If you were excited after yesterday's story about Infinity Blade (previously known as Project Sword), wait until you get a load of this. Eurogamer tracked down Donald Mustard, creative director of Chair Entertainment which is the Epic Games subsidiary responsible for Infinity Blade development. Here's what someone who has spent months working with the Unreal Engine thinks about the potential of Infinity Blade and the Unreal Engine on iOS devices:

"I didn't take it that seriously until we started making this game," he explained. "Now I'm like, 'Oh my goodness, this is literally going to be the best looking handheld game ever made'. It's way beyond what a DS or PSP could do.

"I think it's going to be an interesting future, especially if in two years we can really run Gears of War on an iPhone."

Now, that two year figure assumes we'll see incremental hardware upgrades like we have so far, and later he goes on to clarify that we'll at least see games like this within five years. This raises other potential issues though, such as are gamers going to be interested in playing a full game experience like Gears of War on a handheld touch screen device? Will it be commercially viable for developers to invest their time in to building games of this caliber if App Store price points remain the same? What does this mean for Nintendo and other handheld device manufacturers? (For instance, Joystiq recently reported the 3DS was below the minimum requirements for the Unreal Engine.)

Regardless of what actually happens, I think we can all agree that this is an incredible time to be a gamer-- Especially with an iOS device in your pocket.

[via Eurogamer]

  • http://twitter.com/Alienmario Alienmario

    gears of war..is ok but i want mass effect 2, just imagine it packed in the retina display!
    But i will be definitely looking forward if they decide to port GoW

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZSH34UP6R2TTHTDQ2UQIUCHGNU andrzej raczynski

      seeing either crammed into a tiny tot screen would make me barf. the ipad however would be elevated off my lap...

  • MunchGorg

    Yeah, and nintendo and sony going to wait until Iphone add good hardware hahaha
    Apple always going to be behind nintendo

    • Darth Pugz

      ??? Have you played a DS game lately? I'm pretty sure every single Iphone iteration has been ahead of Nintendo.

      • Anonymous

        In regards to what? Certainly not gameplay in games or the ratio of good games.

      • Bramsey89

        In regards to graphics. You should learn how to read threads.

    • Anirdb

      Apple behind Nintendo in terms of hardware ?! lol...take a look at ANY DS title..most of them are just so f**kin ugly in terms of graphics!

      • Anonymous

        ...and then look at the sales.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1335603011 Greg Feingold

        If Gears of War is released on the iPod Touch, Apple will sell more than the DS. For sure.

      • Anonymous

        I doubt it.

      • Anonymous

        I'm not so sure it's that much of a contributing factor. It'll help raise awareness of the device among a different crowd of gamers and developers alike, but both Apple and Nintendo made their riches in this market by appealing to the casual gamers. Gears of War isn't quite "where it's at" in this case.

      • ItsMeJenz

        I would buy GoW instantly!
        Not everyone play casual games on their iPhones, I mostly play fps and such.

  • Adams Immersive

    Playing a full-scale GoW-type experience on a little handheld screen but would neat, and certainly fun, but maybe not enough to justify the development cost?

    So do it on iPad instead! πŸ™‚

    • Jeremy Tylanol

      I'd rather commission Ben Heck to make me a portable console with some buttons and a joystick..

  • Darth Pugz

    I get the impression he meant Gears of War level of graphics, not the actual game. I'm pretty sure Microsoft owns all rights to that franchise.

    • Jeremy Tylanol

      Epic own the IP for Gears

  • The Flash Guy

    No-one would suggest that Triple A titles would be developed on iOS first, they would produce a PC / Console version and port it to iOS using a framework such as Rage or Unreal Tech. But the fact that we can expect this in a couple of years is staggering!

  • Mister Mumbles

    "It's got the Unreal Engine. It's going to be awesome!" Seriously, a game using a certain engine means diddly squat. There are many 'Unreal Engine' games that are merely average or worse. Tech does not a good game make.

    • Anonymous

      Dark Void comes to iPhone!

      *no one applauds*

  • laughingtony

    Seriously... What is wrong with you people? You see "'Gears of War' Possible on iPhone" and, instead of rejoicing, most of you STILL find something to complain about. Anyway. I think this is some of the best news yet for the iCommunity!

    • Jeremy Tylanol

      Not all negative comments are complaining they're adding to the discussion, ironically your comment is a complaint.

      • laughingtony

        Why are there any negative comments at all? A major developer is thinking about making a Gears of War type game for iOS. For an announcement like this, there should only be cheering.

      • Jeremy Tylanol

        You can't control other people opinions you can only add to the discussion to make yourself heard, and the point is it will only LOOK like GOW, it can never play like it unless you have a controller, and the question remains how good does it need to look on a 3 inch screen?

  • Darthslim108

    I'm not a big Gears of War fan, but I would love to see Mass Effect done with this! I wonder how much Infinity Blade will cost, because I would gladly pay $20+ to play Mass Effect or other console-quality games on my iPod. Apple better create some longer-lasting batteries though!

    • Darth Pugz

      I seem to remember that Epic already said that they are going to be pricing this a bit higher than your average IOS games. My guess is $15-$20. The question is how long it will take before the inevitable $0.99 weekend sale happens. πŸ™‚

  • http://twitter.com/lions3 Bill Keeter

    "This raises other potential issues though, such as are gamers going to be interested in playing a full game experience like Gears of War on a handheld touch screen device?"

    You're thinking too small. What if your gaming console was your mobile device? you can play mobile or connect it to your TV. If it can handle Gears of War in the next couple years why would you want another device that JUST sits by the tv?

    • Anonymous

      There's no evidence of that happening yet, so why make presumptions? Everyone is is discussing the situation according to the info they've been given, not making up some fantasy land where everything connects seamlessly and Xbox 1080s and PS7s are carried around in a credit card holder.

      • laughingtony

        Where do you think new ideas come from? They come from so-called "fantasy land." The iPhone didn't appear out of thin air. A group of imaginative people have to dream it up.

        Mobile gaming is big, and is growing at a phenomenal rate. As more people begin to see the benefit of portable technology, chances are they'll likely begin to abandon those clunky boxes that can't go anywhere with them.

      • Anonymous

        You're right. In that case I'll base every single one of my comments on the assumption that phones of 2012 will be solar powered with quad core processors, a resolution of 1680x1050 and come with a free brick of gold and a kiss from a beautiful European princess. Because it makes total sense to judge things using facts that don't yet exist, since fantasy land is where things come from.

      • Andlerew

        Completely right.

        If iPhones will be as powerful in a couple years as the Xbox 360 is today, who's not to say that consoles will be significantly more powerful as well?

        Stupid logic is stupid. There still are people who want the best graphics, and huge worlds within games.

  • seleneluna

    CoD: Zombies sold a lot even when it wasn't on sale. So people will pay high price for a game if it's high quality.

    • Jeremy Tylanol

      correction, people will pay a high price if its a brand and on the front page!

  • spidey

    I would have a problem in playing very highly immersive games on my iPod. But on an iPad or any other tablet when I own one... Looking forward to that

    • Silentcorp

      With 15 hours sunk into Galaxy on Fire 2, I'm thinking myself and many other gamers would have no problem! I actually use my iphone about 6 times more than my iPad for gaming. Something about the weight, width of the bezel and controls never mesh welll with me on the ipad.

  • Jeremy Tylanol

    Technically its great, but there is only so much you can do on a small screen, look at films, are you really going to want to watch that film you've been waiting for on a tiny screen, nop you're gona watch it at the cinema or on your big screen at home and get the best experience possible... same goes for games.

    I'm hoping a new style of game comes out of the capabilities of new mobile devices, its backward thinking to port over the equivalent of an action effects movie onto a tiny screen, its totally missing the point... having said that it'd probably do extremely well cos as we all know, money does not necessarily lie where sense lies!

    • Dan Dbyeayea

      And we all know some peoples opinions don't reflect how other people think or feel.

      • Jeremy Tylanol

        So we all have differences of opinion? I'm glad you cleared that up!

  • Jeremy Tylanol

    I'm sure you'll be seeing more 20% battery remaining more often too... they should change the warning to "You've been playing a game for more than 45mins, go stand in the corner!!!... preferably next to a power outlet" XD

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ML6FSGSCAZJYGRWGP7KM6GY7BM Eddie

      Totally agree. I have a DS and an iPod touch. When I'm out and about, I feel good knowing I won't have to feel guilty about playing a game b/c the battery's only going to last for 30-40 min. iPod is good for casual/time-killing type stuff but for a REAL gaming experience? No way. I've tried first-person shooters on the platform and...well, the controls suck. But at least the graphics look good, right? I don't think so. Visuals don't mean everything.

      • EzeKiel

        Apparently Eddie some people just get wet because of visuals. They don't really mind about games. That's why when I go out, I carry my DS instead (soon, 3DS). I get great stories, great games and great graphics there to play. My iPhone is for casual games and it has to be connected to my mac, otherwise it just eats the battery life in 30min.

        Gear of Wars: great! but really, not the best thing in the world. Just another game. I can still remember how 90% of THE PEOPLE ON THIS SITE was hyped about Nova or that crappy GTA gameloft came out with.

        Now they got Nova 2 and the gameloft's GTA second version and they just went "meh" because of GRAPHICS! so yes, Nintendo has a better base of customer (japan + rest of the world + some small american public) and they really know how to handle the spirit of games (family fun + some hardcore titltes).

        I'm sitting here and wait for someone to say "Epic? Unreal3 engine? Rage? meh... didn't they heard about --insert x techdemo here-- ? what are they thinking? iPad4 anyone? retinav2?"

        While they keep talking about tiny shades over some character shoulder and how real the grass looks and how it HAS to have the hype-of-the-month; I will buy 3D games on my "prev-gen" nintendo ds (soon, 3Ds!).

      • D1st0rtedFate

        I agree. People need to accept that the iDevices are for casual gaming. Even when an iDevice game has better graphics than a DS or PSP game, they lack the depth that comes with it. You just can't do with a cell phone what you can do with a GAMING DEVICE. I love my iPod, but I don't expect or want FFIV or Scribblenauts to be ported. They would just turn it into a minigame and kill the depth. A DS game has multiple gigs of storage. one or two ds games, let alone psp or god forbid 360 games would kill an idevice's framerate, ram, storage space, and battery.

      • Timm

        Kind of shows how clueless are... so if the criteria for you on an "in-depth" game is storage, ram, etc., well, the DS only has 4MB of ram compared to the iPhone 4's 512MB, the average DS game is between 64MB - 128 MB where as an iPhone's game can be up to 2GB (I think the largest game at the moment is +700MB) and the iPhone just has a faster processor, better graphics chip, etc. everything that you would want in a gaming device (except physical buttons, and a good program will be able to make a game tailored to the iDevice's touchscreen for an experience you can't get on DS or PSP!) as soon as YOU people learn to accept that the iDevices are NOT just cellphones, then you'll see why more games are being sold for iDevices than any other game system. Period.

      • D1st0rtedFate

        Tell me one non-ported iGame that has more content than the average DS/PSP game, and I will lay down my arms.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ML6FSGSCAZJYGRWGP7KM6GY7BM Eddie

        "...as soon as YOU people learn to accept that the iDevices are NOT just cellphones..."

        Duh. Us "people" aren't stupid. Maybe you are. I have an Evo (Sprint) and an iPod touch 3G. I think I know that my itouch is "not just a cellphone." In fact, it isn't a cellphone. I use my itouch to check news, use the Calendar and Notes apps (the latter especially in class), and various other things besides just games.

        "...then you'll see why more games are being sold for iDevices than any other game system..."

        Who are you, a sales rep for Apple? How do you, and Steve Jobs for that matter, know that the "millions" of 'apps' sold in the App Store are a considerable percentage of 'games'? I think we all know apps sell extremely well in the App Store but come on.What? Do you have a colander to sift through the hordes of apps and games to specifically quantify that strictly App Store games sell more than as you say "any other gaming system"? No. I don't even. And that's ridiculous.

        If you w00t for the idevices because you're a fan, that's cool and I'm happy for you: we all have our preferences. But stop fanboying and trying to make it seem that your system of choice is a real gaming machine. And if it truly is a gaming machine, why is it that playing a complex 3D game MURDERS the battery in less than 30-40 min when a 3D game can run on a DS or PSP for hours? Please.

      • Andy_Mars

        You're all insane! Any positive iPhone gaming comment is scorned as 'fanboyish' even though there is frankly plenty of evidence that it is a legitimate gaming machine. Just ask Nintendo.

        Much like a guy earlier in the comments, I've sunk hours into GoF2, which has all the depth and polish of 90% of ds and psp games. Also, I can play it for more than 4 hours before the 20% warning shows up. This is not a problem, since when I'm out and about I'm usually not just gaming, and if I'm just sitting in the car, it'll still last me the 260 miles to London (plus I have a car charger). Seriously, 30 minutes? That's pure bullshit.

        Hyperbole is the antichrist, and it has no place in rational discussion.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=551080582 Nick Papageorge

    Damn. I know I don't want to play full gears on my iPhone or iPad, just because the control scheme would suck, but the theory behind it kicks tons of ass.

    Games like this need a real controller. Without a real controller, just, no thanks.

  • Buklau

    I want!!!!!!

  • Buklau

    Seriously everyone complaining. If you don't want it just don't buy it you fucks.

    • http://twitter.com/ScottColbert Scott Colbert

      Yah, because everyone should drink the kool aid, no questions asked, right?

    • Jeremy Tylanol

      I think you miss the point of comment sections, its called discussion!

      Expressing your want for something is possibly the weakest point made on here, but its a point you felt needed to be herd, who am I to judge!

  • K Shireman

    the controls for fps's on the iphone may not be perfect but they are far better than those on the psp and DS even if they do have physical buttons. dual virtual sticks are far better than a single d pad or stick.

  • Yanley504

    like why are you all saying bad things, the iOS devices have the capability to blow psp and ds out the water, i dont thing any handheld gaming experience can compete, except maybe pokemon yellow πŸ˜› but u can already do that on iphone, jus the scale of graphics from gears of war is enough for me to drop 30 bucks or however much they wanna start selling them, make us a real final fantasy game to!

    • D1st0rtedFate

      If the DS and PP wanted to, they could make a game with much better graphics than a iDevice game. The problem here is space. If you make a game with good graphics, you will sacrifice content. The most beautiful iOS games can't compare to the best PSP or DS games. The deepest, most immersing iOS games don't have anywhere near the depth of the average PSP or DS title. iDevices are for casual gaming; Apple just enjoys over-hyping their devices. I love my iPod and iPad, I just know that a DS, PSP, or god forbid CONSOLE gaming experience is never going to be possible.

      • Andy_Mars

        Why the hell not? Everyone seems to have this fantastical view of what makes a great game! The tech of the device defines the ability to render graphics and the number of objects on screen, but the depth is entirely game design!

        With enough talent, you could create a deep, beautiful immersive game on any system, so the idea that it is 'never going to be possible' on iPhone is purile and you clearly haven't thought it through.

  • Vfj Janssen

    I would rather see Apple developing a game controller which mimmicks the PS3's and 360's button layout which would pair with the iPad via bluetooth. Imagine playing full games with a controller!!!! It's like a pocket console for in the car. You could play fighting games with two persons. Or if you would lay the iPad vertically between you and a friend on a table, both equipped with a bluetooth controller, you could even play 2 player splitscreen multiplayer/co-op shooters... Apple, hire me!!!

  • http://dendory.net Dendory

    It's all about the controls tho!

  • D1st0rtedFate

    Are you kidding? The best looking "iGames" are almost completely devoid of content, and the ones with bad graphics and good content still don't get anywhere close to the amount of content in a retail game. Console titles will never be ported to portable systems WELL. Let alone a cell phone. People need to understand this and just accept that the handheld gaming device should be kept separate from consoles. It will always disappoint.

    • Timm

      You are so clueless, read my response to you above as to why you are wrong...

      • Jeremy Tylanol

        And you sir were responded to with a valid point!

  • Bethanygryph

    I realize I'm not the "hard-core" gamer these sorts of titles are aimed at...

    ...but really, I'm a lot more interested in "is is fun?" than "does it have phenomenal 3d graphics?"

    Not that I don't like pretty graphics, but I'd rather have a great game.

    I keep thinking of Ravensword -- very pretty game (not as pretty as this, of course), and fun as far as it went, but it only took a few evenings to finish and has little replay value.

  • pituitary

    Lol, if you think about it, they said "two years from now".. Apple always releases a new gen of iphone/ipod touch every year, and that would be iphone 6/ipod touch 6g for the next two years.. and to think PSP phone is coming, i doubt Steve Jobs will just sit and wait for psp phone domination..

    Maybe we will have an iphone with a native dpad soon than we are expecting.. πŸ™‚

    • Anonymous

      Hey when push comes to shove...you never know...

  • Sadface

    It's pretty cool that they can push these kind of graphics on the system. It's too bad there are no buttons. I'd hate to try to play any kind of real game on a touchscreen. So far the controls for every serious game has been between terrible and ignorable. Givers me the shivers just thinking about it.. I suppose it might be fun for those who bought the icontrol add on (or whatever the button add on is called) or those who want to play a doodle jump with new awesome graphics.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ML6FSGSCAZJYGRWGP7KM6GY7BM Eddie

      Agreed. But I've always felt that these controller add-ons for the iPhone and iPod touch defeat one of those devices main purposes which is their sleek portability. It's like fitting a surround sound add-on with controller handles to a DS: if you want a console experience, play a console game. Again, I have an iPod touch 3G so I'm totally not bagging the device but if it were a real system, there'd be no need to fit it with such add-ons. It's trying to shoehorn the functionality of an actual gaming system onto something that plays games (and does it very well in a few cases) but isn't a gaming system because it does so much more than just that.

  • seleneluna

    I admire these ambitious developers who try to set the bar higher in iPhone gaming. I think Gears of War type games fit touch control plus gyro, seeing the success in Nova by Gameroft etc.
    It seems some people here don't want to admit the fact though.

  • blah

    Another problem with "next-gen" 3D graphics on the iDevices: Development budgets for iGames are usually fairly limited, so if you're going to have high-poly models, hi-res textures etc, most of the money is going to be spent on that, leaving content and gameplay polish at the door. Personally, I'd rather play a game with mediocre production values, but lots of depth and content than a glorified tech demo.

    I mean, let's be realistic here, what dev would invest millions of dollars into a game so they can sell it for a maximum of about $20 to what's for all purposes a niche audience on the Appstore? And that's not even taking piracy into account.

    • EzeKiel

      Well, after seeing how people trashed the Gameloft GTA, Nova and Samurai 2, I can only think if those developers are going to make games with more depth for the idevices with four-six months of development just to get trashed on forums and blogs in 10 minutes because "they aren't epic citadel".

      I can only think they will be doing a cut-the-rope / angry birds / tower defense kind of game the next time, just because it sells and comes fairly quickly.

      And then we go down to what Jobs said: we have enough tower defense games on the appstore.

      Yes, sure about that. But if it isn't that, it's six months of development to get trashed in 10 minutes (samurai 2...anyone?).

      Let's just see what happens with this. I hope developers can set the bar a bit higher not in graphics, not in gameplay, but in educating customers (just like japan does)

  • Alex

    Fact is I've played more on my iphone that cumulatively on my DS and PSP. Yes, DS owns on some games (RPG comes to mind), but when I play Galaxy on Fire 2, Espgaluda 2, Cut the rope, Monorace, or the 50 other great games I've played on the device, I really can't complain about "lack of depth", or "shitty touch controls". These games are sold between 79cts and 5€, are the games sold 40€ on DS and PSP 8 times better, surely not.
    Ok, I've still not found Zelda on my iphone, but in terms of shmups it's one of the best offer there is on the market, with great gameplay, puzzlers are coming every week, and I'm finding trainyard or angry birds are very solid games, that can match up easily with 40€ games on PSP or DS, etc etc etc.

    So I don't understand this "poor gameplay" or "lack of depth" people keep throwing around, I prefer playing FPS on an iphone than on a DS or a PSP, cause I've two sticks to do it, I'm curious to see people naming games with so much depth on a PSP or a DS, cause most of them aren't that deep at all, and I'm always curious to understand how is it possible that on this site we can find so many people that obviously didn't try that much games on IOS...

  • http://geekologie.com Dr Sketchy

    I can't imagine how they will do the controls on Gears on iPhone