Martin Kool describes himself as "'just some guy' with a family at home with 3 kids to take care of (and one coming up) and a day job" who also happens to have an insatiable love for old school Sierra adventure games. That day job he mentions involves doing "kick ass things with the web," as he put it, so it's not much of a surprise that when looking for tools to bring these old games to modern platforms he settled on completely cross-platform HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Currently, nine of these classic adventure games including the Kings Quest series, a Leisure Suit Larry game, and others are playable on his web site

This all would be cool enough by itself, but Martin is hard at work on the final touches of adapting his web game engine that all these games run in to be (as he put it) "a real kick-ass iPad experience". When finished, these games will have their own special URL's users will be able to navigate to, then save as icons via the add to home screen functionality that already exists on the device without any jailbreaking, emulation, or anything else. These games will be entirely touch friendly, and require no typing. Check out the video he put together:

When Kool approached us about this, I definitely thought this was something that needed to be on TouchArcade, but had to ask the inevitable question of whether or not he was ready for the attention he will get. (Specifically, from Activision's legal department.) To him, this is a labor of love. He's running these games at his own cost, without ads. So far he's had over 2 million players stop by his site. He said he'd stop immediately if Activision sends him a cease and desist-- but more than anything he just hopes that Activision either grants him a noncommercial license or somehow involves him in republishing these games in HD like he has. is an outstanding tribute to these old school adventure games, and if all goes as planned, the site will have iPad friendly versions of the included titles within a month. It's no secret we love retro gaming around here, and we'll post more information on this project as soon as we get it.

  • Bleubleu_

    Oh my god! Please make this work on the iphone too. My whole childhood revolved around those old school Sierra adventure games.


    These games are good but how about HEROES QUEST - SO YOU WANT TO BE A HERO --- I love that game and still play it! Having that avalibale on the iPad would rock.

  • Martin Koopl

    Hi, this is Martin Kool. I'd LOVE to work on implementing the SCI engine in javascript and get it up & running on iPad. Hero's Quest and it's VGA remake Quest for Glory are my favorites too.

    And I love Quest for Glory 2 (which is remade by AGD Interactive with so much love and passion). If Activision wants AGD and me to make QfG2 for iPad/iPhone, count me in!

  • Samuraipeter

    I love these games, and I have loved playing Broken Sword, Beneath a Steel Sky, and many others on my iPad. The iPad is just the right size, and I am really looking forward to this project! I hope it works out great for you!

  • Anonymous

    These kind of games really play to the iPad's strengths (the monkey island games sort of proved it to me)

    I do love the sierra games as well.. hopefully Activision looks the other way.

  • Anonymous

    What a great idea! I am looking forward to playing these old games on my iPad...

  • Bryan

    Bring it on!

  • Dustin

    Oh my! After Lucasarts releases SOMI again on the iPad I actually wrote Activision / Vivendi / Sierra and asked... damn I'm glad a friend of mine shared this URL with me to this article...

  • Dyscode

    I also really loved "The Colonel´s Bequest".

    Admirable project!

  • capiendo

    anyone think scumm vm could be ported to javascript?

    • Treesong

      Probably it could be, but the scummvm team would never allow it. They are very kean on preserving the rights of game developers. To play a game using scummvm, you need the original datafiles and you have to buy the original disks.

  • dildog

    no typing? looks like there was some in the video... NOT BUYING!

  • Thelastpixelartist

    Activision are not a play nice company. They shut down a King's Quest based fanware project eight months ago, and that had been going for years, even having an official blessing at one point in the form of a fan license. But that was before Activision came along and gobbled the company [Vivendi] up.

    • Timo Vihola

      Activision Blizzard later changed their mind and actually supported The Silver Lining. So far the fan project has released two episodes:

      Hopefully Activision shows the same kind of appreciation for this project and recruits Martin Kool to do official ports of the classic games.
      LucasArts has had quite decent success on the iPhone/iPad front so there's a market for classic adventure games.

      Personally I would love to see HD remakes of entire Quest for Glory series, that one was my favourite series! 🙂

  • TouchChaterbox

    When I go to that site to try to play the games, I experience lots of glitches (the game not loading from the beginning, bad collision etc) and never get any sound. How do I fix that?

  • TouchChatterbox


  • TouchChatterbox

    When I go to that site to try to play the games, I experience lots of glitches (the game not loading from the beginning, bad collision etc) and never get any sound. How do I fix that?

  • Tony Teulan

    Ugh. I meant to sign as TouchChatterbox

  • Deadchinesegiraffe

    I'm sure that the site will close very soon after this article 🙁 Activision is evil, so let's start to play, the counter is on... The lawyers already started to work on the case, it's 100%. 2m players are simple too much...

  • Anonymous

    Install scummvm on the iPad and many Lucas will play. And no pixelart there.

  • NERDTREKdotcom

    Sierra games were hands down my all time favorite games! You had to exercise intellect as opposed to physical violence to overcome the challenges in the games. There are no modern day games such as this!

    I just finished a large article on Sierra Online, the history of the company and it's programmers for The article is located here:

  • kfelicity85

    So what's happening with this??? Still being released or not?