After taking a look at Lil' Pirates a couple of weeks ago, Capcom Mobile is keeping the casual social freemium game trend going with their recently announced Smurfs' Village. Smurfs' Village looks to mimic some of the same mechanics of other similar titles like We Farm [Free] and Farmville [Free], but wraps it up in gorgeous artwork based on the classic Smurfs franchise. While these kinds of games have proved to be insanely popular as of late, they aren't typically my kind of game personally. But as a fan of the Smurfs growing up, I must admit I'm intrigued by the concept of Smurfs' Village and can't deny that the screens are looking fantastic.

The game begins as the Smurfs' village has just been desecrated by their nemesis Gargamel. Papa Smurf guides you as you rebuild the village starting out with just a small house and plot of land. As the village grows, more specialized houses, gardens, and structures will become available. A crew of your favorite Smurf characters will join in as well, offering their own unique abilities. When you're not busy building your village you can partake in some mini games based on things like painting, baking and mixing potions with Papa Smurf. Facebook integration will allow you to share your Smurfing exploits socially with your buddies online. Click on any of the pictures below to get the full size high resolution image:

Smurfs' Village will be launching sometime in November, and will be free to download and play. As is the case with most freemium games, much of the progression will be constricted by timers, and you'll have the ability to purchase special Smurfberries that allow you to grow and construct your village more quickly if you choose. The sharp look of the artwork and allure of nostalgia has captured my interest for Smurfs' Village, and we'll be taking a closer look at the game when it launches for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad next month.

  • Dendory

    That's like.. Farmville for kids... get em young and ready for their life time Facebook addiction. Excellent!

  • Capone

    Well, it seems I'm still a kid. These screenshots take me back into the past. 🙂
    Here's a preview vid:

  • Dyscode

    I don´t know what is the greater atrocity: Smurfs or Freenium

  • Nitzan Wilnai

    That actually looks really cool.

  • Yongky Kuncoro

    When I saw the screenshot, I had butterflies in me stomach and upon reading the news, I found myself giggling like a wee lass! I grew up with these cretins and I still love them blue critters! Wonderful news mate! Thanks for the head's up! Finally, something to look forward to next month!

    • dildog

      a lass with a wee. mmmmmm

  • ekiwi ;)

    Jared i'm tempted by your usual awesome preview but i need one question answered to push me over the edge.... do we get to smurf smurfette? :p

  • Jenny

    I WANT THIS GAME! (I'm a huuuge smurfs nut!)

    Want want want want!

  • KlickTock

    Yeah this looks like it'll be a huge hit. BTW, they really should just call it "Smurfville" and be done with it! 😀

  • araczynski

    ah the memories, would love me some blue pie.

  • Klouud

    la la, la-la-la-la. la-la-la-la-laAaAaA. la la, la-la-la-la. la-la-la-la-laAaAaA.

  • Dale

    How Smurfy 🙂

  • radchad1

    and I'm going to be honest I know that a lot of people are happy with this new fermium pricing structure. I'm really worried that developers are taking advantage of us though. The idea that ms is using with the windows phone 7 sounds much better a game to try before you buy. The freemium pricing structure is insert more money to keep playing our game. I would rather have a free trial of the game with IAP that way then the freemium model. This is not the correct way to combat pirates of apps guys and gals.

    • chris

      i feel the same way and refuse to pay for such game play. its all i can do. i do not use facebook either, or myspace or other social outlets. so maybe thats why i cant get into this type of game.. no peer pressure from friends to play with them. heh, they know where i stand on this stuff. have a great day.. and i too grew up with the smurfs... smurfett sure was a slush!! and papa smurf ruled them all. always did feel sorry for the kitty..


  • Azreal

    Futur hit in perspective!

  • Bobby

    Wow. A farmville like smurfs game. Another piece of my childhood has just died.

    Besides, everyone knows Smurfs don't eat strawberries. They eat SMURFBERRIES!

    That is just smurfed up. 😉

    • Jenny

      Actually, throughout the course of the television series the smurfs ate everything from cake to stew. What would the show be without Greedy smurf and his delicious creations? 😛

  • k88dad

    So blue... the horror!

  • Qwde3

    yes smurfs!

  • kali

    hi there

  • kali

    Smurfs village

  • Xxrainbowkayxx

    hi there smurfs village is so cool i am level 25 

  • Tiffany Veronica

    How to get that much smurfberries? I'm lack of smurfberries. 🙁
    Please let me know to my e-mail