Last week when Square Enix release Voice Fantasy [$2.99], members of our forum and commenters on our review were left wondering where in the world Square's other titles that they've already announced were. Courtesy of our friends over at AppBank, we have our answer. They recently scored a hands on [Translated] of Secret of Mana, and were even able to shoot the following gameplay video:

Secret of Mana is a top-down action RPG which features a three character party wandering about the land, with each member having specific strengths and weaknesses. The Super Nintendo version of the game (As well as the Wii Virtual Console) supports up to three players playing at once, each controlling one of the characters. It isn't really clear if this will be the case in the iPhone game or not, but this could potentially be an excellent opportunity for Square to really knock it out of the park with some Game Center-powered coop online play. Sure, it seems unlikely, but it would be awesome.

Either way, according to AppBank, Secret of Mana will be available later this year. The good news is, there isn't much time left in 2010. With the iTunes Connect shutdown that happens every year around Christmas, it doesn't seem like much of a stretch to expect a Secret of Mana release in the next few weeks.

  • Chickdigger802

    arg, I don't remember my snes game having ANY loading screens at all.

    This just looks like a sloppy port.

  • EastsideStompers

    The moving clouds are a nice touch.

  • Mana

    This looks like the exact same video they released the last time we got an "update." I'm still going to be shocked if this ever does actually get released.

    • Web

      Yeah, I'll be also be shocked if they ever release Mirror's Edge... oops I mean Reckless Racing... I mean..........

      • Mana

        Different companies, and Square is a big time game company. They should'nt take this long, and they shouldnt release rehashed videos as their only updates. It's just really suspicious.

      • Web

        Bigger game company than EA?

        Even, assuming that SE themselves ordered the re-release of this video, what does that have to do with whether or not the game will be released? Why would they be promoting something that they didn't intend to release?

        It's disappointing that SE made the announcement of Secret of Mana and FFT sooo early in the development process, but I don't think that means these games are ***vaporware***.

      • Bob

        To be fair to SquareEnix, that hands on video was released in the context of a two part interview with them about the development of Chaos Rings, the sequel to that game, the possibilities of other Enix developed franchises showing up on the iOS, etc. - so it's not primarily a Secret of Mana interview or promotion. (It can be said that it's a primarily Chaos Rings oriented interview with Secret of Mana tacked on as an extra.)

      • Noah
      • Web

        I concede the point.
        Square Enix: Mega Game conglomerate.
        EA: Mom and Pop gameshop.

      • wolflaser

        I think Web's point stands.

        From the same documents you posted:

        -In North America and Europe, the high-definition console software market is growing strongly with the combined PlayStation(R)3 and Xbox 360(R) segments up 23% calendar year-to-date. The PlayStation 3 software market is up 36% calendar year-to-date.

        -EA was the #1 publisher across all platforms on the Apple(R) App Store in the quarter.

      • wolflaser

        Miscopied that first citation, should have been this one:

        -EA is the #1 publisher on high-definition consoles with 25% segment share calendar year-to date, two points higher than the same period a year ago.

      • Noah

        EA posted a net loss, while SquareEnix posted a net gain. EA may have more
        employees, but SE makes more money.

      • SiDCrAzY

        May be true, but they were talking about the size of the company itself not about who netted a profit and who didn't. Which in the end EA might've still made more money(not saying they did), but they just had higher costs. Which in turn would cause SE to have higher profits if they have lower operation costs.

        Either way EA is only smaller when compared to Activision.

  • Bob

    In the full interview ( ) they talk about development work on a sequel to Chaos Rings, which they hope to release within a year of the first one (March/April ish of 2011) Something else to look forward to!

  • JBangin

    I have two important things to say. One, Secret of Mana, is in the top 5 RPG's of all time, if you haven't played it, make sure you do. Also SOM is the perfect game to make online multiplayer. They have to! I will literally find friends, make them buy the game, so we can all sit in the room and play together. If SE it could become a huge Iphone 4 hit, if not, only us true hardcare gamers will download it.

  • sirawesome

    Sorry not to sound like an idiot but I have been following these forums since i got my ipod touch last Christmas but what exactly is the 'iTunes Connect shutdown that happens every year around Christmas"


    • Eli Hodapp

      Sometime in late December Apple closes down iTunes Connect, which is what developers use to submit and modify their App Store listings. I don't remember exactly when it happened last year, but there's a period of around a week or so where the App Store is basically locked. Nothing gets approved and no prices get changed. Of course, who knows if this year will be the same or not.

  • Dendory

    Seems like a good business model, take all your 20 years old games and re-release them on ipad

  • i101

    I loved this Game when I was a kid. Its bought the day they release it on the Appstore. Thanks Square Enix

  • Noman

    I for one commend SE for actually taking their time on these and (hopefully) providing well-made ports. I want this and FFT as much as anyone, but I'm glad they aren't rushing it.

    • Chickdigger802

      Yep. I do not want those bad loading times.

  • E_Domina

    legend of mana on ps1 was actually pretty good. if they port that, i will be happy. but only if they also release chrono trigger or chaos rings 2 or some sort of ffvii because i know ffvii is possible on even 2g devices if optimized

  • Anonymous

    Have you guys heard what happened to Final Fantasy 14? You want SE to delay it if the game is not perfect instead of releasing a shitty product.

  • Hg

    This looks to be a much better port than some companies do *cough* Sega *cough*. It isn't running in an emulator, they have made the menu system touch based. I don't expect the load times to ever reach cartridge speeds but I agree the load times in the video are a little too much.

    • Jebby Deringer

      The whole game should be able to load into memory though and RAM is as fast or faster than cartridge speeds.

  • Cat Astrophy

    Multiplayer was terrible on this game because you needed to open the ring menus a TON to grind up spell levels (spam, inn, spam, inn) so you could trivialize the rest of the game. If they include MP they will have to make sure no one else's game gets paused when they open their ring menu.

  • Michael Robson

    Pretty cool, but keep in mind, it's a 16 bit game.. on an iphone, you have "now loading" screens? WTF Square? Have you seen Epic Citadel??

  • Marcus H

    It's SO bought on day one. Give it Game Center support, online multiplayer with voice chat (I can dream, right), and a special animated Rabiteman cinema, and I'll cry many tears of joy.