Id Software's Rage is high up on my list of games I can't wait to play. It's going to be released on the PC and home consoles on September 3rd, 2011, and spinoff game for iOS devices is also in the works that is coming this November. The Bethesda Blog posted a developer diary of sorts by John Carmack today which is filled with some great technical details and newly revealed information on their upcoming Rage-based iOS game, Mutant Bash TV.

Starting things out, John admits that mobile development at Id hasn't been on the top of the priority list, and it wasn't until the end of July that he even started writing the engine that would power the iPhone game. (We saw the results at QuakeCon.) In the post, Carmack also reveals that while with this engine it's technically possible to compile the full-blown PC/console version of Rage for the iPhone, he describes it as a "hopelessly bad idea," citing inappropriate performance tradeoffs and control differences.

He admits what they do have is fun, and unlike anything else available for the iOS. After seeing the success of Myst, which is a 700MB download, that became their target file size for the "standard definition" version of the game. The "high definition" version for the iPad and iPhone 4 will be twice that size. Carmack then goes on to explain that the full version of Rage weighs in at an incredible 20GB. Even more surprising, this game is going to launch at 99¢ for the standard version, and $1.99 for the HD. Carmack thinks "people will be very happy with the value."

But what is this game going to be all about? John explains in detail:

The little slice of RAGE that we decided to build the iPhone product around is “Mutant Bash TV”, a post apocalyptic combat game show in the RAGE wasteland. This is the perfect setup for a quintessential first person shooter game play experience — you pick your targets, aim your shots, time your reloads, dodge the bad guys, and try and make it through to the end of the level with a better score than last time. Beyond basic survival, there are pickups, head shots, and hit streak multipliers to add more options to the gameplay, and there is a broad range of skill levels available from keep-hitting-fire-and-you-should-make-it to almost-impossible.

A large goal of the project has been to make sure that the levels can be replayed many times. The key is making the gamplay itself the rewarding aspect, rather than story progression, character development, or any kind of surprises. Many of the elements that made Doom Resurrection good the first time you played it hurt the replayability, for instance. RAGE iOS is all action, all the time. I have played the game dozens of times, and testing it is still fun instead of a chore.

Carmack has built his life around making games that are not only technically impressive and beautiful, but also tons of fun to play. If gameplay is in fact the rewarding part of Mutant Bash TV, I can't wait to give it a try. This all is making the end of November seem even more far away.

  • Tkun

    99 cents? Are you kidding me? They could sell this for $10 and still get tons of people buying it! But that's very generous of them nonetheless. 🙂

  • CodeRed

    Nah, $.99 is good for just playing one level over and over, I wouldn't pay more than that.

    • Scott Colbert

      There's more than one level. read the article, he's saying there's not as many as people would expect.

    • King John

      I agree... if you are looking for long lasting fun .. try Word Score ... I bought it and am really enjoying it ....

  • Eric

    I expect it after Christmas.

  • JVM156

    is he saying Rage is gonna be 20 gigs??? who could even download that. i dont like the idea of games being a gig. these things need 128 gig hard drives asap if games r gonna be like that

    • snowy2004

      "... which is a 700MB download, that became their target file size for the "standard definition" version of the game. The "high definition" version for the iPad and iPhone 4 will be twice that size. "

      RAGE for PC/Consoles will be 20GB. RAGE: Mutant Bash TV for iOS will be 700MB to 1.4 GB.

    • Wejioejioqewijo

      Is this a joke? Every single PC game I've bought or downloaded in the last year with few exceptions has been 5-30 gigs. Walmart dells come with what? 400 gig hard drives now? How is this possibly an issue for anyone not living in 1999

    • FABiAN201


    • FABiAN202

      he's saying that the PS#/360 versionis gonna be 20 gigs

    • Fabian

      he's saying that the ps3 /360 verison is gonna be 20 gigs

  • Silentcorp

    I <3 Carmack!

  • Anonymous

    Awesome news. It's a pity it's not got a story line but it will be brilliant none the less and very enjoyable and beautiful. So I guess this is the whole game rather then the tech demo he originally promised? Never mind, tons of games to get this Christmas.

    • Anon

      if you want a "story line", read a book.

      • Thaurin

        Why? People have different tastes, you know. There is no reason a game shouldn't have a story line. This "read a book" nonsense has been thrown around by narrowminded people long enough.

      • EzeKiel

        Or buy a PS3/XBOX. You get Next Gen graphics, hours of gameplay on most titles, and of course, story lines. And it's almost for the same price than a iPhone 4G, a bit more, a bit less.

        Of course, you will have to pay a LOT for those games, not the usual 99c per game but, then again, each one with its choice.

      • Jerome

        You're right, some people like a storyline in their games, but many developers have taken this so far that they sacrifice replay value and even interaction for the sake of elaborate stories, lengthy cutscenes, and quicktime events. That's treating the core strength of interactive media like it's expendable in pursuit of emulating movies, and it's not healthy for gaming in general.

      • Anon

        what i was trying to convey with my first post was "not every game needs a story". your reply amounts to "every game must have a story", so who's narrowminded eh?

        i think there are plenty of reasons for a game NOT to have a story. let's say i'm playing a simple, arcadey highscore-based action game like *hint hint* rage: mutant bash tv. would it be conductive to my experience if i had to watch a long cutscene every time i died before being able to see the highscore screen? would it be a better game if i had to endure endless melodramatic animu-style dialog before i could try again?

        but you're probably just a kid who grew up with in the xbawks 360 age and think that replacing half the gameplay with non-interactive hollywood envy crap actually constitutes good game design or something.

  • IpodTouch4GCrazy!

    When he says the 'HD Version for iPhone 4' will the HD version support iPod touch 4g? I REALLY hope so. 🙂

    • Eli Hodapp

      Presumably the "HD" version will be for the iPad and Retina Display devices. Wouldn't make much sense to exclude the iPod touch.

      • tsharpfilm

        EA did with the new FIFA and Reckless Racing. Bugs are likely to blame, but a lot of "iPotch 4G" owners were let down. To clear up confusion and worry, maybe developers could just throw iPod touch 4G or "retina display devices" (like that one) into the list.

  • IpodTouch4GCrazy!!

    P.S: I love that, finally, developers (id) are making seperate games for 3G-1G and 4G
    Thank you id, now everybodies happy 🙂

    • Lolo

      Yayaya. hd version is for ip4 and ipad, for ipod4 there is a version like from 3gs

  • Rocco Menzel

    The article makes me expecting a tech demo with a little to do.
    Why not taking a year more time to show, that you can build a great console game packed with content? Galaxy on Fire recently showed that it's possible.

    • Scott Colbert

      Because the file size would be ridiculous. He even says that in the article. Besides they'll makea ton more money on real consoles as opposed to iDevices.


      Carmack said he didn't have the time to devote the 4 months needed to develop a brand new purpose-built forward looking game engine for 3rd gen devices and up. As it is, it looks like the 2 months he spent to update the existing OpenGL ES 1.1 Doom Resurrection engine and bring over existing RAGE content was already pushing it. I doubt he or id has the time to devote 1 year to develop a purpose-built full console quality game for iOS. His time is better spent pushing RAGE out the door to fund unconstrained (ie. not just iOS focused) R&D. Besides, 2 months of Carmack's time for a $0.99 game does seem like good value.

  • Anonymous

    i <3 id

  • Zoett

    If I remember correctly from the earlier articles, it was also said that there would be a bigger version coming next year at the same time as the console release. Will this still be the case? this definitely looks very nice.

  • Dendory

    I typically don't like FPS on the iPhone but I will be trying this for sure.

  • miffy

    if it's a rail shooter then I ain't interested.

  • Anonymous

    This engine eats Epic Citadel for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

  • Harsheet

    John Carmack sings: Strange Charm: A Song about Quarks

  • araczynski

    THANK JOHN. I'll buy this on the iPad sight unseen just to support the price point. gameloft/ea can take all their 9.99 games and shove it. i go out of my way to not touch those till they drop them to 0.99.

  • Frumius

    Really? Where have we seen that demonstrated? Epic Citadel is really looking sweet on my iPod touch 4th Gen, but I haven't seen anything other than Carmack up on a stage showing a tech demo on a big screen (QuakeCon). What he showed looked neat in a video on the web, but the demonstration did not reveal stunning visual quality the way holding Epic Citadel in my hand does. If it truly does blow Epic Citadel away, then it will be extremely sweet.

    • G-unit-14


    • Anonymous

      That demo had actual moving character models. Epic Citadel is a joke.


      Somehow I think concentrating on getting an actual game out the door, rather than putting out tech demos so that people can go "oh shiny", is the right decision.

      What's more the interest behind John Carmack is not just his ability to produce great looking games, but also the technical wizardry behind it. Epic Citadel is only compatible with 3rd gen devices and OpenGL ES 2.0 which may be more conducive of better visuals. This RAGE game however works and looks great on OpenGL ES 1.1 and 1st and 2nd gen devices. Now it can be argued whether Epic Citadel looks better or how much is being left on the floor by not focusing exclusively on newer devices, getting RAGE working across all iOS devices is a technical achievement.

  • Stephen Harrell

    There's a lot of kids on here (and responses being posted) about Carmack's comments without really understanding who this dude is. Let's put it this way: He is iD software. He created Doom...and Quake. Quake was the first game to use full 3D polygons for all character models and level environments. He ushered in Open GL features with Quake 2. In other words....they created the "separate video chipset to push the graphics" thing (omg...Voodoo video cards....old school!). This guy almost single handedly created 3D engine powered video games. I'd go so far to say that he's the single most important person in the video game industry. He pioneered the entire FPS genera and his engines are used TODAY in Xbox and PS3 games.

    In other words, anything this dude has to say about can pretty much assume it's the gospel truth. Period.

    • Jacob Rampey

      Seriously man. The most profitable FPS ever made (CoD MW2) uses Carmack/ID's engine. Now that's saying something.

  • Rad

    Great Price point, can't wait ! Now lets see if the Apple servers can handle all the downloads.

  • Maikelg

    A 700 to 1400 MB download size is completely insane, That could easy be 3 GB or more uncompressed on your device. I have a 32 GB iPod4 and even I would have to make room for that. And if they do updates you would need double of that available. What about the people who have 8-16 GB devices?

  • Jas

    Awesome graphicsm awesome price. Kudos to Carmack. Hopefully the gameplay will be great too, but you can't knock what we've seen and read to date!

  • Anonymous

    Is this just another tech demo rail shooter that exists solely to show that ID can cram some texture maps into the iPhone or some sort of actual game that you play? I don't really get it.

  • Jakub Nesetril

    "Carmack has built his life around making games that are not only technically impressive and beautiful, but also tons of fun to play."

    Are you kidding me? The last game IDSoft did that was fun to play was Quake I. They are a brilliant technology company making money selling their engine - and sometimes even some games. However all their recent games are poor when it comes to storyline or gameplay.

    • thisisnotmyrealname

      Well obviously I was the only person that wasted years of my life playing Quake II multiplayer, Lithium, Cry Havoc, etc. and had an insane amount of fun doing it.

      And I suppose I'm also the only person that played through Doom III too many times to count and again loved every bit of it, story, atmosphere, gameplay ...

      Unless of course you're mistakenly confusing other devs games with id's, go back and check your facts as to which games id actually created and which ones they licensed to other devs.

  • Jesta106

    "RAGE iOS is all action, all the time. I have played the game dozens of times, and testing it is still fun instead of a chore." Carmack is just legend. The game is finished and all they have to do is just iron out some bugs. eeeehaw~~!

  • car dvd

    That demo had actual moving character models.