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Hands-On Footage of ‘Secret of Mana’ by Square Enix

Last week when Square Enix release Voice Fantasy [$2.99], members of our forum and commenters on our review were left wondering where in the world Square’s other titles that they’ve already announced were. Courtesy of our friends over at AppBank, we have our answer. They recently scored a hands on [Translated] of Secret of Mana, and were even able to shoot the following gameplay video:

Secret of Mana is a top-down action RPG which features a three character party wandering about the land, with each member having specific strengths and weaknesses. The Super Nintendo version of the game (As well as the Wii Virtual Console) supports up to three players playing at once, each controlling one of the characters. It isn’t really clear if this will be the case in the iPhone game or not, but this could potentially be an excellent opportunity for Square to really knock it out of the park with some Game Center-powered coop online play. Sure, it seems unlikely, but it would be awesome.

Either way, according to AppBank, Secret of Mana will be available later this year. The good news is, there isn’t much time left in 2010. With the iTunes Connect shutdown that happens every year around Christmas, it doesn’t seem like much of a stretch to expect a Secret of Mana release in the next few weeks.