We've been following Sega's development of Sonic 4 for most of 2010. In February, we weren't even sure if Sonic was coming to the App Store, and only assumed based on a cryptic image on the Sonic 4 web site that it might be. It wasn't until late may that Sega even confirmed that the game was coming to the iPhone, but unfortunately that announcement also came hand and hand with Sega pushing the release date back to the second half of 2010. In mid-June we got a hands on at E3, and even though the game was obviously an incredibly early build, it still knocked our socks off. Finally, early this month we were given a hands-on of a fairly complete build of the game, and once again, our jaws hit the floor.

Today Sega announced the official release date for Sonic 4, and strangely enough, it will hit the App Store before all the other platforms on October 7th. Following that, it will appear on the Wii on October 11th, PlayStation Network on October 12th, and Xbox Live Arcade on October 13th. Needless to say, as soon as we get our hands on the final game we'll post a full review.

  • Outkast1

    Looks amazing! So I vaguely remember reading that the controls for this are much better than Sonic 1 & 2... Is that true?

    • http://twitter.com/Inaba_kun Phil Baxter

      They're exactly the same. They even use the exact same d-pad graphic.

  • Phildo

    Looks like the video shown is that of the console version. I hope that SEGA is on top of their game and is making it hi-res for the retina display. If It doesn't support the retina display I think I may have to push back buying it right away since that is such a must-have feature for me.

    • tsharpfilm

      If the game itself is really good, why should a few extra pixels on the screen matter?

      • Jon

        Cause he's an anal retentive prick who want's to pretend he shelled more money for something he could have had for nothing on his old iphone.

      • Phildo

        Wow, you're a douche!

      • Skavinger

        Damn Jon. Talk about unnecessary roughness.

  • tsharpfilm

    Great. Now I have 3 games on my must-get list: Modern Combat 2, ARDefender, and this.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Corey-Watford/100000938231196 Corey Watford

    When this game comes out and the console versions are 15 and the iphone version is 10-which r you getting?

    • SiDCrAzY

      I'd be going with the one I can play on physical controls on my HDTV, but then again I have no interest in this game so I won't be getting either.

  • http://twitter.com/weberwithoneb weberwithoneb

    If you could pre-order iPhone apps, I'd have buy this one immediately regardless of how pointless a pre-order system would be.

  • Anonymous

    nice job going with the new comment system, disqus seems to be the comment system of choice on other sites as well. oh , sonic 4 , please be good so i can like you again

  • Stanley

    Sold! Looks great.

  • http://twitter.com/Inaba_kun Phil Baxter

    I played this at the Tokyo Game Show on an iPhone 4 and I'm sorry to report that it looked pretty rough. The frame rate was all over the place, never higher than 30fps and often around 20fps. No retina display support either.

    Hopefully it'll be 60fps by the time of release.

  • Ragesd

    Day one purchase for me on my iPhone 4.

    I see some saying without Retina support they wont buy? loool silly kids.
    Have you seen the game? it looks excellent retina display suport will be a bonus and its most likely going to support retina at launch or an update shortly after which shouldn't stop you from enjoying the game. Its not like your only gonna play this through once. Sonic was never the type of game you only play through once. =)

  • Anonymous

    I'm glad I don't have an iPhone 4, so I wouldn't be forced to beg for retina support in every post, apparently.

  • Anonymous

    No retina support, no purchase.

  • S3

    Is there any pricing information available for the new Sonic ?

    Lol i love the iPhone 4 coments 😀

  • Niggerfaggot

    if this game has retina support its going to suck retina slows the fps down even more

  • RoaR

     This doesn't look like it has anything special about it. It's like the same old sonic game. I loved Sonic the Hedgehog for years, but it bugs me that Sega doesn't come out with anything that has original gameplay. (not that most game companies do) but Sega seems to stick with the same gameplay although I do think Wild Fire and Colors was fairly fun.