88dad

    Almost blue, Almost doing things we used to do, There's a girl here and she's almost you, Almost.

  • EastsideStompers

    You know life has taken a wrong turn, when you start spending hard earned cash on.....Smurfberries! Delete...

  • Nick Papageorge

    To put it simply....

    They smurfed this up.

  • Jenny

    I'm really liking this game myself. You aren't required to have friends to play this either, the most you can do is gift stuff to one another. And the premium stuff you buy with Smurfberries are just cutsie nostalgia (such as Smurfette) not required to play the game itself.

    Patience is also a virtue. There are many types of crops, select the type of crop that fits your schedule, and have alerts turned on. Its not that hard.

    • Alec

      Patience is a virtue we don't need here... Just change the time on your iPhone or iPad and the crops will grow instantly! 😉

  • Jham

    New Toy needs to start making new games

  • KlickTock

    Definitely one of the best in genre. Give it a bash. Awesome amounts of polish and great graphics.

  • Jam

    Looks gorgeous and really polished. Shame that the freemium model wrecks the game. What a great building game this could have been with proper game methods.

  • Jens Krebs

    I LOVE the game and consider it a big bonus not having to be online to play it (data stored locally) – I am at level 7 now and am looking forward to master the game without paying for the additional buildings (you CAN earn them by planting and harvesting, but it takes time).
    I also consider it great that the facebook connection is optional and playing on you own is still a ton of good fun!

    • guest

      mine dosnt work without internet it'll let me go on it when my crops are empty but as soon as my crops are ready to harvest it wont let me play it keeps crashing?

      • guest

        im having the same problem. i waited 18 hours for my pumpkins to harvest but i cant even start the game now, it keeps crashing so eventually my pumpkins are gonna die.

  • Thelastpixelartist

    They're counting on kids spending $60 a pop and mum not knowing that she can disable In-App purchases.

    Never had Capcom down as greedy smurfs before, but looks like they are now.

  • Rogermoutax

    I found a really easy solution to complete it without paying anything :

    Keep all your smurfberries from the very beginning, don't spend any until you got 25 or 30 of them and then buy something worthing it...

    Only plant pumpkins , they have the best Xp bonus.....

    The trick then : plant your pumpkins ( it takes 18H ) then go to your Iphone settings , and change the time or even the day ... I change the day cause it's easier 🙂

    Go back to the game, the pumpkins are instantly ready !!!

    Like that you can reach level 25 without paying anything and you are still able to buy yourself the smurfette 🙂

    I'm now stuck at level 25, the last , and my Xp don't get higher than 0 any idea ???

    • Mayanohra

      im stuck too ! what's the problem :S

    • YuvalZak

      me 2
      what now?

    • Alec

      I got to the same place weeks ago. Capcom wants to charge PREMIUM money for a game that gets stuck at level 25.

      I'm glad I figured out the TIME TRAVEL trick the very first day or I'll still be planting onions!!!

    • Josh_xs

      the same here, iam stuck at Lvl 25

      • Kfuchs09

        im stuck on level 25 at 56% but now i have to buy the fruit pack and dont have enough smurf berries!

  • Iolalla

    I can't belive this game let's a kid buy something without asking the password. It's unvelibable that a company like CapCOM wants to get rich stealing money to kids.

    In this link can read the full stoy in spanish: (

  • Hollyhollywood

    You can get free smurfberries if you are handy with a hex editor. Get Iphone browser (it's free) get the file default.smurffmap file out of the smurff app. make sure you know how many berries you had in hex. at the very bottom of the file will be something like my smurf ville (words in hex). To the left of this is your level, then smurfberries, then money. Change it to 03ff and you will have 64,283 berries(it seems to read left to right).

    • Spmgsss

      hi, I looked into what you said a little, but knowing literally nothing about hex, could you tell me how to know which digits exactly to change in the mentioned line (my village ...) I have 21 berries currently. According to some conversion tables that equals "15" in hex? then again as I said I do not know much about the whole thing.

      • Spmgsss

        solved the prob, was correct, the smurfberry no is one line above the "my village" entry, in the third 4 double-digit blog from the left

        use this table to see what hex no your smurfberries will be:

    • Spmgsss

      hi, I looked into what you said a little, but knowing literally nothing about hex, could you tell me how to know which digits exactly to change in the mentioned line (my village ...) I have 21 berries currently. According to some conversion tables that equals "15" in hex? then again as I said I do not know much about the whole thing.

    • Guest

      I am a novice. Can you please tell me how to get to the file default.smurfmap? I dont see a way to do that on ipad or on itunes.

    • Sandratm

      How do u do this on Ipad?

  • Athensgator

    What the heck is up with this game? My 6 year old wanted it and within 15 minutes my credit card had been charged $59.99! I've never seen such highway robbery!

  • Alec



    Hey everybody!

    I know you all are angry at Capcom for being telling everyone the game is "Free" so I say, let's play but don't pay!

    If you want your crops grow instantly, earn gold fast and quickly advance in levels...


    Yes! Just that! Just be carful when traveling in time. Too far away in the futur and you'll find your crops have whitered!

    Turn your 18 hour seeds into 18 seconds Pumkins!!!

    I don't know what's worse, that Capcom tries to rip you off or that they publish a game with such a bad programming!!! 😉



    • Alec

      Please excuse my keyboard, batteries were dying and I missed a few letters! 😉

  • MeMe V.

    Has any one had a problem with the Smurfs leaving the village for being overworked? I have been changing the time on mine had have been warned twice...

    • DJLarryt

      Here's a way to shut Papa Smurf up. BEFORE doing any of his quests make sure your garden is clear and you're not in the middle of another quest. THEN go into your calendar and turn the clock/date back to the beginning of the year.

      Then you can plant Pumpkins, do quests, get points... each time you complete one, harvest your garden, and then turn the clock ahead a day or whatever timeframe you need. Keep turning it ahead and doing quests until you get to today's date and he won't scold you... he only does if you turn it back.

      Once you get far you can turn it back to the beginning of the year and start over. Again, he only complains if you turn it ahead, then back.

      • Mollygrub

        What if we have already stated his quests?? Do you mean just not having any crops planted...????

      • Guest

        Just asking if this trick is up-to-date? Or has Capcom implied something against it?

  • Karenghl

    how to solve riddle 2?
    Wat is the item?
    This is a room that has no floor, no walls, no window and also no door. What is it?

  • Killbotmyspaceboy

    i think it is really fun but i have to wait hours till my stuff grows and it takes forever to level up

  • Peter Paul Sadlon

    You get at least a couple smurfberries every level and you occasionally get one from Jokey (when he not trying to blow you up or give you something useless.) I've yet to get a required quest that requires smurfberries. Optional things like unlocking Smurfette, Baby, Farmer, Painter, Lazy, or Hefty; rapid completion of tasks; or secondary upgrades do require smurfberries however. Not so many that you cannot occasionally save up for one of the costlier ones. It just take a lot of patience.

    That said smurfberries do cost too much if you choose to buy them.

  • Guest

    How do you get free smurfberries on IPAD? Anyone? Please Answer

  • dagger

    How can you have unlimited smurfberries without jailbreaking your iphone? Thanks.

  • Halloween_scary977

    have old village but it disapeared so i made new one but today the new village disapeared also & my old one appeared!!!! so what can i do to restore my new village ????

  • Kalkut

    in that editor i really can find the smurp map w t f

  • 123

    Wow, got so many smurfberries by using hex editor... now have all kinds of special houses...

    • Joelle Ang

       Can teach us how you do it

  • Hesaysno

    I've had complete crop failure three times now, even losing crops that were hours away from harvest. There is no message or reason given. Why does this happen?