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‘Linkoidz’ – An Upcoming Puzzler From the Creators of ‘Sneezies’

The guys over at Retro Dreamer released a new gameplay video of their upcoming puzzler Linkoidz today, and much like their other game Sneezies [99¢ / Lite / HD], it looks like it’s going to provide some awesome classic puzzle gameplay. Somewhat similar to Magical Drop Touch [$2.99], the name of the game in Linkoidz is to suck up the differently colored Linkoidz with your gravity gun then shoot them back at similarly colored groupings to fire off massive chain reactions of Linkoidz destruction. The only thing protecting you from certain doom is your energy shield which can withstand stacks of Linkoidz, but begins to get weakened as too many pile up. However, clearing Linkoidz powers up your shield potentially resulting in being able to withstand massive stacks as long as you can keep the matching gravy train rolling.

According to the Retro Dreamer Blog, Linkoidz is in review and currently they’re aiming at a release date of October 26th. We liked Sneezies (and the other Retro Dreamer games) quite a bit, and I expect Linkoidz is going to be just as good. Look forward to a closer look at the game as its release date approaches.